Data Cleaning Tool

Effortless Data Cleaning for a Faster Browser

Optimize Performance by Removing Unnecessary Data
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Maxthon Browser includes a free built-in Data Cleaning tool, ensuring your browser stays fast and efficient. This feature removes clutter such as cache, cookies, and browsing history, improving overall performance and freeing up space. Enjoy a smoother, faster browsing experience with Maxthon's Data Cleaning tool.



  • What does the Data Cleaning feature do?

    The Data Cleaning feature helps you remove unnecessary data such as browsing history, cache, cookies, and more to keep your browser running smoothly and protect your privacy.

  • How do I use the Data Cleaning feature?

    To use the Data Cleaning feature, go to the settings menu in Maxthon, navigate to the Features page, and select Data Cleaning. From there, you can choose what data to clear and click the 'Clean' button.

  • Can I customize what data gets cleaned?

    Yes, you can customize what data gets cleaned. In the Data Cleaning settings, you can select specific data types such as browsing history, cache, cookies, download history, and more.

  • Does Data Cleaning affect my saved passwords?

    No, Data Cleaning does not delete your saved passwords unless you specifically choose to clear 'Saved Passwords' in the data cleaning options.

  • How often should I use Data Cleaning?

    It is recommended to use Data Cleaning regularly to maintain browser performance and protect your privacy. The frequency can vary based on your browsing habits.

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