MX5 changelog

+ Added the button to manage the video autoplay
+ Added the new entry for the translation extension
- Improved the issue for page screenshot of PDF file
- Default to disable the browser security protection
- Improved the side bar on-off option
- Fixed the 502 error for some webpages
- Fixed the issue that the account auto logout from some websites under some situations
- Fixed the issue that the tab display abnormally when switching tabs with loading the developer page

Fixed the issue that the print function could not run properly
Fixed the issue that pop-up window freeze
Fixed the RSS Reader issue
Fixed the compatibility issue for Windows XP system
Fixed the screen capture issue of developer tools
Fixed the issue that some images could not load properly
Fixed the issue that some social websites could not send messages
Fixed issue that the cookies could not go into effect in time
Fixed the issue that some websites could not play the video properly
Fixed the issue that the word lacks one pixel in some situation
Fixed the issue that some webpages could not switch the core to retro mode
Fixed the issue that the login box could not pop up when using the HTTP proxy

- Improved the translation function
- Fixed the issue that browser occupied the focus especially when playing the game
- Fixed the crash issue when updating site icon
- Fixed the issue that the page reported errors when using the translation function
- Fixed the issue that the login box could not be closed when entering the wrong password with the proxy customization

Update the browser kernel to Chromium 69

Fixed the UI issue of download manager
Fixed the retrieval issue of Passkeeper
Fixed the issue of the third party cookie option
Fixed the freeze issue when clicking site update with the state of no networking
Fixed the issue of “Load mx_core.dll failed” in Windows XP SP3 system
Fixed the issue that the translation result could not adapt to the target language
Fixed the issue that the file larger than 4GB could not be downloaded properly with ReFS format

Fixed crash issue.

Improved the word-translation function.

Improved the function of updating site icon and the logic of progress bar.

Fixed the issue of getting title for downloaded YouTube video.

+ Added the translation function with selected words
+ Added the function for checking websites in favorites
- Improved the checking logic for the default browser prompt at launch
- Fixed the bug that the untitled favorites entries could not be imported
- Fixed the bug that the UA button not displaying properly
- Fixed the bug that the file name displayed as messy code when downloading files and choosing “save as” 
- Fixed the bug that the status bar not displaying properly when minimizing the browser
- Fixed the bug that some shortcut key not working properly in retro mode
- Fixed the bug that the web page was frozen when clicking “save as PDF” in retro mode

+ Added the function of saving webpage as PDF
+ Improved the UI of the toolbar
- Fixed the issue that the download path could not be deleted
- Fixed the issue that the large attachment could not be downloaded from NetEase email
- Fixed the issue that the amount of tab list could not be updated properly after duplicating and deleting the tab
- Fixed issue that the icon of snap tool could not be zoomed in with the 4K screen
- Fixed the issue that the browser has parameter error when downloading files from Baidu Netdisk at the first time

+ Updated the language files of international version
- Tab disappeared after opening split screen
- The Russian URL wrongly displayed on address bar
- The address bar searched the URL “” as a word
- The download manager exited automatically when downloading files
- The browser couldn’t open the URL or file directly after closing abnormally
- The browser closed accidentally after dragging URL on the Twitter page
- The Spell Check couldn’t work instantly after switching languages
- Couldn’t open the webpage by right-clicking on URL after searching by Google in retro mode
- The extensions couldn’t move with the window after switching to night mode and restoring the window

+ Improved download manager
+ Press “Esc”to close “Add to Maxnote”
+ Updated the default data of smart address bar
- Fixed crash issue under retro mode in some situations
- Fixed the issue of failing to hide sidebar
- Fixed the script execution issue when entering #+js script on address bar
- Fixed the UI issue of international version
- Fixed the issue of original size button failed to restore the page size at once time

+ Added the recommending function of hot extensions
+ Added the browser checking and fixing function
+ IE downloader is available in download manager
- Fixed the crash issue when launching the browser
- Fixed the auto-fill abnormality issue on some websites
- Fixed the issue that the favorites menu icon displayed improperly after dragging it
- Fixed the issue that the shortcut could not display properly on taskbar
- Fixed the issue that the WPS2019 official website could not display the translation bar properly

