Maxthon and the World Community

When you work with a team of professionals who share the same goal, then excellence becomes a reality. A trite saying, perhaps, even an obvious one; but the essence of success – in business or any other endeavor – starts with a belief in creating great products. Not merely good products or acceptable products, or products that generate sales or just make profits. No, products that become a global phenomenon: products that have the highest credibility, thanks to word of mouth marketing and independent critical acclaim, and give us all a platform for achieving our ambitions. That’s how I think of the people who work at Maxthon — talented individuals who seek to develop products that are innovative and effective.

This commitment to excellence is part of a broader effort to consistently improve (and improve some more) products and services that are already symbols of the highest quality. You can see these benefits by using Maxthon and Maxthon Mobile, which enjoy the support of users worldwide. By the standard, Maxthon is a leader worthy of respect. Let us aspire to the same ambitions elsewhere.


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  2. Ivory Allain says:

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  3. Tsogoo says:

    Hello dear. I became a fan of MAXTHON! Then I want translate it into Mongolian. How can I do that? Pls, contact me. Thank you.

    • lewis_wp says:

      Hi there!
      I have just contacted you and will give you further instruction! THANKS for getting in touch!

      • Gert says:

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        • maxthon says:

          Thank you for your attention and we are glad that you like our blogs. If you have any suggestion on the content or anything else, please feel free to contact us.
          Have a nice day!

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