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Easy Surfing

Browsing with Power

Secure Browsing

It's Your Guardian of the Web

Fully Customizable

You're the Boss of the browser.

The Ultimate Out-of-box Experience

Easy to use and powerful straight out of the box
Created by people thinking out of the box to come up with new ways to use the Internet
Free for all! Over 300 million downloads worldwide!

Maxthon's so secure you can throw away that blanket.

Maxthon is 100% free of viruses, spyware, adware – any kind of malware.
The built-in Ad Hunter blocks harmful, or annoying ads, images and pages.
Filter packs screen out offensive and irritating Web pages, and you decide what's offensive and irritating.

Maxthon Works the Way You Want It To

Swap, add, move, remove, and change Maxthon's tool bars, icons, menus, colors, skins, and layouts until it looks the way you would have designed it.
Don't like menus? Use hot keys. Don't like hot keys? Use word aliases. Don't like aliases? Use toolbars. Don't like toolbars? Then use mouse gestures. It's all up to you.

Think we left something out? Pick from more than 1,400 plug-ins that make Maxthon the do-all of browsers.

Other companies sell ad and malware protections, screen capture, electronic passports, and automatic password managers as separate programs. With Max, they're free – just like Maxthon itself.


Maxthon Browser has Language Packs in 19 different languages, all made by our community users.Let Maxthon speaks your own language.

Magic Fill

Fill all the forms with Magic Fill by a single click. It can recognize almost any form fields automatically.

Mouse Gestures

Hold right mouse button and perform the gestures to access common features such as Back, Forward, Refresh and Close Tab.

Online Favorites Service

Access your Favorites content anywhere with Maxthon Online Favorites Service.

Ad Hunter

Ad Hunter can efficiently clean up the web pages by stopping Popup Windows and removing Ad Content Blocks.

Facebook, Twitter and RSS

Access your Facebook and tweet on your Twitter with Sidebar. Read RSS Feeds with the built-in Feed Reader.

"It renders pages fast and comes loaded with features, as if Firefox came with 90 percent of its most popular plug-ins...Maxthon is fast, small, flexible, and easy to use, and the extra features make it a browser we highly recommend."

- Seth Rosenblatt, CNET Editor

"Maxthon has passed a classic Internet success test, having achieved significant following entirely through word of mouth and without any marketing spending. This rapid adoption is a testament to Maxthon’s innovative features and advanced functionality that have made the browser a much more useful tool for its users."

- Safa Rashtchy, Managing Director, Senior Internet Analyst, Piper Jaffray & Co.

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