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Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android v4.2.1.2000 Official Release

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android v4.2.1.2000 is here!


[New Features]

  • Scan any QR code by clicking on a button in the address bar
  • Back up your Quick Access and NewsBites to secure your favorite websites during updates


  • Fixed the problem of your history page being displayed each time your browser is launched
  • Fixed the screen flicker during file downloads
  • Eliminated multiple causes of browser crashes

Ready to Win a Nabi Tablet-PC?

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Ready for a chance to receive a tablet with cool features, excellent design and one of the coolest Internet browsers?

Starting February 1, Maxthon will give away a Nabi tablet a week to the Maxthon fan who provides the most creative and fun link to e.g. a blog post, video, graphic or more about why Maxthon is great!

The contest will start on February 1, 2012. To enter, simply tell us what you think makes Maxthon great  via anything you can provide a link to – this could be a blog post, video, graphic, slideshow or more! We’re looking for creative, original and quality entries from Maxthon fans allover the world.

To submit your entry, either
-> post your publicly accessible link on the wall of the official Maxthon Facebook page
-> tweet @maxthon using hashtag #gr8maxthon with your publicly accessible link


7" Nabi Tablet - Kid-Safe Browsing

7" Nabi Tablet - With Kid-Safe Maxthon Browser