Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser

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For 7” Android Tablet-PC’s

For Parents : How to Use Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser

Maxthon Kid-Safe Brower Key Features & Benefits

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    Complete Control

    Lets you set up a safe web environment by creating a safe list of websites you want to allow your kids to access.

  • Quick Access

    Use the Kid-Safe browser's pre-selected list of award-winning, age appropriate sites or enter your own.

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    Block Unwanted Content & Search Results

    Access will be blocked to any URLfrom web domains NOT in your safe list.All advertisements, promotions and links to outside sites from a 'safe site' will be blocked, keeping your child's web activity safely within the boundaries you create. Same thing for search results.

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    Extra Security

    Creating and modifying of the safe-list requires a password you can reset yourself. This extra security will prevent kids from changing the safe-list.

Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser: What Others Say About It

  • ‘A Game-Changer’

    ‘Before using Maxthon’s Kid-Safe Browser, I always felt as if my kid was in control -- now it’s the other way round and I love it!’

  • Easy to Set Up

    ‘Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser gives you a choice: don’t do anything and know that you‘ve done the best OR even add websites that you feel are beneficial to your kid - it’s up to you!’

  • My Kid Loves It

    ‘Kiddo totally loves playing around with the browser. The crab is already her favorite animal and I wonder when they start selling merchandise...:-)

  • Great, Kid-Friendly Websites

    ‘The ‘default’ selection of websites are fun and educational! It would have taken me ages to this content and now I can be sure I’m providing my kid with the right thing!