MX5 changelog


Bug fixed:

+ Support sharing notes in Maxnote to friends
+ Support viewing pictures, videos, and many other format files on Maxthon browser
+ Optimization on importing function
+ Unify all context menu options for Maxnote
+ Enhanced stability
Saving the same URL for several times
Time and size displaying issue for FTP files
“Save” and ‘delete” button in Maxnote context
MHTM: file cannot show in reader mode
Flash video playing issue under XP system
File size counting issue under certain circumstance
Fail to set as default browser under Windows 10
Data importing pop-up banner not showing while users choose importing in background
No activation window when minimize icon to system tray
Settings dropdown list display partially under 150 DPI or higher
Tab bar displaying issue under specific theme and split mode
Always loading after refreshing the pop-up video
Playing issue on this site been fixed:
Moving tab disappeared sometimes under split mode
Tab lost under some multi-tab circumstance

【Problem fix and optimization】

- Added displays of personal information panel when right click on avatar
- Added a switch for Maxthon Nows mini-version in Settings

- Optimization on login registration features experience

- Improve browser usage stability

- Fixed QAs data loss under special occasions

- Fix Googles online document loading failure

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3039

* Added support for double-finger-scaling webpage feature

* Once copied a URL, you can choose to open the URL directly

* Added a share to Maxnote feature after select text content in other applications

* Added a notice for restoring the backup data in Passkeeper

* Fixed an issue where certain websites were not fully displayed in non-full-screen status

* Fixed the problem of abnormal access to a Russian website http://xn--80adxbwkcj6a4cc.xn--p1ai/

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3038

What's new:
Extension management function
Fixed some crashes on Android 4.0 
Fixed some crashes when entering multi-tab page

Features added:
+Browser core upgraded to chromium55
+Browser self-protect feature enhanced
+Support multi operation on Maxnote
+Support pop-up flash video in retro mode
Features optimized:
-Data importing from MX4 process optimized the first time login MX5
-Optimized tab switching efficiency
-UE when exit and close tabs
-Extension icon displaying
-EU for main menu function
Bug fixed:
Gmail attachment file name displaying error
Pop-up window position under high DPI
Occasionally blink on status bar
Search for Maxnote on sidebar
Quick app icon displaying issue under windows10
Crash when importing HTML file under XP system
Invalid link besides settings-spell check
Form saving failed through shortcut in Alibaba website

Optimization and bug fixed:
·MX upgrade program optimized
·Enhanced stability, less crashes
·Fixed a focus issue on address bar & search box on win7 system
·Updated 16 language files
·Bug fixed
Other issues:
·Fixed Burmese language displaying issue
·Fixed Turkish language displaying error
·IE data importing issue under some circumstances
·Page warning on this site:

Mac MX5.0.16.81 - beta

* Increased stability
* Bug fixed

Functions & Visual optimization:
Register/Sign in account will get 5G free Maxthon cloud storage (VIP users get more) 
Better support importing data from MX4 
Full language options for portable version 
Fixed registration with mobile number format error 
Optimized installing process 
Optimized sign in page 
Fixed the process residues 
Visual unification for Maxnote and Passkeeper
Bug fixed:
Maxnote _ error caused by moving several folders/notes together 
Favourite bar _ “Open all records” feature malfunctioning while operate on more folders 
Favourite bar _ mixed sequences of tabs when open all records in two folders 
Ad block _ filter rule doesn’t work under overall rule 
Retro mode _ browser freeze when open FTP 
URL display error when open site with new tab 
Smart address bar _ cannot show history searched links 
Visual issues caused by double clicking edges in windowed mode 
Occasional visual issue caused by activate new tab 
History _ interactive issue with calendar plug-in 
Pop-up message display error 
UI issue with resource sniffer 
Invalid when playing videos
Some other issues fixed:
Download failure for some sites 
Facebook voice note cannot play 
Facebook video cannot be downloaded as full clip 
Drag and drop malfunction sometimes 
Passkeeper translation issue

Mac MX5.0.16.80 - beta

Visual & Function optimization:
New tab _ visual and interaction optimized
New tab _ support customizing background picture
New tab _ support more customized website source
Maxnote _ data syncing performance optimized
Passkeeper _ visual optimized
Support auto intercepting pop-up window
Bug fixed:
Russian language _ several translation display issues
File download _ cannot correctly show the download process under HTTP chunked format
Some other bugs

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3030 – Beta

*Optimized UI eases web page viewing
*Optimized auto fill function
*Fixed the issue with log in through QR code
*Fixed the issue with pop-up message at bottom

Mac MX5.0.15.75 - beta

Functions added & optimized:
Optimized the overall UI
Reader mode function and UI optimized
Passkeeper function and UI optimized
Maxnote favorite and syncing function & UI optimized
Support middle click to close tab
Support full-screen video with Mac OS 10.10 version
New languages: Indonesia, Norwegian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
Page “About” added “volunteer translators”
Bug fixed:
Focus switching problem when opening a new tab
Placement problem with Title bar when opening and existing full screen under Mac OS 10.10
Netflix video playing issue
Sign in issue with site:
Closing issue after editing for this site:
Issue after uploading files to this site: 
Cannot open site:

