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Security Q&A

A:In the process of data storage and network transmission, Passkeeper uses multiple encryption techniques including AES256 and multiple verification techniques to ensure your password information is secure.

A:The saved passwords will sync to the Cloud after encryption, and won't be affected by changing devices.

A:If you find your password has been stolen, please change to a more complicated password immediately. In "Devices Records" of Passkeeper, you can see your devices login records clearly, and any strange login records will also be very clear.

A:The local data has been double-encrypted by Passkeeper, using database and AES256 encryption techniques.

A:The data stored in the Cloud has been double-encrypted, it even can't be seen by Maxthon's internal staff, and it's hard to be cracked by hackers.

A: To protect users' privacy and improve security. Passkeeper's SMS verification feature can verify identity on multi devices, and hence greatly optimized the security of Passkeeper.

A: The users who registered with email address can only enable Passkeeper's SMS verification feature after connected mobile phone number with his/her account.

A: Enter the Passkeeper's main page after imputing the password to log in, then click the upper right corner's "Security info" ---> "Enable SMS verification"--->"Enable now", the users have to connect their phone with their account first.

Click "send verification code" and then enter the correct verification code, then click "confirm" to enable Passkeeper SMS verification feature.