Maxthon for Windows Changelog

+ New Chromium 103 official version
+ New installer interface
+ Supported customizing the tab width
+ Added secure DNS provider options
+ Supported in the retro mode for the 32-bit version
+ Supported "force refresh" in the mouse gesture
+ Supported the default search engine's sync function
+ Supported the pop-up video desktop tile
+ Supported the video double-click to go/exit the full-screen mode
+ Supported the mouse auto-hide in pop-up video full-screen mode
+ Optimized the performance of MX5 data importing
+ Optimized Maxnote editor performance
+ Optimized Maxnote search function
+ Optimized Maxnote editor icons
+ Supported saving the empty password to Passkeeper
+ Optimized built-in pages theme and icon style
+ Optimized download manager icons
+ Optimized toolbar and tab layout
+ New Vbox
- Fixed crashes and bugs, improved stability

New functions added:

Support DirectWrite font for webpages rendering


Functions optimized:

Better experience under Reader Mode & Retro Mode


Bug fixed:

Window maximize issue on the second monitor under dual monitors on Windows XP

Ad-blocking issue in private mode

Custom proxy setting invalid after browser restart

Font setting_Changes to English fonts on webpages won’t apply

Pepper data_”Clear browsing data” doesn’t work

Bug Fixed:
* Facebook pictures repeat opening and closing by themselves
* Some font is not supported on WindowsXP system
* Can't play some Yahoo videos
* Resource sniffer_Resource Sniffer window can't pop up on original page

Bug Fixed:
* Facebook pictures repeat opening and closing by themselves
* No read mode button for .txt files
* Blank window is left after online installation finishes

- Fixed homepage tampering
- Fixed wrong identification as Trojan by some anti-virus software
- Optimize extender interface
- Optimize system performance

Bug fixed:
- Error when open files begin with "[#"

New Features:

+ Support night mode

+ Support external tool

+ Support CPU inspection tool



- Optimized Adblock Plus efficiency

- Optimized font settings

- Optimized read mode

- Fixed homepage tampering

- Fixed some crashes

- Fixed html5 video and audio playing problem in extension

- Fixed some pages missing problem for maximum window of win7 OS

- Optimized resource sniffer efficiency


Bug fixed:

*Backward button appears grey and unavailable

*Proxy_cannot auto check “Use IE proxy settings” after deleting all customized epoxy

*Search_Alias is not available

*Default browser_there is no prompt to set Maxthon as default browser when it’s not

*Read mode_read mode button appears sometimes in video pages

*Read mode_no read mode button for some novel reading pages

*Select multi favorites and right click to open, only one is opened

*Page zoom_Favourites Manager page cannot be zoomed

*Skynote_cannot close Skynote with Ctrl+G

*Developer tool_unable to use developer tool in private and session window

*Import user data_only import one IE homepage when there are more than one

*Import user data_after importing user data from IE, history records of visiting local files appear

*Import user data_import favorites with folders inside, cannot show the layer

*There is no option for copy when right click the link on pictures

*Install_ launch two windows after clean installation

*Settings_jump to wrong destination when click the download setting of video popup

*Amazon video playing problem

*Netflix video playing problem

*Hulu video playing problem

*Twitter video playing problem

- Bug fixes:

When switch to a new webpage, Resource Sniffer’s previous history did not clear automatically.

Compatibility problem on some websites.

In Default Application Setting Page, Maxthon’s name display error.

+ Improved webpage right-click menu

- Bug fixes:

In full screen mode, using shortcut key of “lock Maxthon” would lock.
Browser in full screen mode.
When we used boss key in full screen mode, the notification of“click here to quit full screen(F11)”was still existing.
Importing favorites from IE and Firefox failed.
Ctrl+G could not open SkyNote.
Some Websites could be opened.
Accessed to some https address with special port number, browser could not get correct certificate information.
Opened a website and switched it into Retro Mode, then this website was still in Ultra Mode when it open in new tab. 
In Windows 10 system, the option of “create shortcut in Quick Launch Bar (in “save as Quick App”in right-click tab menu) did not work well.
After Snap, can’t paste the snapped images in webpage.
After selected search suggestions, the related search way would be wrong.

- bug fixed:

Some extensions load failed

Google mirror sites compatibility problem

Download manager did not support some language

Google compatibility problem

In RSS, clicked “Update all” error

Google voice search problem

In FTP login window, right click menu of input box did not support some language

Boss key can not work wel


+ Add font setting support

   Add search bar support

   Add third-party download support

   Add solid skin

   Add save as .mht support

   Add global mute support

+ Upgrade flash plug-in

   Optimize start-up time

- Bug fixed:


Cannot obtain location information.

Some known crashes.

Cancel operation and draw, and then use snap region tool, the screenshot will move with cursor.

In Resource sniffer, order by the size of files, then something disappear in default resource sniffer window.

In Proxy, display of proxy icon in the right of address bar is different with the setting in proxy setting page.

Cannot organize white and black list in custom proxy of HTTP and others.

After cancel mute mode, go to “setting” - “tool’ - the mute status still highlight.

In SkyNote, keep opening font window, meanwhile, browser will crash or black screen.

In FTP login page, right click menu of input box display error.

The time of judging is unsuitable.

SkyNote cannot remember color change.

Some websites cannot display HTTPS certificate.

In Language, Cannot change to Portuguese.

In some language, cannot display printing page’s preview.

Sometimes, favorite status is error.

Enter Reader mode, sliding cursor will cause automatic pages turning.

No title in Reader mode.

Repeated fill form recording in FTP.

After tab mute, change skin, and then the mute icon will disappear.

