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Keep Your Information Up-to-Date Across All Devices
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Maxthon Browser offers free built-in Cloud Sync, ensuring your data is always up-to-date across all your devices. You can effortlessly access your bookmarks, maxnote,quick access,password, and settings anytime, anywhere. Maxthon Sync is unique in that it allows you to sync without registration by generating a virtual email using a device code. Simply set a password to enable sync. Enjoy a seamless and secure browsing experience with Maxthon's Cloud Sync.



  • What is Cloud Sync?

    Cloud Sync allows you to synchronize your bookmarks, settings, and other browser data across multiple devices.

  • How do I enable Cloud Sync?

    To enable Cloud Sync, go to the settings menu in Maxthon, navigate to the Features page, and toggle the Cloud Sync option on.

  • Can I use Cloud Sync without registering?

    Yes, you can use Cloud Sync without registering by generating a virtual email using a device code. Just set a password to enable sync.

  • Is Cloud Sync secure?

    Yes, Cloud Sync uses advanced encryption to ensure that your data is transferred and stored securely.

  • What data can I sync with Cloud Sync?

    You can sync bookmarks, settings, passwords, and more across all your devices with Cloud Sync.

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