Maxthon for iOS Changelog

Maxthon for iPhone Version 4.03

✓ Cloud push support share with friends.
☂ Bug fixes.

Maxthon for iPhone Version 4.0.1

bug fixes

Maxthon for iPad Version 1.3.1

[New Features]

+Webpage loads significantly faster
+Better favorites and Quick Access importing process after login
+Screen brightness adjustment(iOS5)
+Rename flie in Download Manager
+Support opening flies within browser:html,xml,ppt,xls,doc,txt,pdf,gif,jpg,png,bmp,aif,mp3,wav 
*Find-in-page improvement
*Better Favorites syncing messaging
*Other bug fixes and optimizations

Maxthon for iPad Version 1.3

[New Features]

+Find in page 
+search highlighted texts in page 
+More search engine options
+Support Internationalized Domain Names
*Zoom in & out in Screenshot
*More websites support for Reader Mode
*Improved download process 
*Other improvements and bug fixes