New a tab in full screen model, only double operation can exit full screen mode.

In win7/win10 system, there is a extra sidebar in video full screen.

Possibly saving encrypted password lead to cannot log in website.

Change the shortcut key of “Find in page”, Ctrl+F cannot work in compatible mode.

Not support copy pictures to desktop or folders.

Open a tweet in Twitter and then close it, its title will display error.

At the first time of log in Maxthon account in browser and then close it, browser will crash.

In Extensions, downloading extensions cannot be canceled.

Mouse gesture cannot setup boss key.

After icloud enabled magic fill, the sign in button is grey and cannot work.

Switch to solid skin, some icons error.

In the search box, preview search result will hide the input box.

When download files online, all symbols of “%” in download address and filenames cannot be translated.

After accessed a melicious URLs, all of safe address will display warning.

When “Mute” status was cancelled in status bar, menu – tool –mute status is still existing.

After Ctrl+Left Click to save picture, move cursor, the picture will move with cursor.

New window, the multiple search page will be reloaded as well as page display error.

Files cannot set Maxthon browser as their default open program.

In Full screen, switch tabs error.

Incomplete display of resource sniffer

Not support mx://gpu/

Hide sidebar and open two windows at the same time, then show sidebar again. There will be an extra invalid button in sidebar of present window.

In the present active webpage, enter an URL in address bar to open a website. Then back to previous webpage, tab name display error.

When browser is not in full screen mode, new multiple windows will be created at the same place.

Browser extension should support English display.

Under high DPI, when window was set at minimal size, display error.

Only change the view of one page and then all of opening pages will be displayed in the view as same as the changed page.

Already enabled the ADBlock, but the ABP icon is still displayed in Disabled status.

No longer display pop-up video notification.

Right click address bar and select "Paste and go" is invalid.

Added .win domain name support.

Some websites notice that not support this browser.

Click any link from a saved page,the five-point star will show yellow.

The multisearch panel doesn't disappear in some cases.

Delete userdata will cause the process "Mxcrashreport" won't close.

Shut down magic fill and refresh the page, the magic fill will disappear.

The sock5 proxy doesn't support account verification.

Mouse gesture fail.

Some drop-downs and sliders disappear.

Cannot add favorites.

When tab is in compatible mode, cannot delete information in some extensions of sidebar.

In old version with custom skin, overwrite installation will error.

Cookies are deleted uncompleted.

Direct website function cannot use on present block page.

Login window display and location are error. cannot recognize reader mode.

Auto-refresh cannot remember the refresh time set by manual way.

After highlight custom UA, version number will error.

After close tab, change the setup to recent pages, tab cannot be activated.

+ and - symbol cannot be used to resize pictures.

Cannot type f in compatible mode.

Dragging hyperlink, which in SkyNote, into browser will open two tabs.

Background’s tab pages cannot be added in favorite.

Drop-downs of address bar do not disappear in some conditions.

Cookie of small window could chaos.

In compatible mode, mouse middle click open link error.

In compatible mode, not support translating selected words in webpage.

Keywords of search link cannot be transcoded.

In history, deleting records in order of time will error.

Sometimes, an extra # symbol appears in setting page.

Selecting address text and dragging it will lead to event error.

After magic fill in Gmail, the password will display in encrypted format.

After statistic, SkyNote windows UI error.

Part RSS cannot be analyzed.

In address bar, the default search engine display error.

In compatible mode, sometimes dragging link will crash.

In compatible mode, block download does not be closed.

-Optimized Retro mode effect under High PDI
-Optimized switching to Retro mode

-Improved browser launch speed significantly
-Update core version to Chrome39
-Optimized the safety of internal page
-Optimized the issue of lagging
-Optimized switching to retro mode
-Improved preview and print function of printer
-Improved the zoom effect of touch screen
-Update spell check dictionary automatically
-Support tabs mute
-Enhanced reader mode
-Enhanced the support of developer tools
-Remember the page zoom individually
-Optimized smooth scrolling

Developer tools supported in Retro mode in Win10
HTTPS pages can not prompt Warning window in Retro mode
Address bar completion does not match with Dropdown menu
Fixed malcious webpage leak
Fixed some bugs caused by NULL pointer

Optimized "Set Maxthon as default browser" in Win10
Supported Pin to win10 start menu( can be done only once)
Fixed 12306 certifaction issue.
Fixed a presearch bug
Fixed and issue with jd( a chinese website) search from Multisearch
Updated Flash DLL
Fixed one RSS leak
Fixed conflict issue between Preseach and Page alias
Internal update:
Always Display System tray icon is checked by default.

Removed page from Homepage settings
Optimized the UI under Win10
Invalid certificate in Taobao under XP OS
Wrong search engine when presearch in a new tab
Conflict between presearch alias and multisearch alias 
Conflict between presearch and link completionnn
Unable to fill the form in magic fill in certain conditions [2015-07-09]
Anti-hajack added to Baidu inAddress bar/Favorite/Quick Access
Unable to display  safe link icon in preserach page
Conflicts between presearch and alias seraching [2015-06-26]
Only do search when typing in addressbar
Unable to presearch chinese content in certain circumstances
Not displaying safe link icon in presearch
Presearch previous content in multiple search after editing (backsape, enter) it in address bar 
Improved data backup
Optimized magic fill precision in Routers and other intranets
Fix a leak issue of magic fill in
Upgrade magic fill to fit in more websites

