VIP2 to VIP3

Give more. Get more. To upgrade from VIP2 to VIP3, we're going to ask a little bit more from you.

Invite your friends to join MX5, and for 10 friends who install MX5. We'll upgrade you from VIP2 to VIP3.

Once it's done, simply send us your UID and your 10 friends' UIDs via email ( or private message us on Facebook, and after confirmation, we'll implement the upgrade ASAP. The screenshots here can help your friends find their UIDs.

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If you run a blog, why not share MX5 with your readers!

Step1. Select 1 of the MX5 features below:

Maxnote ;

Passkeeper ;

UUMail ;

Night Mode ;

Split View ;

Resource Sniffer ;

System Status ;

Mouse Gesture ;

Snap ;

New Quick Access ;

Drag and Drop ;

URL Alias.

Step2. Write a review with at least 300 words on how you use this feature and why you love it.

Step3. Post to your blog, and send us the link via email or Facebook.

After reading your blog post, we'll get in touch with you for your free upgrade at the earliest.