There are two official skins for Maxthon 3: Modern and Classic. Modern is the default. You'll see it when you first install Maxthon 3. Classic is, well...classic. Click "Switch Skin" in the menu to change from one skin to another.

Click the button in top left corner to open your User Panel. Before you login it will show a blue smiley face. After login it will show your avatar if you've taken the time to select one. If you don't have an avatar, lighten up and pick one!

Before log-in:   After log-in:

Click the "Menu" button to configure Maxthon 3 settings.

(1)Each opened site will be listed in the tab bar on top of Maxthon 3. The title and icon of the sites will be showed on every tab. Click on separate tabs to switch different sites.

(2) To open a brand new, blank page click the"Create New Tab" button. Right-click the button to open a URL saved in your clipboard.

(3)Click the arrow buttonto show the list of opened sites. You can switch between sites and close all tabs using this list.

(1)Click Backwardto return to the last visited page. Click Forward/Backward/Historyto view the list of last pages opened in your current tab.Click Forwardto view the next page open (if there is one) in your current tab.

(2)Click Refreshto reload the current tab.

(3)Click Homepageto open the site you set as the homepage.

(4)When the Favorites bar is hidden, click Favoritesto restore and display it.

(5)Click Undoto open your last closed sites.

(6)Click Undo listto show all recently-closed sites.

(1)Click the Page Menu icon to show the page menu. It contains options to zoom in or out, print or search for a term in the page. That's not all, too...

(2)Type address in address box and visit the sites. Or type keywords in address box to search the web. For more information please visit the "Smart Address Bar".

(3)Use the Dual Display Engines button to switch between Ultra Mode and Retro Mode. The lightning iconshows when you're in Ultra mode. That means the browser is using the Webkit engine, which makes your surfing much better for the majority of websites you'll visit. The blue iconrefers to Retro mode -- which uses the Trident engine, better for older, outdated, Microsoft IE-enhanced websites.

(4)Click "Go to"to visit the address typed in the address box or to perform a web search. While your page loads, this button will function as a "Stop" button. Clicking "Stop" will cancel the page load process for that page.

(1)Click the "Select Engine"icon to set your default search engine. The default is Bing.

(2)Type keywords right in the search box, press "Enter" or "Search" buttonto start searching the web.

Setting Maxthon to show the Favorites bar(Or press Ctrl+B to show it), will cause your favorites to be displayed under the address bar.

(1)The Status Bar shows the information from the page that is loading and other tips about the Maxthon browser.

(2)AD Huntershows the number of Popup windows blocked by Maxthon. For examplemeans four popup windows have been blocked by Maxthon. Click the icon and open the list of blocked sites. You can access these sites from this list.