Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I uninstall Maxthon Browser?

You can find an "Uninstall Maxthon" icon in the Program Group of Maxthon. Click it and follow the instructions to uninstall Maxthon Browser.

You can also uninstall Maxthon Browser via "Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs". Click the "Maxthon Browser" entry and click the "Remove" button, then follow the instructions to uninstall Maxthon Browser.

I lose all my favorites (when I update Maxthon 3). What can I do?

To recover your favorites, please visit and log into your Maxthon Passport account to 'Recover Favorites'. Maxthon also offers various cloud-based services for users who have a Maxthon account on different devices or platforms, which makes getting your favorites back easy on every device.

How can I enable certain features available in Maxthon 3?

Please set or enable the features you want in Maxthon’s ‘Options’-Menu. Click the avatar icon at the upper left-hand corner of the browser window to enter the Menu. In this section, you can Print, Clear Browser History, Customize the 'Options' to get to the ‘Options’. Features in this section include: Spell Checker, User Agent (UA) String, Drag & Drop, Mouse Gestures, etc. Additional settings include: Tab Bar, Home Page, Magic Fill, Proxy, etc.

What can I do if there is a crash?

First, we are sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced. When you get a crash or see the crash report window appear, please do not click any buttons. Please keep the window open. Insert %appdata% into the command line and press ‘Enter’. Open the folder ‘Maxthon3’. You will now see another folder called ‘Crash’. Create a zip-file from the entire ‘Crash’-folder (right-click on folder, ‘create zip-file’). Please send us an email to with the zip-file attached. Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Do you have any plans to offer Maxthon for other platforms like iOS, Symbian and Linux?

There are versions of Maxhon for Windows and Android (phone/tablet) devices and iOS versions for iPhone & iPad as well as for Mac OSX. Maxthon plans to launch additional versions for other platforms in the near future. All product news will be on our official website. Please stay tuned for more news.

How can I download videos on the Web? Why are some download tools not used in Maxthon?

If you’d like to learn how to easily download videos in Maxthon 3, watch this brief video tutorial (<1min) or refer to this post in Maxthon Forum In addition, Maxthon allows you to download files through third-party download tools. However, this feature requires the support of a third-party.

Why do some pages display incorrectly?

Maxthon is developed on WebKit Core. Some pages that are not based on W3C standards, or developed only for Internet Explorer, may not display properly in Maxthon Ultra Mode (WebKit mode). Please click the yellow thunderbolt icon at the end of the Address Bar and switch it to the blue icon, which then displays the page(s) correctly. Find more information about these two modes here.

I would like to offer suggestions or have requests about Maxthon.

Maxthon welcomes your support and feedback! Please send your suggestions and requests to with the email subject [Suggestions/Requests to Maxthon]. And, while we cannot respond personally to each and every suggestion or request, we do read every message. If would you like to contribute more frequently to our community, please visit and sign up for our forum

Can you help me change/delete my Maxthon account?

Each Maxthon account is unique, reflecting the user's identity. Given this fact, and based on preserving the integrity of our server and data security, Maxthon does not support changing or deleting accounts. However, if you no longer plan to use your account Maxthon will safeguard this material. Your peace of mind is our highest priority.

What is UA (User Agent String) used for? Why do some pages display incorrectly with a changing UA?

UA represents each user's unique identity. Occasionally, we need to change the UA for a better browsing experience. Most of the time, enabling this option (by mistake) may cause a problem when you visit your most visited sites. We suggest that you not enable this option, unless there is a special requirement to do so.