Select "Blank page" to open a Blank page after Maxthon starts.

Select "Homepage" to open your selected homepage the site after Maxthon starts.

Selecting "Last session" will show show you all of the tabs you didn't close from your last session.

Type the address you want to set as the homepage. Click the "Homepage" button and open this site. The site will open when Maxthon starts.

Click "Use Blank" to set a blank page as the homepage.

Select one from your search engine list and it will become your default search provider.

Click "Manage" to see more options for search engine. You can add, edit or remove the engines in your list. You can also give each of your engines a keyword for quick access. Type in the keyword and 'shazzam!' your search engine will appear.

Select "Keep Maxthon 3 as my default browser" and Maxthon will launch when you click on a web page.