Partner with Maxthon
In order to leverage Maxthon’s cutting edge technology, improving the competitiveness of partners, we are providing browse design/development services to all partners around the world.
Show Case
E-commerce Browser
The amazing browser specifically used in e-commerce for managing shops
Jinher browser
Specifically used for office, it has good compatibility and easy operation
A simple and easy-to-use software used for the work plan and task management
Kid-Safe Browser
Specifically for children used in Android
Web Accelerator Browser
Specifically used for the international company
Bitelf Browser
The mining browser based on blockchain technology
Loongson Browser
Based on the MISP framework, used for the Linux system
Browser for Police
Specific for the internal profession of the Public Security Bureau
Why Choose Us
Web browser technical expert
Focus on developing web browser over 15 years.
XP/NP/double core/extension/plug-in
Support all systems
Experienced in web browser
Provide the effective and efficient solution according to your requests.
Professional test team
Free Consultation & Project Design
Fast and Specialist
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