The pre-open function in address bar  was disabled by default
Crash when printing RSS leak 
The following languages have been updated: 
ar-bh, ar-ye, bn-in, ca-es, he-il, hi-in, id-id, ml-in, mn-mn sr-cs, th-th 
ar-sa bg-bg da-dk de-de es-es es-mx es-pe eu-es fa-ir fi-fi fr-fr hu-hu id-id it-it ka-ge ko-kr lt-lt nb-no nl-nl pt-pt ro-ro ru-ru sk-sk sl-si sv-se  tr-tr uk-ua vi-vn zh-hk zh-tw

Conflicts between opening a new tab and searching alias in preview settings 
Opening a new tab will cause the content disappearing typed in address bar           
The search result will not reload after pre-open                                
Prelaod setting status error

Optimized the print effect, solved the fuzzy problem
Error occurred when you open Settings from address bar drop down menu
Provided Address bar Preview for multiple search
Display problem in address bar in certain conditions
In some conditions address bar input would pre-open an Error Page
In some conditions address bar input  pre-open would cause adblock error
Address bar input  pre-open would cause drop-down options error
Fixed Address bar input pre-open focus problem
Safe site details check would display error
RSS resolve leak
Fixed Fill form data sorting issue

Main Frame
-Optimezed malicious websites shielding
-Optimized Update Notification
-Fixed Multi-search setting compatibility problem
-Fixed one RSS leak
*Fixed one flash filtering problem
*Fixed canvas can't display SVG
*Fixed Popup block does not display blocked urls correctly
*Fixed Error after taking repeatedly screenshots

-Popup block does not display blocked urls
-Memory leak after after taking several sreenshot
-In some case canvas parts do not display SVG
New features:
+View ads filtering rankings
*Improved cloud push contacts aquiring
*Homepage setting security
*Error occured when you click cancel in font customize

[Main Frame]
+Optimized HTTPS Certificate

[Webkit Core]
+Support of Quit full screen for HTML5

[Main Frame]
Input Local address changes to search item
History Manager Titles may display errors
Some Web Notification display problem 
Adblock causes page refresh

[Webkit Core]
Extensions installation leak
Fixed RSS XSS leak
Playback problem when you exit full screen mode in Vimeo video
Trusted code path execution
Error in detection of Superfish
Repaired crash occured when you input special characters in the address bar
Unable to filter .MP4 format in the Adblock
- See more at:

[Main Frame]
+Indivudually display Custom filtering rules for pages
+Supported Security Alliance list certificate
+Optimization of Adhunter Menu Style when  Ad-Hunter is disabled
+Optimized ad-filters sharing
+Adblock Plus icon with ads filtering count
+Optimization of Adblock Plus Notication Style
+Support of Acceptable Ads, Allow Non-invasive Advertising
[Webkit Core]
+Support of Top level domain
+Optimized Pop-up blocking
[Main Frame]
Quick Access data reset issue
Filter rules being downloaded when ad-hunter is not enabled
"Subscription Rules Title" display issue.
Possible to add non domain name to filtering white list
When not maximized, the filter tip is not in the right position
Tool bar icons appear transparent
In some languages some Account panel parts are not completely displayed
Setting center security problem
One security issue in Extensions center
[Webkit Core]
Fixed one Flash filtering mistake
Fixed on core crash problem
Youtube video loading speed is slow
3D display effect problem on some websites
Unble to log into Session window under some specific conditions
When maximizing or minimizing a page on touck screen devices, the status bar value doesn't change
Fixed page disorder problem when using Touch screen zoom and using ctrl+scroll.
On Touch screen devices touch scroll is not effextive on PDF Preview page and Multi-Frame pages
Under High DPI, Certicates and Certificates error dialogs Height and Size

 * Problem with filling in forms under Retro mode
 * problem with updating program 
 * Quick Access update problem

-Optimized Magic Fill                              
-Optimized Bookmarks import
*Chinese input problem under some circumstances
*Support importing data from the New version of Chrome

-Optimized Address bar

*Address bar crash
*Some HTML5 Videos playback problems
*Support of HTML5 file download

New features:
Feature guidence center

*Sometimes switching Languages Spell check is not effective.
*Spell check does not work for some languages
*Fixed two XSS leaks
*Optimized form submit error notification
*Optimized the support of download file names with special characters

New Features:
+Maxthon features guidence
+Tool bar Little Red Dot notification
Optimizations :
-Optimized Quick access resources
*Unable to log into iCloud
*With a high DPI, the browser zoom would present some Webpage display anomalies when the zoom is set to 100%
*After switching user account, the account panel would still display the previous account information.

New features:
+Added "Hide Quick Access page" option
*Adjusted Quick access search widget News gathering mechanism.
Fixes bugs:
[Main Frame]
*Cloud push window displays a half when receiving cloud pushed message from phone to PC
*Using the keyboard to switch search engine in search box is not effective
*Fixed some Quick Access Data Loss Problems


[Main Frame]
*Optimized  Crash message  

Fixed Bugs:
[Webkit Core]
* Fixed Some core crashes

Fixed bugs:
* In some cases Skynote process can not exit
* Anomalies that occured when using Backspace in "Find"  function
* Developer Tools Cookie View display issues
* Adjusting Zoom level to 20% would still zoom out and make the Core take up a lot of CPU
* Developer Tools Cloud Push does not support Multilanguage.

