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Hide traffic & location from Internet Service Providers
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Maxthon Browser offers a free built-in VPN for desktop, enhancing online privacy and security. It blocks trackers and encrypts connections, ensuring your traffic and location remain hidden from Internet Service Providers. Enjoy secure, unrestricted browsing with Maxthon's free VPN.



  • Why use a VPN?

    Problem: on almost every website we visit, we are exposed to cookies and trackers.
    ISPs (Internet Service Providers) identify their customers by their IP addresses. They can see their customers’ Internet traffic and probably log their customers’ online activities.
    Solution: VPN protects your privacy by preventing the disclosure of your real IP address, so you remain 100% anonymous.

  • How do I enable the free VPN in the Maxthon browser?

    To enable the free VPN, open the Maxthon browser, go to the settings menu, and find the VPN option in the Featuers page. Toggle it on to activate the VPN and choose a virtual location from the available options.

  • Does Maxthon's VPN keep logs of my browsing activity?

    No, Maxthon's free VPN does not keep logs of your browsing activity. It is designed to protect your privacy and ensure that your online actions remain confidential.

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