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All around the world members of the Maxthon community are working together with the Maxthon team to make our products even better. If you’re interested in helping out (and learning some fun things about software and product development) we would love to hear from you!

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We try to offer our products in many languages and are always seeking to add more. If you like translation and want to join a global crew of translators, click here.

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Our Thanks

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Thanks to all MyIE2 fans, Maxthon community members and our hardcore Maxthon Ambassadors! Without you, we could never have made it this far. Here are just a few...

Thanks to Whiteshark in Italy and Pascal in France for all of their help in our translation efforts. Huge contribution.

Thanks to Ruud in the Netherlands for being the king of the old-school Maxthon supporters! (And for stewardship of the forum.)

Thanks to ABC@Home in Hong Kong for too much to even list.

Thanks to Rodrigo and Rafael, our men in Brazil.

Thanks to Andres in Spain for such great insight.

Thanks to Vadim in Russia for superhuman excellence.

Thanks to Karol and Marek in Poland for kicking butt on the desktop and mobile versions!

Thanks to Robert in Canada for so much wise counsel.

Thanks to Tamas in Hungary for being such a great driver of MX Android.

Thanks to Tara for her great help in our forum and the original plug-ins site.

Thanks to Picto for his original Skins site.

Thanks to Tabster for his original FAQ site.

Thanks to DosLover, ptma, ZoNi, carpediem, VaMPiRiC_CRoW, Dwarden, grossfinch, user_99, Kleopatra , Plankje , seidenj, Shodan, FreeODB, mdlist, e120, myier, Kinkairy, rebop, FoaMDarT, firefox, Flash, hustxp, browserv, Tal Rasha, stevebass, Momo, Ray1, Ernest, Twilight, dev, ßouЯock™, duckzify, niloyrun, hawiranto, lyon, coolpctips, JayEm, Odyssee,... and more…