Fixed Bugs:
[Main Frame]
* Fix the search engine switching problem
[Webkit Core]
* Update Flash plugin,solve Flash  hole Beta [2014-07-03]
Fixed bugs:
[Main Frame]
* Optimized Toolbar. You can add plug-in toolbar ICONS
[Webkit Core]
* Unable to exit screenshot by pressing ESC
  An anomaly occurs when searching in the page with backspace sometimes

New Features:
+ The New Quick Access
Fixed bugs:
[Main Frame]
* In some cases, the editing rules are not saved
* Anomaly on the activation state for main window in some situation
* The site rules still works after directly deleting them in certain cases
[Webkit Core]
* Unable to visit certain domain names, such as ‘.club’ etc.
* UA leads to the failure to visit certain website in some cases

Fixed Bugs:
[Main Frame]
* Certain Toolbar icons display anomaly in some situation
[Webkit Core]
* Enhanced core stability

[Main Frame]
* Improved Maxthon Multi Search
[Webkit Core]
* Enhanced core stability

* Improved downloading prompt 
* Advanced page smooth scrolling feature
[Main Frame]
* The button ‘Show more’ and ‘clear all’on the address bar drop list fail to work
* Fail to update the quick access default picture 
[Webkit Core]
* YouTube HTML5 Videos fail to play correctly 
* In certain situation, Flash block page elements
* No response after switching tabs by F2 and F3 for several times
* Under certain circumstances, Global blocking rules always works
* Unable to download files in certain pages
* Anomalous file name downloaded from certain pages

New Features:
+ Built-in PDF plugin
* Display effects of sidebar extension under high DPI
* Better DNS pre-reading and hyperlinks pre-link
* Advanced Ad-Hunter performance
* Enhanced Pop-Up Block feature
* Improved core waste recycling
Fixed bugs:
[Webkit Core]
* Anomaly caused by the Local storage memory space problem
* File system may result in some problems
* Bugs occur when Super Drag&Drop specific texts
* Certain Anomalies caused by Context3D
* CPU usage soars while scrolling certain pages
* Browser internal error and the inability to copy content in certain pages  
* No smooth scrolling effect on Win8 touch screen
* Pop up video and then close its tab may lead to the video window exit

Fixed bugs:

[Main Frame]

* The pop-ups interception problem in some cases


* Improved Core Stability

Fixed bugs:
[Main Frame]
* Closing certain E-bank page may lead to anomaly of other pages  
* Tabs display anomaly occurs when customizing system DPI 
* Installation program fails to unfold advanced options

New feature:
Multi-process tabs
Fixed bugs:
[Main Frame]
* Pop-up interface anomaly in Retro Mode 
(Download icon appears in the pop-up interface, which should not)
[Webkit Core]
* Fail to display the website --
* Fail to create new tasks while Thunder Download is offline Beta

Fixed bugs:
[Main Frame]
* Fail to display site icons in the address bar in certain cases
* Display anomaly of Tab bar appears under certain circumstances
* The ability to check data and information such as Favorites even after locking Maxthon
* The ‘Edit blocking rules’ dialog box displays incorrectly sometimes
[Webkit Core]
* Anomaly occurs when using Drag&Drop to some specific texts
* The layout of right click menu is anomalous
* Download could lead to the failure of core process to exit Beta

Fixed bugs:

[Main Frame]

* UI display anomaly in certain case

* Fail to choose key words in the search box drop-down list with keyboard down arrow Beta


Crashes of V4.4.0.600 Beta

* Optimized interface display in high DPI
Fixed Bugs 
[Webkit Core]
* Audio tab is invalid in certain situations.
* Fail to open E-bank in Retro Mode in certain cases Beta

Fixed Bugs
[Main Frame]
* In certain case, anomaly occurs when activating tabs 
* Fail to create page in split mode in some situations
[Webkit Core]
* Unable to display URLs in address bar in certain circumstance
* Typesetting Errors in some webpages
* AppLoader is slow to log off
* Anomaly when uploading files to NetEase Group Email 
* In certain page, it fails to login
* Failed Login Attempt to a certain webpage 
* Enhanced core stability

* There is no sound in some pages under certain circumstances
* Certain video clips are out of sync with their audio
* Some problems with logging in Maxthon account
* The issue that default page zoom syncs among different devices

* Advanced core performance
* Improvement on high DPI display support
* Optimization in setting Maxthon as the default browser in Win8/8.1 
* Better download prompt
* Developed quick words display
* Majorized logic on Smart Address Bar

New feature:
+ Download Manager icon is available in Quick Tools section
+ New interface of ‘Check for update’ window
+Brand new installation program interface
* Improved core performance
* Advanced high DPI display 
* Underline effect on hyperlinked text
* No auto prompt ‘set Maxthon as default browser’ in Win8/8.1   
* Download manager icon is added to Quick Tools section
* Advanced quick words display in address bar
[Main Frame]
* Deleting one item in the address bar drop-down list, the number of the remaining items display incorrectly
* A bug that two same paths appear when selecting the folder to store the downloaded files in download manager
* Unable to show avatar when there are special characters in system account name 
[Webkit Core]
* Subscribe and update RSS 
* The bug that it is unable to show alert popup in webpage after minimizing the browser
* in XP system right click menu 
* Reader Mode in certain pages display incorrectly
* Unable to open the webpage embedded with PDF file
*The bug that it is unable to send yahoo mails 
* Partial composing Error in certain webpages
* The last visited content in Maxthon Now- Maxthon Start Page may be different from the one in “about:last”
* page alert popup cannot be shown after minimizing the browser
* Blue line occurs in some HTML 5 player controls 
* Visiting PDF files in ultra mode, no downloading prompt pops up
* A bug that the page scrolls when using shortcuts ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy
* Cursor pattern does not change when using mouse gesture to switch tabs Beta

New features:
+Brand new installation program interface
* Improved core performance
* Advanced high DPI display 
* Underline effect on hyperlinked text
[Main Frame]
* Deleting one item in the address bar drop-down list, the number of the remaining items display incorrectly
[Webkit Core]
* Subscribe and update RSS 
* The bug that it is unable to show alert popup in webpage after minimizing the browser
* in XP system right click menu 
* Reader Mode in certain pages display incorrectly
* Unable to open the webpage embedded with PDF file Beta

