How To Mine LivesToken(LVT)  In Android Using Maxthon Browser

How To Mine LivesToken(LVT) In Android Using Maxthon Browser

When you visit any website, facebook, twitter, google, gmail, yahoo, read articles or whatever you do on the Internet through Maxthon browser mining edition then your activity is automatically converted into LVT coins, so every your browsing activity is valued.

LivesToken or LVT will launch on some Exchanges at June 2018.

So this is a good time to start mining this LVT coin from now.

Here, i will tell you how to mine this LivesToken(LVT) in Android using Maxthon browser with step by step.


Create a LivesOne account

  1. Click here to create a LivesOne account Invitation Regist
  2. Enter a Password and Drag the puzzle piece and click Sign up
  3. After successfully completing create a LivesOne account, it’s very important you have to bind your account for security
  4. Click Bind Now or click Security then enter all required data and verify, don’t forget to remember your LivesOne User ID and Password too.main-qimg-e450413dde8890deb75b7ae41b14661a



Download and install Maxthon Browser Mining Edition here http://livesone.oss-cn-beijing.a…

Create a Maxthon account

  1. Open your MX5/Maxthon Browser Mining Edition
  2. Tap profile and click Activate
  3. Click Connect your phone or mailbox
  4. You can use the phone number or click Switch to email to use an email address for registration.

Open your sms or email to verify your Maxthon account.222


*Skip this step below if the step 2 works

If it shows Network Error at registration, you can use other alternative sign up by registering Maxthon account on the Maxthon website.

Click here to create Maxthon account Maxthon Passport

After that

  1. Tap profile on MX5/Maxthon browser and click Activate
  2. Click Log in your Maxthon account
  3. Enter your phone number or email address and Maxthon password that has been registered on Maxthon website then click Login.333


Step 3

How to start mining LVT/LivesToken

  1. Click Mining icon at the Maxthon browser home page and then click Install Now
  2. Enter your LivesOne ID and LivesOne Password
  3. Click Submit
  4. Congrats, now you can mine LVT/LivesToken coins without having to repeat the steps above.444

Because your Maxthon and Livesone accounts are automatically connected and you only have to surf the internet as usual and every activity of your browsing is valued as a mining activity.

Your total mining income will be calculated every 24 hours.

Happy Mining


Visit LivesOne – LVT Official Telegram Group of LivesToken (LVT) and LivesOne.

Telegram : LivesOne – LVT


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