Functions optimized:
▪Quicker start up speed
▪Occasional crashes fixed
▪Fixed some UI details
▪Support more languages
Bug fixed:
▪Maxnote in sidebar _ functions and interactive experience optimized
▪Some issue for extensions settings in tool bar-tools & add-ons
▪Display issues on toolbar and Maxnote after exiting browser and double-clicking installed extensions
▪Mouse gesture issues after dragging tabs
▪Snagit usage problem
▪Issues on site codebeautify
▪Web page display issue under high DPI 200%
▪Can drag HTML5 videos in full screen
▪UI issue for ABP extension
▪Clear cookie bookmarklet issue

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3028 – Beta

What's new in this version:
Optimized UI when browsing, new address bar and toolbar;
Optimized night mode, multi-tab management, history records, QA, etc;
Support downloading to external SD card;
Enhanced account system security;
Fixed the sync issue between Mac version.

Visual optimisation:
+ Support MX4 skin function
+ Unify the whole browser UI
+ Optimised high DPI UI on sidebar
+ Status bar tools_options for hide and display changed to menu-UI-status bar
Functions optimised:
+ Optimised sign in process the first-time login Maxthon5
+ Optimised page display when directed from an external link without login
+ Support choosing which user data to be imported
+ Support choosing folders when importing data to Maxnote
+ More management options for icons on toolbar and sidebar
+ Entry for Maxnote on sidebar
+ Smart address can detect favourited sites
+ Support general identity
+ Optimized settings-tools & addons
+ Optimized settings-privacy & content
+ Optimized “send to” options when right click tab
+ Optimised resource sniffer function for YouTube
Bug fixed:
-      Proxy setting problem on login page
-      Passkeeper_” sync” button unusable without enabling Magic Fill
-      Passkeeper_optimized data fault-tolerant processing, ensure user data integrity
-      Passkeeper_help centre English copy revised
-      Maxnote_support tab key to indent when editing the main body
-      Focus lost after switching window in win10 system
-      Have to right click multiple times to display options on video with mouse gesture disabled
-      Display issue for LinkedIn
-      Cannot open this site:
-      YouTube display issue under full screen, retro mode
-      Video buttons location issue under DPI 200%
-      Some crashes

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3024 – Beta

* Bug fixed

Mac - beta

New functions:
* Brand new visual design and enhanced "Personal Center" 
* Support personal account to protect your privacy and guest mode 
* Auto-sync data from MX4 to MX5 seamlessly
* Support syncing for all platforms and devices: Maxnote, Passkeeper, and Quick Access
* Maxnote: upgraded favorite, note-taker & clip button for the web
* Passkeeper: MagicFill 2.0, which will help you manage not only passwords and other private notes
* UUMail: helps create unlimited virtual inboxes for your real emails, which will hide your real inbox
* New screen capture tool: snapping will be more convenient and easy
* New Quick Access: new UI 
* New languages supported: French, Norwegian and Turkish are available now
* Mac Trackpad support
* Core-level support for Google websites
* Security and stability 
- Tools: Maxthon Download, Save page as, Page Print, attachment upload on webpages, Magic Fill and Developer tool
- Interface: Reader Mode, video full-screen playback
- Right-click context menu 
- Tab bar favicon display

Android MX5 v5.0.4.3023 – Beta

·Landscape mode optimized with menu buttons added
·Passkeeper optimized & auto-fill for more sites

New Functions Added:
+ Support Java Applet
+ New language options (traditional Chinese: zh-tw, British English: en-gb, German: de-de)
Functions Optimized:
- Startup performance
- Stability
- Snap tool, UI and function
Bug Fixed:
* Retro mode_cannot save web page to HTML
* Multi search_browser freeze when switching to customized search engine
* Passkeeper_error when set "Manual" in magic fill setting
* Guest mode_wrong pop-up message when lock browser
* Full screen_avatar picture display problem
* Font_font in web page display issue after changing font
* Don't support Java well
* Reader mode_display issue for some blog sites
* HTML5 player_pop-up video function issue
* Bookmarklet built with JS script caused address bar error

New function added:

+ Can detect favorited website


Functions optimized:

- Cold start speed

- ABP performance

- Snap function under win7 system



* Occasional black screen issue
* Occasional crashes
* Some issues under retro mode
* Maxnote UI issues
* ABP issue under private mode
* Add controls for WebM videos
* Remember ABP settings
* Display issue for exported HTML notes
* Reader mode for some sites
* Locking screen visual effect under full screen


Android MX5 v5.0.4.3010 – Beta

1.Optimized some pages under night mode
Ÿ2.Solved the CPU leak issue
Ÿ3.Optimized setting options

Android MX5 v5.0.4.3019 – Beta

What’s new!
1.Night mode, read at night with no harm on eyes!
2.New button to close browser
3. New languages: Russia, French, Korea, Venetian