Common Questions > What are MX credits? How can I earn them?

MX credits are a virtual asset created by Maxthon that work like a rewards system. Maxthon Passport members get 'credits' by using the Maxthon browser.

To earn MX Credits, you have to create a Maxthon Passport account first.

Actions Rules
Registration Create a Maxthon Passport account for the first time and you will earn 10 MX credits.
Verify Account Verify your email and you will earn an additional 20 MX credits.
Online Time Login and use Maxthon Browser for 1 hour earn 1 MX credit. No credits if less than 1 hour. 10 credits maximum per day.
The initial setup of profile picture Earn 20 MX credits the first time you upload your avatar.
Set your nickname for the first time Change your nickname and earn 10 MX credits the first time you do it.
Complete your profile Go to 'Edit your Profile' on your Passport account dashboard and enter 'Gender' and 'Birthday' in the tab 'Basic Information' to earn 10 MX credits.