Maxthon for Android Changelog

MX5 v5.0.5.3035

What's new:
Adaptable for Android Pad
Start-up speed optimized
Support sharing to Maxnote
Optimized Maxnote & news feed user experience
Enhanced stability, bug fixed

Android MX5 v5.0.4.3021

New functions added:


Optimization in this version: for Android


1、Fix Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability

2、Repair the slow response problem in some case.

3、bug fix for Android


1、Fix black screen and crash on poor performance devices( which use older hardware)

2、Repair custom add speed dial crash

3、Open ADblock crash fixes on some devices for Android

1. Add AdBlock Plus.
2. Bug fix:
- Fixes an issue smart tips intelligent input method caused. for Android

1. The browser start time has been significantly improved. Now the browser will launch 2.5 seconds faster.
2. New added pre-fetching technology will allow pages to load much faster even on the slow connection.
3. Bug fix:
- Most visited page can now be added to Quick Access
- The issue of a white screen on the first browser start has been resolved. for Android

*Improved Settings design
*NewsBites Favorites added
*Bug fix for Android

*Manual control of geolocation requests from a webpage
*Media Library update
*Bug fix
*Improved application performance for Android

New Features
*Screenshot included for sharing to WeChat.
*Fixed bugs about sharing to WeChat.
*Fixed crashes and improved stability.
*Other detail problems sloved. for Android

New Features
*Support hot websites under the address bar.
*NewsBites can be shared to Wechat.
*Fixed black screen when start.
*Fixed crash during playing video. for Android

* Fixed some bugs of downloading.
* Removed the residual cursor after exit the browser. for Android

* Improved Copy/Paste's compatibiliity.
* Fixed address bar's intelligent matching bug.
* Fixed the file is incomplete after downloaded. for Android

- Fixed Night Mode's issue in RSS
- Fixed Night Mode crash on particular Android devices
- Improve compatibility with KitKat for Android

New Features
- Supported sharing pages to WeChat
- Updated Copy/Paste feature
- Optimized sharing experience
- Fixed Gesture's failure after reboot
- Other bugs fixes for Android

New Features
- Added search suggestions in the address bar.
- Support for the Immersive Mode on KitKat
- Restored Full Screen button in the main menu.
- Performance optimization
- Bugs fix
- Improved stability for Android

New Features
- Added more websites for you to choose from and add to your Quick Access. Just click the + button to view the websites we handpicked for you. (NOTE: We are hard at work adding even more websites!)
- Improved experience for Full Screen Mode. 
- The website icon will now be displayed for the websites you add as shortcuts to your desktop. 
- Fixed the issue of request denial when accessing a webpage with an IP address. 
- Improved synchronization of Favorites. for Android

* Fixed text display issues in some languages.
* Improved the effect of Quick Access icon's carousel.
* Fixed the issue of cursor absence in address bar. for Android

New Features
* Scan any QR code by clicking on a button in the address bar
* Back up your Quick Access and NewsBites to secure your favorite websites during updates
* Fixed the problem of your history page being displayed each time your browser is launched
* Fixed the screen flicker during file downloads
* Eliminated multiple causes of browser crashes for Android

New Features
-Search in page and save pages easily, with new options in the long-tap menu.
-Access Google Play Store from the browser or opt to invoke Google Play app. 
-Faster speed and better performance. for Android

- Fixed Quick Access icons display issues.
- Fixed bugs occurred in UA settings. 
- Fixed the upload issues for web forms .
- Fixed the media files' disappearance after download. for Android

-Fixed the Copy/Paste issue on some devices
-Fixed attachments uploading problem on some websites
-Moved the 'Lock Toolbar' item into the main menu from Settings
-Fixed crash in fullscreen mode on KitKat
-Increased the compatibility for KitKat
-Other crash problems and bugs resolved for Android


New Feature

- NewsBites images can now be viewed via Gallery, which allows you to save time and bandwidth needed to open the same image again.
- GIF images now supported in NewsBites 
- Improved speed of image download in NewsBites for Android

New Feature

- NewsBites Now: With this new feature you will never miss the most important local and global news. The NewsBites Now notification will appear every time new content is available and your content has been updated.
- Image display: Images will now be displayed in a NewsBites article even in the offline mode. 
- Improved compatibility: Now you can also enjoy Maxthon browser on your non-touch Android device. for Android