+ Added Quick Access sync button
+ Added “save page as” button in the main menu
+ Updated language of the international version  
- Improved the flash downloading issue
- Improved the response logic of hot extensions 
- Fixed the issue that it couldn’t access Evernote
- Fixed crashes
- Fixed the issue that magic fill couldn’t run properly on several websites
- Fixed the issue that it couldn’t print the website URL when printing the webpage
- Fixed the Russian UI issue

- Some websites run the Magic Fill improperly
- The Violentmonkey cannot display the amount of updated script
- The close button UI error under the specific situation
- The browser window displays abnormally when setting the system DPI as some specific numeric
- The webpage zoomed in when using “Snap Region”

- Optimized the zoom experience of the browser window
- Optimized the mouseover experience of the toolbar
- Optimized the display of blocked ads number on Adblock Plus
- Fixed the bug that Magic Fill failed to work on several websites
- Fixed the bug that the file hasn’t suffix when downloading file via Resource Sniffer 
- Fixed the bug that the text overlap when the text goes beyond the translation box 
- Fixed the bug that it couldn’t save the status of the settings of search box hot words after restarting the browser

- Optimized the displayed style of translation dialog box
- Fixed the issue that crash in the rare case
- Fixed the issue that the text could not be selected in translation dialog box
- Fixed the issue that the international version displayed Chinese words “image failed to load”

+ Optimize the functional experience of translation extension
- Fixes the issue of compatible with AdvOR
- Fixes the issue that the plugin download error
- Fixes the issue that the new tab page cannot back to the previous page
- Fixes the account issue under proxy and several websites
- Fixes the shortcuts abnormal issue under specific situations
- Fixes the issue that favorites bar displays abnormally after switching to icon mode
- Restart browser cannot remain the state of disabling search box hot words
- Fixes the issue that it downloads messy code of file name from OA system
- Fixes the issue that it freezes when switching the system theme
- Fixes the issue that the Facebook freezes when switching to several languages

+ Added Maxthon translation v2.0
+ Available *.mx5skin skin file
+ Updated several languages
- Optimized the experience of UI 
- Cannot load Facebook game properly
- Cannot download Excel file under OA system
- Cannot upload attachment to NetEase email 6.0
- Cannot display the last modified time of picture
- Some websites cannot use shortcuts in retro mode
- Cannot close the page properly after installing Flash

+ Updated the UI of Resource Sniffer
+ Can turn on/off the pre-rendering function
- Fixed the bug that it failed to load control and attachment in the intranet
- Fixed the bug that several websites failed to enable read mode
- Fixed the bug that desktop shortcut would go wrong in some specific cases
- Fixed the bug that split screen failed to load caused by the flash installation note
- Fixed the bug that the site of flash note displayed abnormally when opening favorites in bulk

+ Optimized efficiency of opening favorites menu
+ Optimized the reminder and installation procedure of Flash plugin in the Browser
+ Added pre-rendering of search result page and accelerated the opening of pages
- Fixed the bug of incompatible with Sophos
- Fixed the bug that the Offline option in developer tools didn’t work
- Fixed the bug that it would display Unsafe when users visited YouTube
- Fixed the bug that night mode was not off timely after closing or canceling it
- Fixed the bug that the warm and cool colors in night mode would display abnormally after adjusting brightness and changing color
- Fixed the bug that the original locked label lost when users opened the Browser through other links
- Fixed the bug that the search didn’t synchronize with the new label page after users changed search engine in search box
- Fixed the bug that right-click to foldout cause crash in split screen 
- Fixed the bug that fail to load email and attachment in the internal network OA
- Fixed the bug that customized print settings cannot be saved after restarting browser
- Hidden the button of hot word settings under search box in the International version

+ added the notification of login exception

+ added the adjustment of FontSize in browser

+ added the adjustment of warm and cool colors in night mode

+ added the setting of repair launcher icons or not

+ added the specific number of all options after right-click on Favorites

- fixed the bug that URL icon in Favorites had synchronous exception

- fixed the bug that it displayed error when users used photo viewer to open screenshot taken by browser

