MX6 changelog

+ Updated to Chromium 96
+ Export & Import extensions
+ Tab sleep
+ Customize the bookmark bar display folder
+ Added the "Undo" option for canceling the bookmark delete
+ Bookmark multicolumn scrolling
+ New version available reminder on the toolbar
+ Right-click to save form
+ Added a new sync button on the main menu
+ Optimized the tab right-click menu
+ Optimized the bookmark right-click menu
+ Optimized the interaction of Maxnote with QuickNote
+ Updated the note editor for Maxnote and QuickNote
+ Optimized the image search function on the right-click menu
+ Added the file type association on the Settings page
+ Added the options for restoring and viewing the default shortcuts
+ Added pop-ups, redirects, notifications, images, and JavaScript settings on the Settings page
+ Last session page back to the Maxthon 5 interaction logic
+ Optimized the history page performance
+ Added the sync button on the new tab page
+ Added the website icon for the QuickAccess color block
+ Added phone registration for Vbox
- Fixed bugs and optimized stability

+ New account mode
+ Regressed the Classic theme
+ Regressed the status bar, including the system info and global mute, etc.
+ Added the Sync button to the account drop-down menu under the main menu
+ Added drop-down menu to the toolbar Restore button
+ Added the collapse menu to the tab bar when opening many tabs
+ Added website screenshot option to the New tab QuickAccess
+ Added the Lock Browser option to the Shortcut
+ Added Password Generator to the right-click menu (website login/register box)
+ Added the option to merge the local account data to the browser account
+ Supported to add URL and webpage screenshot to Maxnote under the retro mode
+ Optimized Download Manager
+ Optimized Resource Sniffer
+ Optimized Vbox, added the option for applying free domain
+ New Help Center
- Fixed bugs to optimize the stability

+ Chromium 89 (Official Build)
+ New Download Manager
+ QuickNote extension (Ctrl+G)
+ Added the function for adding URL to Maxnote
+ Close/Minimize to the system tray
+ Adjusted the main menu and the account function
+ Optimized the retro mode, supported the bank website and OA page control
- Fixed bugs and optimized the stability

+ New official Chromium 88
+ Resource Sniffer
+ Tab auto-refresh
+ Night mode custom
+ Optimized Vbox
- Fixed crashes

+ Chromium 85
+ Compatible with the Chrome extension center
+ Built in the Vbox plugin for managing blockchain identities
+ Compatible with the user data of Maxthon 5
+ Popular functions of previous versions