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Designed for Web3,with built-in Notes, Password Manager and AI
Laptop frame for video display
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, suitable chromium based browser
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Have the power to control your own online privacy
Privacy focused private browser

Have the power to control your own online privacy

Anti-IP tracking | Ad-blocking | Free VPN

Maxthon delivers secure browsing with essential privacy features. It integrates anti-IP address tracking, ad-blocking, and a free VPN for secure browsing. Its privacy browsing and incognito mode offer additional layers of protection, while anti-phishing guards against online threats, ensuring a commitment to robust online security.

Consistent browsing experience across different devices
Cross-device synchronisation

Consistent browsing experience across different devices

Convenient access on different devices for different accounts.

Experience seamless cross-platform synchronization with a versatile chromium-based browser, suitable for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Effortless cross-platform sync ensures your browsing stays consistent across all devices, providing convenient access to your accounts wherever you go.

Streamlined Browsing with Innovative Features
Browsing Easily

Streamlined Browsing with Innovative Features

Tab searching | Reading mode | Mouse Gesture

Maxthon boosts browsing with easy tab management, multitasking split-screen, and focused reading mode. Accessibility is enriched with read-aloud, and navigation is swift with mouse gestures. Pinning the window retains key info at a glance.



  • What is Maxthon Browser?

    Maxthon Browser is a versatile web browser known for its speed, security features, and rich functionality, including cloud-based services, ad blocking, and multi-device synchronization.

  • How do I install Maxthon Browser on my computer?

    To install Maxthon Browser, visit the official website, download the latest version suitable for your operating system, and follow the installation guide provided on the download page.

  • What makes Maxthon different from other web browsers?

    Maxthon stands out due to its unique features such as Maxnote for note-taking, split-screen mode for multitasking, resource sniffer for downloading media, and extensive privacy protection tools.

  • Is Maxthon Browser safe to use?

    Yes, Maxthon Browser is safe to use. It includes various security measures like encrypted data protection, ad and tracker blockers, and regular updates to safeguard against the latest online threats.

  • How does Maxthon protect my privacy?

    Maxthon provides robust privacy protection through features like Incognito Mode, which does not save your browsing history, and built-in tools to prevent tracking and safeguard your personal information.

  • How can I customize Maxthon Browser to fit my needs?

    Maxthon Browser offers various customization options, from changing the browser's skin to installing extensions and modifying default settings to enhance your browsing experience.

  • How can I get support if I encounter issues with Maxthon Browser?

    For support with Maxthon Browser, you can visit our official support page, join our community forum, or contact our customer service team directly through the contact information listed on our website.

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