- fixed the bug that icon couldn't refresh when users opened website in new label page

- fixed the bug that there's code in headline when users used Maxthon Note to export documents

- fixed the bug that it would display white box when users maximized the browser in night mode

- fixed the bug that mouse gestures including up-right and down-right didn't work when mouse focused on input box

- fixed the bug that users may open context menu again after opening the context menu of folder in Maxthon Note

- fixed the bug that the new note couldn't be saved if the name of the new folder was led by letter O in Maxthon Note

+ Added quick portal for last unclosed page(s) to revoke menu
+ Added hotwords displays/shutdown option after search box drop-down
+ Add the option of checking if it is default browser at startup
- Fixed the problem that there's no default option in translation setting
- Fixed the bug that page didn't work when user opened RSS subscription of QQ news
- Fixed the bug that Return button didn't work when user opened local pictures
- Fixed the bug that particular page couldn't display when user opened mx://error
- Fixed the bug that Low Version displayed when user opened google web page in the new tab page
- Fixed the bug that browser screenshot couldn't be pasted to OE Classic client

- Fixed the issue of the installation directory displayed abnormally under special cases

- Fixed the issue of download file from oa system is incomplete

- Fixed the issue of it displayed abnormally when opened local html file under special cases

- Fixed the issue of failure to import MX4 favorites

- Fixed the issue of browser occasionally displayed abnormally when user started under XP system 

- Fixed the issue of it displayed abnormally when using mouse gestures back to new tabs

- Fixed the issue of the image viewer prompted Chinese in English environment

- Fixed the issue of the print preview page could not fully display the local image

- Fixed the issue of it prompted an invalid certificate when user opened an individual website under XP system

- Fixed an issue that it displayed abnormally when user clicked on link to download Quick app under XP and win7 system

+ Optimize browser startup speed

+ Optimized the stability of browsers

+ Optimized the problem of flash version compatibility

+ Optimized browser's last open page order problem

+ Replace web default font of Chinese version

+ Add new Pdf and picture formats notes export

+ Add a function to save the page as a picture to right-click menu

- Fixed the issue when opening local html files is occasionally anomalous

- Fixed the stuck issue when switching between some pages

- Fixed incorrect display of text on some pages

- Fixed the problem that double-clicking the top tab cannot close the tab when the window is maximized

- Fixed the problem when downloading QQ software in compatibility mode

-Added "Not Remind" option on browser's trending news 

-Fixed the issue of shortcut keys can't be pasted in Microsoft Office software

-Fixed the issue of browser and system backspace key conflicts

-Fixed the issue of House of fun displayed abnormally in Facebook

-Fixed the issue of customized websites not effective in Favorites
-Fixed the issue of it displayed abnormally when dragging the video suspension window progress bar

+ Added overall UI detail and interactive optimization, better experience on visual sense and operations

+ Added switching account experience optimization and reserve current opened tabs feature

+ Added address bar loading page optimization, super speed for visit

-Fixed the issue of Auto Refresh time not effective when right-click on tabs 

-Fixed the issue of URL Shortcut key websites can't be deleted in URL alias

-Optimized the issue of name displayed abnormally when downloading Russian name file in Gmail

-The new tab can scroll up and down with the page when dragging icons
-Updated 14 minority language
-Fixed the issue of can't continuous closing pages on tab bar's drop-down list
-Fixed the issue of start abnormal after upgrade under special cases 
-Fixed the issue of folder display on new tab
-Fixed the issue of the displayed abnormally when manually entered the URL
-Fixed the issue of clicking F12-network clear caused browser abnormal
-Fixed the issue of using extension abnormally on Sina Weibo

This update fixed the following issues:
* Fixed the issue of browser crashed when synchronizing data on Maxnote 
* Fixed the issue of URL on address bar displayed error under special cases
* Fixed the issue of page displayed blank under special cases
* Fixed the issue of shows browser not supported on certain websites

