User Experience Improvement Program

In order to understand our user's needs, and deliver better products and services to our user, we invite you to join our User Experience Improvement Program (UEIP).

Participate in this program will not affect your usage of our products and services.

While Participating in this program, you will not be disturbed in any way, such as popups, email, or phone surveys, etc.

Our products and services should work the same whether you participate in this program or not.

Users who choose to participate will send the following data to us:

  • System Information: Hardware and OS information, etc.
  • Product Usage: Which button is clicked most and what feature is used most, etc.
  • Product Settings: Provide information to improve default settings
  • Error and Crash Data: What error has happened and how many times this error has happened, etc.

The UEIP only collects information about Maxthon products and services. But since some other software might also affect the usage of our products and services (software conflict, security flaw, etc.), we might also collect information about them.

We respect your privacy. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy

This program is totally anonymous.

No personally identifiable information will be collected. The data we collect is anonymous, and only useful to our product team.

This program is voluntary.

You can opt in/out this Program at any time by checking/unchecking Setup Center » Advanced » User Experience Improvement Program.

If you are uncomfortable with this program, or this program violates the policy of your company or organization, please choose not to participate.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, please Contact Us.