Anti-Tracking Protection

Enhanced Privacy with Maxthon Anti-Tracking

Prevent Websites from Tracking Your Activity
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Maxthon Browser offers free built-in Anti-Tracking protection, enhancing your online privacy by preventing websites from tracking your activity. This feature blocks trackers and stops them from collecting your personal data, ensuring a safer and more private browsing experience. Enjoy peace of mind with Maxthon's Anti-Tracking protection.



  • What is the anti-tracking feature?

    The anti-tracking feature in Maxthon helps protect your privacy by blocking online trackers that monitor your web activities.

  • How do I enable the anti-tracking feature?

    To enable the anti-tracking feature, go to the settings menu in Maxthon, navigate to the Features page, and toggle the anti-tracking option on.

  • Does anti-tracking affect website performance?

    No, anti-tracking is designed to work without affecting the performance of the websites you visit.

  • Can I see which trackers are being blocked?

    Yes, you can see the list of blocked trackers in the anti-tracking settings within the Maxthon browser.

  • Is the anti-tracking feature free to use?

    Yes, the anti-tracking feature is completely free to use on both mobile and desktop versions of Maxthon.

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