New feature:
+ New interface of ‘Check for update’ window
* No auto prompt ‘set Maxthon as default browser’ in Win8/8.1   
* Download manager icon is added to Quick Tools section
* Advanced quick words display in address bar
[Main Frame]
* A bug that two same paths appear when selecting the folder to store the downloaded files in download manager
* Unable to show avatar when there are special characters in system account name 
[Webkit Core]
*The bug that it is unable to send yahoo mails 
* Partial composing Error in certain webpages
* The last visited content in Maxthon Now- Maxthon Start Page may be different from the one in “about:last”
* page alert popup cannot be shown after minimizing the browser
* Blue line occurs in some HTML 5 player controls 
* Visiting PDF files in ultra mode, no downloading prompt pops up
* A bug that the page scrolls when using shortcuts ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy
* Cursor pattern does not change when using mouse gesture to switch tabs
* Unable to use bluetooth headset in WebRTC
* Enhanced core stability


[Webkit Core]

* A notification “unable to connect to the website”occurs in some cases

* Incompatibility issue in certain webpages

* The edit box of certain E-mails display incorrectly

* Tab bar title displays abnormal under some circumstances

* Unable to invoke RSS Reader in certain circumstance

* There are two download prompts after clicking certain download links 

* Display anomaly in certain pages after setting the font Beta

[Main Frame]
* Maxthon tray icon still remains after closing the browser
[Webkit Core]
* Unable to remember the pop-up window position when automatically playing the next video
* Some Russian spell checker anomalies
* Failure to download attachments in certain websites
* Some speed dials in quick access page are unable to display the page title
* It may be unable to switch tabs in Developer Tools 
* Inability to scroll on some specific NetEase webpages
* Some particular pages fail to pop up the certificate prompt
* The wrong prompt in Taobao Website which will stop supporting IE6 in the near future
[IE Core]
* Support to translate the selected text
* Automatically finding the selected text when you open the page search
* Hold ‘Ctrl’ and click on a link may open two tabs in the background
* Video popup window closed while switching off the tab it belongs to 
[Extension platform]
* Permission issue when inserting scripts Beta


[Main Frame]

* Improved the sidebar window position

* Messy codes occur in address bar under some circumstances

* Anomalous display of tab bar titles in some cases

* There is no right-click menu on the blank area of Favorites 

* The drop-down list of address bar may display improperly in some situations

[Webkit Core]

* Ads are not filtered in quick access page before generating thumbnails 

* Unable to pop up the  ‘editing blocking rules’window when copying the filtering rules

* The bug that it fails to show the input box in ABS E-bank

* Could not upload folders in 4sync page

[Extension platform]

* Fixed the limit of authority issue when inserting scripts

[Main Frame]
 * Improved the URL bar display
 * The maximized window appears in wrong location under certain circumstances 
 * The new tab is not activated timely after closing all tabs
 * Under some circumstances a non - quick access page displayed as a quick access page
 * Unable to delete the favorite whilst there is only one item in Favorites 
 * History issue when clicking the “Back” Button in cloud tab
 * Conducting Full screen,the pinned extension window still shows at the top
 * Using shortcut keys to activate Favorites menu, then clicking on the blank area, the favorites menu still exists
 * Page anomaly caused by Maxthon Multi Search
[Webkit Core]
 * Invalid default page zoom after restarting the browser
 * Unable to activate Skynote in some cases
 * Irregularity in html5 videos when conducting full screen
 * Unable to display input boxes of user name and passwords in ASB E-bank
 * Advertisements in Quick Access thumbnails
 * The title bar fails to display in YouTube video popup
 * Unable to read the Cache to recover visited pages when there is no connection to the internet 
 * It may not be able to use bluetooth headset in WebRTC
 * Typesetting irregularity in certain pages
 * Unable to use Mouse gestures to turn pages in Quick Access Pages 
 * Anomaly in certain pages when the LocalStorage is over limits 
 * Unable to go to the corresponding options page after clicking the video popup window setting 
[IE Core]
 * The verification code area shows blank after refreshing it in specific pages


* Advanced page loading efficiency

* Better WebRTC and other popup interface 


[Main Frame]

* After dragging URL to Favorites in retro mode, there is no title 

[Webkit Core]

* Anomaly when Drag and Drop open Magnet Magnet Link 

* Bug while export the ViolentMonkey plugin Script

[Main Frame] 
* Unable to directly open the FTP URL with the user name and password [Webkit Core] * Super drag fails to work in some websites 
* Browser Anomaly that induced by the Developer Tools 
* Popup “Search image on Google/Baidu is mistakenly blocked by the“Pop-up blocker”.   
* Opening files with specific format may cause browser anomaly

New features:
+ This new core version provides HTML5 Indexed DB  
+ The new core supports CSS GPU acceleration
* Advanced image memory occupation 
* Better PAC Script implementation (V8 JavaScript Engine)
* Enhanced URL Query display in address bar 
[Main Frame]
* It is unable to download files to shared path
* In some cases, multiple tabs are activated at the same time 
* Case conversion anomaly in address bar under some circumstances
* Data in address bar drop-down list display improperly 
* Editing Favorites may cause display anomaly   
[Webkit Core]
* Browser anomaly when verifying the Java version
* Resource Sniffer is unable to acquire complete YouTube videos information
* It supports “IE proxy automatic detection” feature
* MIUI official website displays improperly 
* Unable to upload /download files from MEGA (                      
* No prompt of the “about:” page error  
[IE Core]
* Unable to use shortcut keys to switch tabs in some cases
* Improved extension interface