- The link in Maxnote can be opened by Ctrl+left click
- Fixed the issue of new tab shows blank under special cases
- Fixed the issue of the password generator not effective promptly after changing the password rules
- Fixed the issue of the scroll is invalid under special cases
- Fixed the issue of special character in certain features displayed abnormally
- Fixed the issue of search engine list shows empty under special cases
- Fixed the issue of Developer tools mobile device mode is abnormal under special cases

+Optimized on tab operation experience 
*Fixed the issue of the note content displayed incompletely in Maxnote main interface under split screen mode 
*Fixed the issue of can't copy text content on address bar under special cases
*Fixed the issue of new tab shows blank under special cases
*Fixed the issue of certificate error pops up when opened certain websites
*Fixed the issue of videos can't be played normally on certain websites

-Upgraded browser's core to Chromium 61
-Log in notification pop-up after adding a number of favorites under guest mode
-Upgrade sidebar's HAHA extension
-Optimized browser's reminder system and interface 
-Upgrade UI on Maxnote's management page
This update fixed the following issues:
-Fixed the issue of log in status displayed error in new tab under special cases
-Fixed the issue of new tab displayed blank under special cases
-Fixed the issue of URL in address bar can't be copied normally under special cases
-Fixed the issue of Ctrl+mouse scroll is invalid on maximize/minimize web pages under special cases
-Fixed the issue of Maxnote will continue to synchronize and shows no error notification when Maxthon Account is offline
-Fixed the issue of modifying the folder name on Maxnote will not sync on left directory
-Fixed the issue of imported Maxnote to favorite folder will be set as favorite automatically 
-Fixed the issue of password generator requires user to refresh the web page to be effective after changing the password rules 
-Fixed the issue of feature area displayed incompletely on IQIYI’s pops up window

This update fixed the following issues:
-Fixed the issue of a new tab in task bar will pop up after using full screen feature on picture viewer
-Fixed the issue of there are no responses on video float bar feature under special cases
-Fixed the issue of there are no responses after changing and save the article width in read mode under special cases
-Fixed the issue of the favorites became disordered after importing html under special cases
-Fixed the issue of the Chinese section is not transcoding after copy and paste the URL

This update fixed the following issues:
-Added popular words recommendation on search box
-Improved the data importing feature experience when upgrading MX4 to MX5
-Optimized the experience on Maxnote
-Fixed the issue of there's no text reminder when the mouse is suspended on sidebar's favorite and note button
-Fixed the issue of sidebar did not display after installation or upgraded browser
-Fixed the issue of there's no responses when entering read mode
-Fixed the issue of there's no responses on all types filter feature on Maxnote main interface
-Fixed the issue of Maxnote main interface's folder directory display different
-Fixed the issue of uninstall programs still show the the old version number and name after upgrading the browser
-Fixed the issue of can't auto-fill account info on Adobe website
-Fixed the issue of the content does not highlighted after searching on Maxnote
-Fixed the issue of right-click and edit directory folder on Maxnote's folder, it still displayed the old title
-Fixed the issue of identify location in folder's detail is wrong after searching in folder 
-Fixed the issue of there's no note title after creating a new note under special cases

This update optimized the following features:
*Made an adjustment on main interface UI
*Added features guidance on Maxnote's background、sidebar note and individual pop-up
*Enhanced browser's stability
*Optimized the drag and drop tabs to be a new window experience
This update fixed the following issues:
-Fixed the issue of Maxnote main interface scroll bar can't drag under split screen mode
-Fixed the issue of title on tab bar disappeared after switching the skin on new created tab bar
-Fixed the issue of restore the maximized Maxnote pop-up window under the memo mode, the notes content will display incomplete and shows no scroll bar
-Fixed the issue of Ctrl+G can't arouse pop up window in a fixed side window under special cases
-Fixed the issue of My Favorites data on tool bar's favorites abnormally displayed after registering a new account 
-Fixed the issue of the new created note can't be dragged to folder
-Fixed the issue of no window opens when clicking on a single note on Favorites note
-Fixed the issue of can't view rules content after adding adblock plus rules
-Fixed the issue of Bilibili's auto-fill password will be empty after changing the password in Passkeeper
-Fixed the issue of can't use right click menu when disabled mouse gesture under retro mode
-Fixed the issue of websites can't load content after installing Violent Monkey's yawf script 
-Fixed the issue of the preview pages all displayed the first page when using Ctrl+P to enter print preview under reading mode
-Fixed the issue of can't play the video on netflix
-Fixed the issue of hide the third party extensions under portable version and close the browser first, then restart again, the hidden third party extensions will appear again

