Create a Maxthon Fan Club

All you have to do to create a Maxthon Fan Club at your university/college/school is to go through the 5 steps below and you’re there!

1) Watch our video tutorials to learn more about the Maxthon browsers and become an expert!
2) Sign up on our Maxthon forum and start participating in the lively discussions of our community!
3) Spread the word about Maxthon (see ‘Marketing Material’ and ‘Social Media’). By involving others you’ll grow your local Maxthon community.
4) Gather a team of people (at least you and 1 more person) and create a Maxthon Fan Club of your university/school/community.

5) Subscribe to create a Maxthon Fan Club
Please provide us with the following information:
Name of University/College/School:
Address (exact address of University/College/School):
Website address of your University/College/School (or website of your Dept. enrolled):
Your personal web space (Twitter handle, FB pages, personal websites etc.)
Your experience with Maxthon browser(s):
Area of study:
Level of study:
Which projects would you be interested in doing? To learn about current projects, go to the projects page
Can we share your contact and school information with others from the same University/College/School for the purpose of collaborating on creating a Maxthon Fan Club?

Send an email with above information – TALK TO YOU SOON!