New Feature
- History timeline:  With this new feature you can easily navigate through your search history and pages you've visited. History 
timeline groups pages you've visited together, saving you from searching through your entire browsing history.
- Quick Access now loads faster than ever.
- Improved NewsBites design provides the best reading experience on mobile.
- New way of compressing the data helps content load faster. 
- Super Gesture bug fixed. for Android


New Feature

-New full screen mode hides notification bar.
-Adding a helpful beauty circle in the full screen mode.
-Fixed copy/paste bug on some devices.
-Avoid tools bar's disappearance on some devices.
-Fixed the download failed bug.
-Fixed night mode's invalidation on some devices. for Android


New Feature

+Sliding browser window on tablet.
+Adding NewBites into 7 inch tablet version.
*Updating Quick Access page's UI. (Using large icons)
*Updating the news list page's UI of NewBites.
*Fixed some bugs of NewBites and crash.

Maxthon for Android

New Feature

+New UI style
+Sliding browser window
+NewsBites auto-update on WiFi. Offline reading mode

*NewsBites interface improvements
*Improved Night Mode, fixed *screen too bright* issue for certain phones
*Fixed some bugs of NewsBites
*Fixed some known crash bugs


Maxthon for Android

New Feature

*Fixed crash problem when loading certain websites
*Improved Night Mode, fixed *screen too bright* issue for certain phones
*Fixed loading incorrect page contents issue
*Other bug fixes and improvements


Maxthon for Android

New Feature
+Search keywords stay in address bar after performing a search
+Text auto-wrap in Android 4.0 and above
+Phone Contacts supported in Cloud Push

*Removed WWW/WAP mode switch, improved No-Image mode
*Fixed issue when entering Setting and browser was forced to restart
*Fixed YouTube layout issue  


Maxthon for Android

New Feature
+Cloud Push in Download Manager
+Cloud Push via Lan Transfer

*Favorites button added to Tool Bar
*Cloud and SNS services moved to left of address bar
*Other optimizations and bug fixes 


Maxthon for Android

New Feature

+Automatic UI adjustment for tablets with screens larger than 7 inch
+Support links invoking native app (i.e., thunder://, ek2://, etc)

*Fixed copy-paste problem on certain devices
*Fixed addressbar-shaking problem on certain devices
*Fixed browser-frozen problem during Cloud Push
*Fixed screen flickering problem 
*Increased stability, fixed crash-related bugs

Maxthon for Android

New Feature
+Notification sound when Cloud Push is successful
+Supports access to phone address book in Cloud Push (Android 4.0 and above)

*Fixed white screen problem during video playback
*Fixed Gallery and Media Player unable to recognize new image or music files
*Fixed unable to select text problem in Android 4.1 and 4.2
*Fixed crash issue when logging into certain websites
*Fixed search and other issues for Twitter in Android 4.1
*Fixed Night Mode problem for certain site
*Fixed Youku playback problem 


Maxthon for Android

New Feature
+Cloud Push through email and SMS
+Optimized for 7-inch tablet, especially Nexus 7

*Fixed video play back issues
*Fixed swift key input issues
*Other bug fixes and improvements

Maxthon for Android

*Fixed Quick Back issue
*Various bug fixes (including crash bug when doing search in Yandex)
*Fixed UI issues (incorrect images/icons, etc)
*Fixed decoding issues when saving a file
*Fixed not being able to delete login history issue
*Other bug fixes and improvements


Maxthon for Android

*Fixed a number of crash relates problems


Maxthon for Android

New Features
+Maxthon Cloud Browser simultaneously launches on PC, Mac, Android and iOS 
+Cloud Push - push weblinks/images/text to other devices
+Cloud Tabs - view opened tabs from other devices
+Cloud Download - access your downloads from any device
+Brand new UI, consistent across different platforms
+Full screen mode & fan-like menu


Maxthon Mobile for Phone Click to Download

*Fixed flash unable-to-play problem in Android 4.1
*Improved 'select-text' feature on certain versions of Android
*Bug fixes for App Center
*Fixed encoding issue for file name during download
*Improved data syncing
*Fixed certain settings-unable-to-remember issue in Android 2.1
*Added extra security to prevent user data loss from Android security loop-hole


Maxthon Mobile for Tablets 1.7

New Features
+Brand new Menu UI

*Fixed Android 4.1 related crash problems
*Added "Open links in current tabs"
*Fixed crash problem when opening too many tabs