This update optimized the following features:
* Made an adjustment on main interface UI
*Optimized logout on guest mode
*Supported customize drag and drop sorting in note sidebar and pop-up window
*Disabled Resource Sniffer in built-in page
*Enabled folder open on sidebar & individual pop-up search results
*No longer display tool bar on sidebar note 
*Favorites on sidebar records last visited file
This update fixed the following issues:
-Fixed the issue of webpage displayed error under special cases when Maxnote recently added empty records 
-Fixed the issue of synchronization failed between devices when adding favorites under special cases
-Fixed the issue of automatically select float content when adding something to favorites
-Fixed the issue of the new note can not be selected and can not be edited under special cases
-Fixed the issue of the default browser setting pop-up window displayed abnormal when opening browser under special cases
-Fixed the issue of two options on selected status in menu under special cases
-Fixed the issue of uninstall programs still show the the old version number and name after upgrading the browser
-Fixed the issue of after emptied note's title and click to synchronize, it doesn't switch to default title under special cases
-Fixed the issue of new tab always need to reload and refresh when creating a new tab
-Fixed the issue of failed to delete folder in guest mode under special cases
-Fixed the issue of no response when creating a note under special cases
-Fixed the issue of can not disable SMS verification under special cases
-Fixed the issue of no response when click on Add to Quick Access for the first time 
-Fixed the issue of side window focus can’t hide when moving out of browser
-Fixed the issue of the new tab is in ultra mode after copied a retro mode tab
-Fixed the issue of the data of personal space shows in progress bar is incorrect for VIP users
-Fixed the issue of create a new note under note window, the title is not synchronized successfully after the synchronization being finished
-Fixed the issue of login status is abnormal and the UI shows dislocation


Bug fixed:

+ Support sharing notes in Maxnote to friends
+ Support viewing pictures, videos, and many other format files on Maxthon browser
+ Optimization on importing function
+ Unify all context menu options for Maxnote
+ Enhanced stability
Saving the same URL for several times
Time and size displaying issue for FTP files
“Save” and ‘delete” button in Maxnote context
MHTM: file cannot show in reader mode
Flash video playing issue under XP system
File size counting issue under certain circumstance
Fail to set as default browser under Windows 10
Data importing pop-up banner not showing while users choose importing in background
No activation window when minimize icon to system tray
Settings dropdown list display partially under 150 DPI or higher
Tab bar displaying issue under specific theme and split mode
Always loading after refreshing the pop-up video
Playing issue on this site been fixed:
Moving tab disappeared sometimes under split mode
Tab lost under some multi-tab circumstance

【Problem fix and optimization】

- Added displays of personal information panel when right click on avatar
- Added a switch for Maxthon Nows mini-version in Settings

- Optimization on login registration features experience

- Improve browser usage stability

- Fixed QAs data loss under special occasions

- Fix Googles online document loading failure

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3039

* Added support for double-finger-scaling webpage feature

* Once copied a URL, you can choose to open the URL directly

* Added a share to Maxnote feature after select text content in other applications

* Added a notice for restoring the backup data in Passkeeper

* Fixed an issue where certain websites were not fully displayed in non-full-screen status

* Fixed the problem of abnormal access to a Russian website http://xn--80adxbwkcj6a4cc.xn--p1ai/

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3038

What's new:
Extension management function
Fixed some crashes on Android 4.0 
Fixed some crashes when entering multi-tab page

