UUMail Q&A

A: UUmail is a new product of Maxthon , which generate virtual e-mail address (the shadow mail) for your Receiving email address. UUmail can help you to avoid the risk of personal information leaks, when you register or search at a website. Meanwhile, UUmail provides a powerful management function to avoid your bother from spam.

A: Receiving email address is your real mailbox. When you set your shadow mail at receiving state, all e-mails can be forwarded to your real mailbox. You can change your Receiving email address at any time. But one real mailbox can only be bond with one UUmail account.

A: The shadow mail is a virtual mail of your real mailbox that you linked before. When you set your shadow mail at receiving state, then the e-mail will be forwarded to your real mailbox. If you need a mailbox when surfing the internet (such as register for an adult websites), you can use shadow mail to protect your real e-mail from being revealed.

A: The shadow mail does not support to reading mails, you can go to your real mailbox to check your inbox.

A: The passcode is a keyword that you set up to quickly create a shadow mail. With the code, you can create a shadow mail at any time.

A: There is an on-off switch for each shadow mail. When you choose off, your real mailbox will receive none of the mails received by the shadow mail.

A: UUmail temporarily does not support to unbind or change domain name. If you want a new domain name, please register a new UUmail account.