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.7.2

New Features
+Brand new App Center
+Tap screen to go Page Up and Down in Reader Mode

*Save font size setting in Reader Mode
*Better download process 
(download initiated in background without interupting current page)


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.7.1

New Features
+Bookmark sorting by alphabet, date, frequency, etc
+Automatically import browser bookmarks when you sign in Passport
+Open links in current tabs

*Added .net and .org URL suggestions (in addition to .com)


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.7.0

New Features
+More websites supported in Reader mode
+Ability to go back to previous page when exiting Reader mode
+Download Manager support for custom Theme
+Upgrade notification for Themes
+Theme Center supports left and right swiping.

*Fixed custom Theme crash problem
*Fixed select-text crash problem
*Fixed unable to open menu problem in Android 4.0 and later version


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.6.9

New Features
+Reader mode - perfect for reading news & long articles

*Fixed display issues for WAP 1.0 sites
*Improved support for Android 4.1, fixed crash related problems
*Improve image-saving process (if images are already in memory, Maxthon does not download again)
*Other bug fixes and optimizations  



Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.6.8

New Features
+Brand new Theme center, support creating your own Themes
+Support opening new links in front of existing tabs

*Fixed picture download with empty name bug
*Fixed URL edit bug for certain ROMs
*Fixed search engine icon bug
*Fixed changing-avatar crash bug
*Other bug fixes and optimization 


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.6.7

New Features
+New add-on ON/OFF switch
+Dragon Boat Festival Theme

*Fixed crash-related problem when clearing cache
*Fixed abnormal behavior when triggering browser from 3rd party apps
*Keep Quick Access links after users login Passport


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.6.6

New Features
+Fetch mode (automatically load next page)
+Support opening links directly from App Center

*Fixed rtsp video playback problem
*Other fixes and improvements


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.6.5

New Features
+Hide bottom toolbar
+Brand new app icon

*Fixed WAP page display problems for certain HTC model
*Improved UI for favorite/bookmark button on the left of address bar
*Fixed crash problem from skin system
*Other fixes and improvements


Maxthon Mobile for 10" Tablet 1.6

New Features
+Private mode
+Pull-down button in full screen mode
+Multi-tab switch in full screen mode
+New feedback system

*Fixed white screen problem
*Brand new app icon
*Movable Quick Access icons
*Other bug fixes and improvements 


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.6.4

New Features
+Added text auto-wrap
+Improved UI for address bar
+Support landscape view in Account & Favorites Manager
+Improved Download Manager (display download speed)
+Brand new feedback system

*Fixed bugs related to image download
*Other improvements and bug fixes 


Maxthon Mobile for Phone2.6.2

*Improved app stability, and fixed a number of crash-related bugs


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.6.1

*Much improved start-up time
*Fixed tapping phone number unable to invoke phone dialer bug
*Fixed swf file playback bug
*Other improvements and bug fixes


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.6.0

New Features
+Maxthon App Center
+Brand new design of Quick Access page.

*Improved user experience and fixed bug for Menu
*Improved support for URLs with symbols and codes


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.5.1

New Features
+Long-tap to open favorites in the background in Favorites Manager
+Ability to set Maxthon as the default browser

*Bigger and better address bar pull-down button in full screen mode
*Other bug fixes and improvements


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.5.0

New Features
+Improved product help messaging

*Improved experience in creating new tabs
*Fixed flash playback problem for Android 3.0


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.4.9

New Features
+Added soft button to invoke address bar in full screen mode

*Added screen rotation option in Menu 
*Fixed bug of keyboard blocking text box (i.e., when leaving a comment in FB)
*Moved "Download Manager" to the front of the Menu


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.4.8

New Features
+Added 'Page End' button to reach the end of a page by one-click
+Added 'Clear all' button to clear all personal data (browser cookies, history, cache, etc)
+Included webpage title when sharing a webpage

*Removed duplicate browser options/settings
*Optimized source code, condensed APK size


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.4.7

New Features
+Added category labels to enhance Main Menu options discoverability
+Added floating Stop button in full screen mode

*Fixed Screenshot Assistant crash problem under Android 4.0 


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.4.6

New Features
+Added using volume key (+/-) to scroll webpage

*Improved user experience in Day/Night mode switch
*Improved video playback experience in Android 4.0
*Fixed full-screen crash bug in Android 4.0
*Fixed Screenshot Assistant add-on crash bug
*Added ability to add a favorite under Favorites Manager
*Improved download path setting


