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Marketing Material: Get Maxthon recognized with this press release about Mx3 & Html5!

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Maxthon 3 and Html5 SupportHave you put together your list with the most influential online magazines, blogs and news websites in your region or country? Here’s a cool press release that you can share with your press contacts, after you’ve translated it. It talks about the fact that Maxthon is the flagship desktop browser when it comes to HTML 5 support.

Follow the steps in our ‘Press Outreach’ project if you want to make a difference to the world!

Maxthon Sample Blog Post

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Try Maxthon Browser: Blazing fast with enticing features

Maxthon Browser is for those who want to download a browser that is fast and have it include everything you need, but still be customizable. Maxthon Browser has those features.

Speed: blazing fast
Maxthon Browser is blazing fast. It’s got two different rendering engines to choose from: state of the art (best browser rendering engine) Webkit and Trident, which is excellent for websites optimized for Internet Explorer 6 and less. It’s a very speedy browser.

Customization: highly customizable
No other browser lets you do so many things. You can reorganize how it looks, download skins, take away the icons, download add-ons, and more.

Features: All you need is built-in!
Maxthon is for those who want to download a browser and have it include everything you could possibly need out of the box. Maxthon has that, too.

Why should I use Maxthon?
Easy Customization - Customize your browser experience, choose what you want to display in your browser!
Pop-up Video
– Watch videos in a separate pop-up window and keep surfing the web undisturbed.
Online Notepad - Make notes during lectures, while surfing the web and store information safely in the cloud, which is always accessible!
Split-Screen – For those who like to compare things.
Multi-Search – Makes researching for your next paper easy.
MaxSnap – Powerful screen grab feature with a ton of options, such as adding text, arrows, comments and more
Easy Syncing – Create a Maxthon Passport to seamlessly sync and access your favorites, notes, even browsing settings across desktop computers and devices.