Maxthon + Translation = A Global Community of Millions of Fans

Maxthon + Translation = A Global Community of Millions of Fans

Curious to know the secret behind the success of Maxthon? One word: people.

The popularity of Maxthon rests with users worldwide, individuals who take it upon themselves to spread the word about our desktop and mobile browsers. This word-of-mouth credibility is one reason, perhaps the reason, why we are a global phenomenon: with testimonials from users throughout the globe – from major cities to colleges and universities to small towns and neighborhoods – Maxthon is a collaborative effort, something we can all promote and share. In fact, people often ask how they can join this cause, which brings superior technology and a fun browsing experience to millions. Which brings us back to this organic community of fans and supporters, a movement you can also strengthen.

By simply signing up to translate Maxthon into your language, you will enable millions of people to enjoy the benefits of the rich features, convenience, security and innovative services we provide. This support is directly responsible for the translation of the Maxthon browser into nearly 40 languages. That’s right: 40 languages, representing tens of millions of people who share a common goal — to build and sustain a meaningful community, centered on the free exchange of ideas and open communication. Just follow these three easy steps:

1. Sign up at translate

2. Download the English en-us.ini file and open it in any text editor.

3. Translate the terms on the right side of the ‘equals’ sign into your respective language and upload it — and then you’re done!

Let’s take advantage of this opportunity, and bring Maxthon to more countries and users. With your help, this community will continue to grow and inspire others. Onward!

Maxthon Web Browsers

Maxthon is a state-of-the-art, multi-platform browser that outperforms other web browsers & comes fully loaded with a rich set of powerful, easy-to-use features


  1. 脡s la gran virtud de Maxthon, estic totalment dacord.

    Em va donar la oportunitat de traduirlo al Catal谩 y ara ja es una realitat y estic molt orgullos y content de haver colavorat en la expacio daquest navegador per al meu idioma

  2. true, but if you’ve got updates and want to compare 2 files (old.ini vs.. new.ini you might want to download and compare the two with a texteditor like Compare It!
    Also, if you want to work offline it’s much more convenient to have have a downloaded language file 🙂

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