Split Screen Browsing

Effortless Multitasking with Split Screen

View Two Web Pages Simultaneously
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Maxthon Browser's Split Screen Browsing feature has been a beloved tool for users since its early days, even before the launch of Windows 10. This feature allows you to conveniently view two web pages within the same window, making it ideal for multitasking, studying, researching, and comparing information. You can create multiple tabs on both sides of the split screen and easily drag them back and forth as needed. While many competing browsers now offer similar functionalities, Maxthon's Split Screen Browsing remains a favorite among users for its ease of use and practical benefits. Enhance your productivity and optimize your workflow with Maxthon's Split Screen Browsing.



  • What is Split Screen?

    Split Screen in Maxthon allows you to view and work with two web pages side by side within the same window.

  • How do I enable Split Screen?

    To enable Split Screen, click the Split Screen icon in the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut to split your current window into two views.

  • Can I adjust the size of each screen in Split Screen?

    Yes, you can adjust the size of each screen by dragging the divider between the two screens to your preferred width.

  • Does Split Screen work with multiple tabs?

    Yes, you can open multiple tabs on both sides of the split screen and drag tabs back and forth as needed.

  • Is Split Screen available on all versions of Maxthon?

    Split Screen is available on the desktop version of Maxthon. It allows for enhanced multitasking and productivity.

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