It fixes irregular behaviours in a few websites

New Feature:
+ Enable/ disable Popup Blocker in respective websites
+ HTML5 Media Source Extensions
+ It will automatically import the guest account data when registering a new user account
[Main Frame]
* Full screen may cause Boss Key anomaly in some cases
[Webkit Core]
* Issue when Alert content is Chinese 
* Some plugins lead to memory leak
[IE Core]
* Tab is closed automatically after downloading files in retro mode

[Main Frame] 
* Unable to sync MX3 default data under some circumstances 
[Webkit Core] 
* Pages become gray when using ASUS Smart Gesture   
* Improved Core stability

[Main Frame]
* Improved the Favorites Menu in MX3 style skin
* Unable to get the system version number in Win8.1
[Webkit Core]
* Enhanced Core Stability

* Optimized Page Search Logic
* Overinstall Maxthon3 will choose to use Maxthon3 Skin Style
Main Frame
* Under some Internet Environment,the browser may suddenly Exit 
* Unable to switch browser core under some circumstances 
* Improved Image document View
* Improved smooth display of recently used skins
* Address Bar Domain Highlighting
Webkit Core
* Browser problems caused by specific pages
* Third party Cookies policy may affect Cloud tabs function

New features:
+ Improved Webkit core
+ Support checking the HTTPS certificate
+ Support the Jumplist new window command, etc
+ Resource sniffer works with the YouTube video
* Optimized Favorites menu display
* Improved Video popup in retro mode
* Improved animation effect of background tabs while dragging a tab
* Maxthon Supports Windows 7 libraries when choosing download manager directory
[Main Frame]
* In some cases, skin displayed improperly 
* After closing the print window, the main window is not visible
* Problem when opening the background tab
* Problem with the default display favorites path 
* Letter case identification problem in URL
* In some cases, account panel displays in the wrong place
[Webkit Core]
* Quick save image, a link will be open
* After Taking a screenshot and paste it in the Foxmail, there are two pictures
* It is not activated after right mouse clicking and selecting “Open in the New Tab”
* A bug with XSS 
[IE Core]
* Support HTML5 video right click menu
[extension platform]
* Improved the new tab interface

New features:       
+ Maxthon supports muti-threaded downloading                                                  
+ Tab animation effect
* Enhanced video popup feature in retro mode
* Optimized Magic Fill drop-down menu display efficiency
[Main Frame]
* Dialog box of deleting plugin did not disappear
* In some cases, Maxthon Muti Search display improperly .
* In some cases, it is invalid to click on the search Suggestions
* Interface display issue in XP operating system                                           
* Sidebar panel display improperly in some cases
* Cloud push did not work properly for background tab when right mouse click on it.          
* Taskbar video popup icons in retro mode differ from ultra mode.
* In some cases, dialog box got blocked
* Sometimes, Quick App can not be pined to Task bar
* When clearing tabs in last session page, locked tabs got deleted.
* Address bar blinks caused by mouse focus issue
* The Resource Sniffer Dialog box display improperly
* The drop-down list in download Task dialog box display problem  
[Webkit Core]
* Problem occurs after drag and drop some Magnet URLs
* Search, matching case in the pages did not take effect immediately
* Popup filtering error in some webpages
* The notebook can not synchronize data i some cases
* The alert popup window position is wrong in some pages
* Super drag and drop can not be used in some websites
[IE Core]
* Fixed the bug that there are lots of video popup button in some case
[Extension Platform]
* Window type extensions may cause reloading the page

[Main Frame]
* A bug that can not Cloud push background tab by right mouse clicking
* Display problem in XP operating system
* Display issue in Sidebar plug-in window
* Plug-in installation prompt display problem
[Webkitt Core]
* A URL Parsing vulnerability
* A bug when opening PDF file
* Improved webkit core stability

* Bug that might lead to version crash.
* Improved the page scrolling speed

[Main Frame]
* Skynote contents loss in some case
* In some cases, the installation may lead to skin problems
* Sidebar can not display multi-columns
* Tab width scale problem in split screen
* Needs Double click to hide the Sidebar
* When adding customize shortcuts may cause the browser unresponsive
* In some cases sidebar panel does not display smoothly
* When moving the mouse cursor, the window buttons such as minimize remain in hover status
* Certain address bar display problem
* In some cases, Download manager closes unexpectedly
* Switching account problem after pinning the sidebar extension
[Webkit Core]
* Display problem of Quick App icon
* No pop-up blocking in some websites
* The status bar always displays "loading "
* Improved Webkit stability
[Extension platform]
* Enhanced the Extension platform

New Features:
+ Support custom proxy PAC file
* Address Bar drop-down menu is faster and more responsive
* Better animation when resizing a pinned extension window
* Better animation when resizing split screens
[Main Frame]
*Fixed some issues with tab width
*Fixed display issues with Toolbar
*Fixed display issues with extension windows
*Fixed some issues that would cause tab to show incorrect web page title
*Fixed mismatched search engines icons 
*Fixed display issues with Last Session page
*Fixed display issues with extension icons
[Webkit Core]
* Fixed Address Bar spoofing security issue
* Fixed a bug that Thunder downloader fails to run
* Fixed a bug that music in extension won't stop playing after switching account
* Fixed some issues with Find feature
* Fixed some Spell Checking failures
* Fixed a bug with Quick Save Images
* Fixed display issues on WebGL pages
* Fixed an issue that long tooltips could cause the browser to freeze
* Fixed some issues with calculator keys on keyboard
* Improved the stability of Webkit
[IE Core]
* Fixed some crashes with online bank websites