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.4.5

*Fixed pinch-to-zoom bugs in certain devices

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.4.4

New Features
+Added add-on update notification

*Support updating avatar with files from Photo Gallery
*Fixed Android 1.6 related crash bugs
*Fixed copy-text bugs in Android 1.6 and Android 2.1
*Improved Quick Back performance and stability
*Other bug fixes and improvements


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.4.3

New Features
+Added brightness adjustment in Night mode

*Improved text selection user experience 
*Added underlines in homepage category names 
*Fixed pages unable to render properly under WAP mode

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.4.1

*Fixed the bug of unable to display floating buttons in Quick Access full screen
*Fixed the bug of showing contextual menu when long-tapping Quick Scroll arrows
*Fixed file name decoding issue when downloading from XDA

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.4.0

New Featuress
+New Christmas theme

*Fixed corrupted file when downloading from forums
*Fixed file name encoding issues when downloading from a source
*Other bug fixes and improvements 


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3.9

New Features
+New tab button in full-screen mode
+Show & hide underline for web links (in Options->Page display)
+New "Coffee Shop Theme"
+Unicode support

*Language decode issue when performing a Yandex search in address bar
*Other fixes and improvements

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3.8

New Features
+Added 'Create New Quick Access' button in the far right of homepage Quick Access links

*Fixed bug in 'gesture without yellow trail' option
*Fixed URL editing problem for certain ROMs

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3.7

New Features:
+Added multi-window feature under Full Screen mode
+Added Quick Page feature

*Other bug fixes and improvements

Maxthon Mobile for 10'' Tablet 1.5

New Features:
+Brand new and much improved UI
+Added option to disable yellow gesture trail

*Fixed compatibility problems for certain tablets
*Fixed white screen bug when switching to another tab
*Improved menu structure


Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3.6

New Features:
+Preview images for Quick Access links
+8 new feature shortcuts/buttons in main menu to enhance usability
+Option to hide yellow trail when using gesture
+Long-tapping Quick Access links to re-arrange positions
+Ability to swipe homepage Quick Access links to display more
+New black theme

*Fixed web pages closed when app running in the background.
*Opening homepage links within the current tab
*Other bug fixes and improvements

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3.5

New Features:
+Added Night-Mode, perfect for browsing the web at night
+Added “Maxthon Mobile” at the end of the message when sharing

*Fixed certain FC bugs when writing in the address bar
*Removed arrow pointers in menu; made scrolling more smooth
*Improved display of BBEP messaging

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3.4

+Added user tips when opening main menu for the first time
+Added user tips when opening Favorite Manager for the first time
*Improved product messaging for Quick Back
*Other fixes and improvements

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3.3

+ New user interaction in Menu (slide to go to next page)
+ The ability to change a file name in Download Manager
+ Previously-opened pages when app exits unintentionally (or crash)
+ More search engine options (adding Yahoo, Amazon, Wiki, eBay).  
- Other bugs and improvements...

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3.2

New Features:
+New UI for address bar and tab
+Search engine option on the left side of the address bar.
+Added 'Download' or 'Play' option when clicking a multi-media file.
+Notification when there is an add-on update.
+When there is new add-on update, long tapping the add-on will trigger the Update function.

*New default file name when saving a file.
*Fixed the bug that cursor can't move in the address bar (for certain device models).
*Other bug fixes and improvements.

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3.1

New Feature:
+Brand new homepage design.

* Fixed the bug where users can only play, but not download multi-media files.
* Fixed the bug of browser crashing when opening certain images.

Maxthon Mobile for 10'' Tablet 1.4

New Features:
+Supports RSS Reader add-on
+Supports about protocol

*Fixed crash bug when setting Speed Dial page as home page
*Fixed default search engine set to bug

*Other improvements

Maxthon Mobile for Phone 2.3

New Features:
+New always-full-brightness option, avoid screen auto-adjusting when watching long video.
+New full screen button in Menu.
+Browse in private mode.

*New re-arrangement of Options.

*Fixed tapping ‘a’ key selecting the whole address bar bug.
*Fixed default search engine set to bug.
*Fixed cache problem that caused certain page not displaying the newest contents.