Features added:
+Browser core upgraded to chromium55
+Browser self-protect feature enhanced
+Support multi operation on Maxnote
+Support pop-up flash video in retro mode
Features optimized:
-Data importing from MX4 process optimized the first time login MX5
-Optimized tab switching efficiency
-UE when exit and close tabs
-Extension icon displaying
-EU for main menu function
Bug fixed:
Gmail attachment file name displaying error
Pop-up window position under high DPI
Occasionally blink on status bar
Search for Maxnote on sidebar
Quick app icon displaying issue under windows10
Crash when importing HTML file under XP system
Invalid link besides settings-spell check
Form saving failed through shortcut in Alibaba website

Optimization and bug fixed:
·MX upgrade program optimized
·Enhanced stability, less crashes
·Fixed a focus issue on address bar & search box on win7 system
·Updated 16 language files
·Bug fixed
Other issues:
·Fixed Burmese language displaying issue
·Fixed Turkish language displaying error
·IE data importing issue under some circumstances
·Page warning on this site:

Mac MX5.0.16.81 - beta

* Increased stability
* Bug fixed

Functions & Visual optimization:
Register/Sign in account will get 5G free Maxthon cloud storage (VIP users get more) 
Better support importing data from MX4 
Full language options for portable version 
Fixed registration with mobile number format error 
Optimized installing process 
Optimized sign in page 
Fixed the process residues 
Visual unification for Maxnote and Passkeeper
Bug fixed:
Maxnote _ error caused by moving several folders/notes together 
Favourite bar _ “Open all records” feature malfunctioning while operate on more folders 
Favourite bar _ mixed sequences of tabs when open all records in two folders 
Ad block _ filter rule doesn’t work under overall rule 
Retro mode _ browser freeze when open FTP 
URL display error when open site with new tab 
Smart address bar _ cannot show history searched links 
Visual issues caused by double clicking edges in windowed mode 
Occasional visual issue caused by activate new tab 
History _ interactive issue with calendar plug-in 
Pop-up message display error 
UI issue with resource sniffer 
Invalid when playing videos
Some other issues fixed:
Download failure for some sites 
Facebook voice note cannot play 
Facebook video cannot be downloaded as full clip 
Drag and drop malfunction sometimes 
Passkeeper translation issue

Mac MX5.0.16.80 - beta

Visual & Function optimization:
New tab _ visual and interaction optimized
New tab _ support customizing background picture
New tab _ support more customized website source
Maxnote _ data syncing performance optimized
Passkeeper _ visual optimized
Support auto intercepting pop-up window
Bug fixed:
Russian language _ several translation display issues
File download _ cannot correctly show the download process under HTTP chunked format
Some other bugs

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3030 – Beta

*Optimized UI eases web page viewing
*Optimized auto fill function
*Fixed the issue with log in through QR code
*Fixed the issue with pop-up message at bottom

Mac MX5.0.15.75 - beta

Functions added & optimized:
Optimized the overall UI
Reader mode function and UI optimized
Passkeeper function and UI optimized
Maxnote favorite and syncing function & UI optimized
Support middle click to close tab
Support full-screen video with Mac OS 10.10 version
New languages: Indonesia, Norwegian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
Page “About” added “volunteer translators”
Bug fixed:
Focus switching problem when opening a new tab
Placement problem with Title bar when opening and existing full screen under Mac OS 10.10
Netflix video playing issue
Sign in issue with site:
Closing issue after editing for this site:
Issue after uploading files to this site: 
Cannot open site:

Functions optimized:
▪Quicker start up speed
▪Occasional crashes fixed
▪Fixed some UI details
▪Support more languages
Bug fixed:
▪Maxnote in sidebar _ functions and interactive experience optimized
▪Some issue for extensions settings in tool bar-tools & add-ons
▪Display issues on toolbar and Maxnote after exiting browser and double-clicking installed extensions
▪Mouse gesture issues after dragging tabs
▪Snagit usage problem
▪Issues on site codebeautify
▪Web page display issue under high DPI 200%
▪Can drag HTML5 videos in full screen
▪UI issue for ABP extension
▪Clear cookie bookmarklet issue

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3028 – Beta

What's new in this version:
Optimized UI when browsing, new address bar and toolbar;
Optimized night mode, multi-tab management, history records, QA, etc;
Support downloading to external SD card;
Enhanced account system security;
Fixed the sync issue between Mac version.

