MX5 changelog

Mac MX5.0.16.81 - beta

* Increased stability
* Bug fixed

Mac MX5.0.16.80 - beta

Visual & Function optimization:
New tab _ visual and interaction optimized
New tab _ support customizing background picture
New tab _ support more customized website source
Maxnote _ data syncing performance optimized
Passkeeper _ visual optimized
Support auto intercepting pop-up window
Bug fixed:
Russian language _ several translation display issues
File download _ cannot correctly show the download process under HTTP chunked format
Some other bugs

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3030 – Beta

*Optimized UI eases web page viewing
*Optimized auto fill function
*Fixed the issue with log in through QR code
*Fixed the issue with pop-up message at bottom

Mac MX5.0.15.75 - beta

Functions added & optimized:
Optimized the overall UI
Reader mode function and UI optimized
Passkeeper function and UI optimized
Maxnote favorite and syncing function & UI optimized
Support middle click to close tab
Support full-screen video with Mac OS 10.10 version
New languages: Indonesia, Norwegian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
Page “About” added “volunteer translators”
Bug fixed:
Focus switching problem when opening a new tab
Placement problem with Title bar when opening and existing full screen under Mac OS 10.10
Netflix video playing issue
Sign in issue with site:
Closing issue after editing for this site:
Issue after uploading files to this site: 
Cannot open site:

Functions optimized:
▪Quicker start up speed
▪Occasional crashes fixed
▪Fixed some UI details
▪Support more languages
Bug fixed:
▪Maxnote in sidebar _ functions and interactive experience optimized
▪Some issue for extensions settings in tool bar-tools & add-ons
▪Display issues on toolbar and Maxnote after exiting browser and double-clicking installed extensions
▪Mouse gesture issues after dragging tabs
▪Snagit usage problem
▪Issues on site codebeautify
▪Web page display issue under high DPI 200%
▪Can drag HTML5 videos in full screen
▪UI issue for ABP extension
▪Clear cookie bookmarklet issue

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3028 – Beta

What's new in this version:
Optimized UI when browsing, new address bar and toolbar;
Optimized night mode, multi-tab management, history records, QA, etc;
Support downloading to external SD card;
Enhanced account system security;
Fixed the sync issue between Mac version.

Visual optimisation:
+ Support MX4 skin function
+ Unify the whole browser UI
+ Optimised high DPI UI on sidebar
+ Status bar tools_options for hide and display changed to menu-UI-status bar
Functions optimised:
+ Optimised sign in process the first-time login Maxthon5
+ Optimised page display when directed from an external link without login
+ Support choosing which user data to be imported
+ Support choosing folders when importing data to Maxnote
+ More management options for icons on toolbar and sidebar
+ Entry for Maxnote on sidebar
+ Smart address can detect favourited sites
+ Support general identity
+ Optimized settings-tools & addons
+ Optimized settings-privacy & content
+ Optimized “send to” options when right click tab
+ Optimised resource sniffer function for YouTube
Bug fixed:
-      Proxy setting problem on login page
-      Passkeeper_” sync” button unusable without enabling Magic Fill
-      Passkeeper_optimized data fault-tolerant processing, ensure user data integrity
-      Passkeeper_help centre English copy revised
-      Maxnote_support tab key to indent when editing the main body
-      Focus lost after switching window in win10 system
-      Have to right click multiple times to display options on video with mouse gesture disabled
-      Display issue for LinkedIn
-      Cannot open this site:
-      YouTube display issue under full screen, retro mode
-      Video buttons location issue under DPI 200%
-      Some crashes

Android MX5 v5.0.5.3024 – Beta

* Bug fixed

Mac - beta

New functions:
* Brand new visual design and enhanced "Personal Center" 
* Support personal account to protect your privacy and guest mode 
* Auto-sync data from MX4 to MX5 seamlessly
* Support syncing for all platforms and devices: Maxnote, Passkeeper, and Quick Access
* Maxnote: upgraded favorite, note-taker & clip button for the web
* Passkeeper: MagicFill 2.0, which will help you manage not only passwords and other private notes
* UUMail: helps create unlimited virtual inboxes for your real emails, which will hide your real inbox
* New screen capture tool: snapping will be more convenient and easy
* New Quick Access: new UI 
* New languages supported: French, Norwegian and Turkish are available now
* Mac Trackpad support
* Core-level support for Google websites
* Security and stability 
- Tools: Maxthon Download, Save page as, Page Print, attachment upload on webpages, Magic Fill and Developer tool
- Interface: Reader Mode, video full-screen playback
- Right-click context menu 
- Tab bar favicon display

Android MX5 v5.0.4.3023 – Beta

·Landscape mode optimized with menu buttons added
·Passkeeper optimized & auto-fill for more sites

New Functions Added:
+ Support Java Applet
+ New language options (traditional Chinese: zh-tw, British English: en-gb, German: de-de)
Functions Optimized:
- Startup performance
- Stability
- Snap tool, UI and function
Bug Fixed:
* Retro mode_cannot save web page to HTML
* Multi search_browser freeze when switching to customized search engine
* Passkeeper_error when set "Manual" in magic fill setting
* Guest mode_wrong pop-up message when lock browser
* Full screen_avatar picture display problem
* Font_font in web page display issue after changing font
* Don't support Java well
* Reader mode_display issue for some blog sites
* HTML5 player_pop-up video function issue
* Bookmarklet built with JS script caused address bar error

New function added:

+ Can detect favorited website


Functions optimized:

- Cold start speed

- ABP performance

- Snap function under win7 system



* Occasional black screen issue
* Occasional crashes
* Some issues under retro mode
* Maxnote UI issues
* ABP issue under private mode
* Add controls for WebM videos
* Remember ABP settings
* Display issue for exported HTML notes
* Reader mode for some sites
* Locking screen visual effect under full screen


Android MX5 v5.0.4.3010 – Beta

1.Optimized some pages under night mode
Ÿ2.Solved the CPU leak issue
Ÿ3.Optimized setting options

Android MX5 v5.0.4.3019 – Beta

What’s new!
1.Night mode, read at night with no harm on eyes!
2.New button to close browser
3. New languages: Russia, French, Korea, Venetian