Welcome to Maxthon 3. let’s look at some of its most helpful features.

AD Hunter

Stop the Pop! Maxthon 3 puts an end to annoying popup windows.

How to use:
Maxthon Ad Hunter is designed around one primary principle: YOU should be in the driver's seat when it comes to determining which website ads you want to see and which you want to block. Some websites provide valuable content and services and use advertising responsibly to fund their efforts. That's cool. Let them run their business. On the other hand, some sites are completely irresponsible and annoying. Uncool. Let's block them!

The point is, YOU decide.

This version of Ad Hunter starts simple, automatic pop-up blocking and manual blocking of some or all of the advertising spots on a page determined by your individual choices.

Maxthon AD hunter also blocks annoying pop-ups automatically. Look to your lower right and the icon will tell you how many pop-ups have been blocked. Click the icon to see the Ad Hunter menu and to inspect any of the blocked popups yourself.

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