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  • WWDC is Coming With iOS11

    WWDC is Coming With iOS11

    On Feb. 16, Apple announced the time for its WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2017, which will be held in San Jose, California from Jun 5 to 9. As usual, Apple will preview its next-generation mobile operating system at WWDC 2017. Given the latest version now is iOS10, the upcoming one will be the 11th […]

  • Never Offline? How Apple Is Invading Our Bodies

    Never Offline? How Apple Is Invading Our Bodies

    Interesting thought piece about Apple’s latest devices from Time.com The Silicon Valley giant has redrawn the line that separates our technology and ourselves. That may not be a good thing Never Offline The Apple Watch is very personal—“personal” and “intimate” were words that Apple CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues used over and over again […]

  • Happy 158th Birthday to Nikola Tesla!

    Happy 158th Birthday to Nikola Tesla!

    SOURCE Happy 158th, Nikola Tesla! Strange Facts About the Inventor Nikola Tesla may be known today as one of history’s greatest inventors, but the intrepid scientist’s eccentricities have become as legendary as his trailblazing discoveries in the field of electricity. Tomorrow (July 10) marks the 158th anniversary of Tesla’s birth, and to celebrate the occasion, […]

  • Steve Jobs: In Memoriam

    Steve Jobs: In Memoriam

                        With the passing of Steve Jobs, we want to share our thoughts about this dynamic leader. His drive to combine technology and beauty, through the power of consumer electronics, is something we also share. As an entrepreneur and champion of great products, he leaves a […]