About Maxthon Fan Club (MFC)

Maxthon Fan Club LogoAnyone can create a Maxthon Fan Club (MFC) — we are looking for outstanding individuals who are willing to take on a great leadership role in helping to build our Maxthon browser community in their region, local community, at their university or school!

Maxthon is currently being used by over 130 Mio. people every month in more than 120 countries. Make a difference and volunteer to be the face of Maxthon in your community!

 How it works

You get a chance to serve people and prove yourself to the world. Guess you will show some interest. We consider any person who has a strong will to work with the Maxthon team! You will gain a lot of experience and learn a ton while volunteering for us.

1) Watch our video tutorials to learn more about the Maxthon browsers and become an expert!
2) Sign up on our Maxthon forum and start participating in the lively discussions of our community!
3) Spread the word about Maxthon (see ‘Marketing Material’ and ‘Social Media’). By involving others you’ll grow your local Maxthon community.
4) Gather a team of people (at least you and 1 more person) and create a Maxthon Fan Club of your university/school/community.

5) Subscribe to create a Maxthon Fan Club