New Features:
+ Touch zooming and panning in win8
+ HTML5 online/ offline operation
+ Maxthon snapshot supports win8 touch operation
+ CSS Filter GPU Acceleration
* Significantly optimized browser start-up speed 
* Smoothly typing experience in address bar
* Optimized interface loading performance
* Optimized Baidu electronic library and other webpages scrolling experience
* Optimized Magic Fill in retro mode
[Main Frame]
* Favorites bar display problems under high DPI  
* Some site icons display problems 
* Some tabs Label width problems 
*  Language display error when uninstalling the browser
[Webkit Core]
* Drag & Drop did not work in some pages
* css3 3d flip effect problems
* some add proxy failure issues
* Authentication dialog box constantly pops up when accessing some websites
* Typing Chinese issue in some flash pages
* No title when proxy authentication dialog pops up
* A bug when using overlength URL 
* Sniffer YouTube video did not work
* “Open” button changed to “Save” when uploading pictures to some pages
* Page blinking when adjusting the browser main window size
* Some video did not show floating button
* optimized FileSystem support
* Improved Webkit core stability

[Webkit Core] 
* Fixed memory usage does not go down after closing tabs 
* Fixed the blinking of previous page after closing tabs 
* Fixed some problems when launch the browser 
* Fixed drag and drop zipped files opening problem 
* Improved Webkit Stability 
* Updated Flash to the latest official version


New Features: 
+ Use QR code to share pages
* Optimized display effect on opening page in Quick Access 
* Optimized display of Magic Fill drop-down menu
* Optimized the sync of SkyNote
* Optimized Sidebar, Toolbar and Search box loading performance
[Main Frame]
* Fixed some interface display problems 
* Fixed Scrollbar didn't display in Favorites 
* Fixed browser proxy authentication problems on some web services
* Fixed some problems caused by locking tabs
* Enhanced the copy of a selected address bar URL

[Main Frame]

* Fixed Problems caused by the Split screen 
* Improved Magic Fill
* Fixed Night Mode related problems
* Fixed blocking rules failure 
* Enhanced Webkit Stability


+ Press Boss key to mute the page
+ Address bar Domain Highlighting
+ Developer Tools in Retro mode(IE8 and Above)
+ Underlying network module support Proxy Authentication
* Optimized the browser shut down logic when downloading a task
* Optimized Address bar Matching Logic
* Optimized page prompt dialog box Display
* Optimized HTML5 Shared Worker Characteristics Implementation
* Optimized Automatic Update
* Improved Magic Fill
[Main Frame]
* Fixed Main interface location problem when preview in the taskbar window
* Fixed Main window problems when using Dual Display
* Fixed Quick Application icon display errors
* Fixed Change the Color of Visited Links
* Fixed problem that download file is not complete but prompts the success
* Fixed the text content is garbled when Copy in download manager
* Fixed the page displays problem when logging in the page
* Fixed the alert dialogs pop up many times from the page
* Fixed the Flash game couldn't be clicked on

New Feature:
+ Customizable Mute Shortcuts

[Main frame]      
* Optimized Search Suggestions Experience of Quick Access Page
* Fixed the tag display problem
[Webkit Core]
* Some pages could not display well
* Some page popups would be blocked mistakenly
* Improved the stability of Webkit Core

[Main Frame]
* Fixed the startup speed problem in
* ‘Customize Shortcuts’ did not work well if ‘Full Screen’
* Language display problem of RSS page
* Details of Magic Fill

[Webkit Core]
* Drop-down menu display position
* It did not work correctly when Draged & Droped to open files in package 
* Improved the stability of webkit core

* Optimized memory usage
* Fixed Magic Fill not functioning correctly on some web pages
* Fixed bugs when zooming pages
* Fixed bugs on certain web pages of
* Fixed a bug that scrolling up on a page is not working on touch screens
* Fixed a bug that a download link goes to a blank page and won't close
* Improved Webkit core stability

New Features: 
+ Supported customizing global blocking rules
+ Search suggestions in the Address Bar and Quick Access page
+ Optimized the third-party cookies visiting policy with providing the related option 

* Optimized Night Mode, supporting skins changing background colors according to the page mode 
* Optimized the display mode when there were lots of tabs 
* Added GPU Acceleration Enable/Disable button 
* Added ‘Cloud Push’ in tab right-click menu 
* Improved the ‘failed’ notice of Maxthon Cloud 
[Main Frame] 
* Tool Bar icons location display problem 
[Webkit Core] 
* It could not upload files by Drag & Drop in some pages 
* Crash problem when operated the browser by touching 
* Reader Mode problem * Improved the core stability 
* Videos still played even after closed the tab 
[Maxthon Cloud] 
* LAN Transfer

New Magic Fill Updates:
+ Supported Magic Fill in Retro Mode
+ Supported saving more date besides username and password
+ Enriched General Identity content, fill in more content automatically
+ Improved the smart logic of this feature

New Feature:
+ Support Magic Fill in Retro Mode
[Main Frame]
* Problem when opened .url shortcut
* Problem caused by speechinput
* Drag & Drop did not work in some pages
* Improved the core stability

New Features: 
+ GPU Acceleration in Ultra Mode 
+ URL ad blocking in Retro Mode 
+ Popup Blocker in Retro Mode 
+ Page Mute 