Visual optimisation:
+ Support MX4 skin function
+ Unify the whole browser UI
+ Optimised high DPI UI on sidebar
+ Status bar tools_options for hide and display changed to menu-UI-status bar
Functions optimised:
+ Optimised sign in process the first-time login Maxthon5
+ Optimised page display when directed from an external link without login
+ Support choosing which user data to be imported
+ Support choosing folders when importing data to Maxnote
+ More management options for icons on toolbar and sidebar
+ Entry for Maxnote on sidebar
+ Smart address can detect favourited sites
+ Support general identity
+ Optimized settings-tools & addons
+ Optimized settings-privacy & content
+ Optimized “send to” options when right click tab
+ Optimised resource sniffer function for YouTube
Bug fixed:
-      Proxy setting problem on login page
-      Passkeeper_” sync” button unusable without enabling Magic Fill
-      Passkeeper_optimized data fault-tolerant processing, ensure user data integrity
-      Passkeeper_help centre English copy revised
-      Maxnote_support tab key to indent when editing the main body
-      Focus lost after switching window in win10 system
-      Have to right click multiple times to display options on video with mouse gesture disabled
-      Display issue for LinkedIn
-      Cannot open this site:
-      YouTube display issue under full screen, retro mode
-      Video buttons location issue under DPI 200%
-      Some crashes

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3024 – Beta

* Bug fixed

Mac - beta

New functions:
* Brand new visual design and enhanced "Personal Center" 
* Support personal account to protect your privacy and guest mode 
* Auto-sync data from MX4 to MX5 seamlessly
* Support syncing for all platforms and devices: Maxnote, Passkeeper, and Quick Access
* Maxnote: upgraded favorite, note-taker & clip button for the web
* Passkeeper: MagicFill 2.0, which will help you manage not only passwords and other private notes
* UUMail: helps create unlimited virtual inboxes for your real emails, which will hide your real inbox
* New screen capture tool: snapping will be more convenient and easy
* New Quick Access: new UI 
* New languages supported: French, Norwegian and Turkish are available now
* Mac Trackpad support
* Core-level support for Google websites
* Security and stability 
- Tools: Maxthon Download, Save page as, Page Print, attachment upload on webpages, Magic Fill and Developer tool
- Interface: Reader Mode, video full-screen playback
- Right-click context menu 
- Tab bar favicon display

Android MX5 v5.0.4.3023 – Beta

·Landscape mode optimized with menu buttons added
·Passkeeper optimized & auto-fill for more sites

New Functions Added:
+ Support Java Applet
+ New language options (traditional Chinese: zh-tw, British English: en-gb, German: de-de)
Functions Optimized:
- Startup performance
- Stability
- Snap tool, UI and function
Bug Fixed:
* Retro mode_cannot save web page to HTML
* Multi search_browser freeze when switching to customized search engine
* Passkeeper_error when set "Manual" in magic fill setting
* Guest mode_wrong pop-up message when lock browser
* Full screen_avatar picture display problem
* Font_font in web page display issue after changing font
* Don't support Java well
* Reader mode_display issue for some blog sites
* HTML5 player_pop-up video function issue
* Bookmarklet built with JS script caused address bar error

New function added:

+ Can detect favorited website


Functions optimized:

- Cold start speed

- ABP performance

- Snap function under win7 system



* Occasional black screen issue
* Occasional crashes
* Some issues under retro mode
* Maxnote UI issues
* ABP issue under private mode
* Add controls for WebM videos
* Remember ABP settings
* Display issue for exported HTML notes
* Reader mode for some sites
* Locking screen visual effect under full screen


Android MX5 v5.0.4.3010 – Beta

1.Optimized some pages under night mode
Ÿ2.Solved the CPU leak issue
Ÿ3.Optimized setting options

Android MX5 v5.0.4.3019 – Beta

What’s new!
1.Night mode, read at night with no harm on eyes!
2.New button to close browser
3. New languages: Russia, French, Korea, Venetian