* Improved the loading speed of Quick Access page 
* Optimized the display method of tab list 
* Enhanced the Cookie privacy policy 
[Main Frame] 
* Problem caused by skins 
* Problem caused by adding favorites 
* It could not use right-click menu in Download Manager 
* Problem about Lock Tab * Language switching did not work in Download Manager interface 
* Syncing feature did not work after switching account 
[Webkit Core] 
* Page kept refreshing when right-click menu popuped 
* Developer Tools window problem 
* Developer Tools right-click menu problem 
* It could not upload files to Google Cloud 
* No respond of some pages 
* Youtube page display problem 
* No respond of the browser if popuped video window 
* Attachments in some mail boxes could not be downloaded by third-party tools 
* Proxy problem 
* Print feature did not work in some pages 
* Improved the core stability [Maxthon Cloud] 
* Optimized local file cloud push

* Menu display problem in Developer Tools
* Crash problem caused by ‘Inspect Element’
* Crash problem caused by java extensions

New Feature:
+ Maxthon Skin

* Quick Tools display problem when switching Maxthon account
* MxDock: the Sidebar sometimes exited mistakenly and extensions display problem

* No reaction when clicked the applications in the SideBar and Quick Tool Bar
* Failure when uploaded files to cloud space or downloaded files from cloud space

New Features:
+ LAN Transfer in Cloud Push, supporting rapidly transferring files among devices by LAN
+ Supported cloud pushing local files when browsing local directory through Maxthon Browser

* It displayed the wrong status of the skin refresh buttons
* It did not correctly display the input method switching status in Windows 8 status bar
* It could not get the user device list after switching Maxthon account
* Sometimes it froze when input in the text-edit box of some pages
* Floated Status Bar did not display if hid the Status Bar

New Feature:
+ Maxthon Skin

* Quick Tools display problem when switching Maxthon account
* MxDock: the Sidebar sometimes exited mistakenly and extensions display problem


* Increased the page loading speed
* Optimized the memory usage
* Improved the browser stability

* The load of Sidebar and Tool Bar
* Memory usage
* Improved Maxthon Setting Center, supporting searching feature keywords there

* Could not use Smart Address Bar when opened a new tab
* Mouse Gesture validation caused by flash
* Crash problem when clicked ‘Copy as HTML’ in Developer Tool right-click menu
* Proxy setting did not update with switching Maxthon passport account

* Improved webpage loading speed
* Optimized memory usage
* Improved the browser stability

* Maxthon Cloud Browser user data did not sync when Maxthon Dock started on PC

New Feature:
+ Maxthon Dock (Supporting pin the independent SideBar to your desktop for quick visiting favorite sites and extensions)

* Improved the page load speed
* Optimized the memory usage
* Crash problem if uploaded images to Google+
* Some other crash problems
* No response of drag&drop during downloading files
* The upload status problem in Maxthon Downloader

New Feature:
+ Maxthon Dock (Supporting pin the independent SideBar to your desktop for quick visiting favorite sites and extensions.)

UI Improvement:
* Improved the interaction and UI of Maxthon Download Manager
* Potential handle leak problem
* Some crash problems and bugs
* Reduced CPU usage

* HTML5 localstorage hole
* Some bugs

UI Improvements:
* No icon problem in the browser right-click menu of Ultra Mode in XP system
* Improved the user experience

* ‘Forget password’ in login panel did not work
* Developer Tool crash problem
* Switch Browser Core Button did not work well
* Sync problem of SkyNote
* Lots of crash problems

* UI improvement

* Maxthon Download Manager could not recognize Thunder Downloader
* Tab Bar displayed incorrectly with many tabs when the window maximized
* Some crash problems
* Other bugs

* Improved lots of places and fixed lots of bugs.
* Some crash problems
* The browser would close if opened Print Preview and then exited immediately during the page loading
* One handle resource leak problem

New Features:
+ Tab list when there were too many tabs
+ Print Preview
+ ‘Go’ and ‘Show Address Bar History’ buttons in Address Bar
+ ‘Search’ button in Search Bar
+ Added ‘Check for Updates’ in ‘About’

* Improved Cloud Push
UI Improvements:
* Improved the interaction of Download Manager
* Added ‘History Button’ option in ‘Cutomize UI’
* Some crash problems
* Could not play HTML5 videos sometimes

Maxthon for iPad Version 4.0.3

1.Brand new UI design
2.+"Cloud Download"- Access your downloads on any device Maxthon Cloud Browser
3.+"Cloud Push"- Push images/text/links to any device Maxthon Cloud Browser
4.+"Cloud Tabs"- Pick up where you left off Maxthon Cloud Browser

New Feature:
+ Added sharing web content or files with friends in ‘Cloud Push’

* Some crash problems
* Could not open some pages
* Invalidation of ‘Export’ and ‘Import’ in RSS Reader
* Could not send web content to SkyNote
* Could not import files into SkyNote

New Features:
+ Cloud Push: supports sending text, images, websites/links and tabs to Mac, Android and Windows operating systems.

+ Cloud Tabs: lets you pick up where you left off by automatically syncing your tabs to Android, iOS or Mac devices.
+ Cloud Download: supports downloading files in various formats and uploading them to 'My Cloud' for backup on any device.
+ Supported registering/logging in Maxthon Passport with phone numbers
* Improved the page loading speed
* Optimized the memory usage
UI Improvements:
* Brand new UI design

Maxthon for iPhone Version 4.0.0

1)Brand new UI design
2)cloud push,Cloud Download,Cloud Tabs
3)other optimizations

Maxthon for iPhone Version 1.01

[New Features]

+Optimized for iOS and iPhone 5
+Improved arrangements of search engine list
+Find in page 
+Search light lighted text in page
+New App Center
*Better keyboard support for address bar
*Improved download process(download stop when app runs background;File Sharing on iTunes) 
*Other improvements and bug fixes