LivesOne World Singapore: Consensus • Symbiosis• Mutual Benefits

LivesOne World Singapore: Consensus • Symbiosis• Mutual Benefits

LivesOne World was held successfully in Singapore 14th June, 2018.

During the conference, Jeff Chen, Chairman of the Symbiosism Economy Foundation, Maxthon Browser’s founder and CEO, seasoned Internet product designer and manager and expert in blockchain technology, introduced his story in Singapore and explained what LivesOne is and made attendees better understand it.

1.What is LivesOne

The establishment of LivesOne

It is due to Internet user’s value has long been ignored. The users, especially early users, increase different products’ active rate, retention rate and even paid conversion, but the user did not get any material reward of it and may stop using the product while other competitors come up. LivesOne is the new economic system where consumers and business formed an ecological circle of symbiosism system that based on both sides’ mutual interests. The founder Jeff is keen on blockchain technology for a long time. The team realize that it is a great way to use blockchain technology solves this problem by forming such kind of new business model.

The world’s first cryptocurrency decentralized application (DAPP) platform

LivesOne aims for a decentralized and user friendly application (dAPP) platform. LivesOne will discover and use a wide range of dApps in the future. LivesOne uses a new way to distribute its cryptocurrency, LivesToken. It’s called POV, proof of value. It estimates the value the user created for a dAPP in LivesOne system and turn it into certain amount of tokens, to reward the user.The community will be built with some partners first and expanding later to connect and link with blockchain technology. Users will not be the traditional users, they will involve more in the whole system and tend to be partners. There will be feedback on users by the growth of the business and business will grow further by having more honest and long term valuable users.

3.Official stage plan of LivesOne

A.The world’s first cryptocurrency browser or LivesOne Browser


Using the latest browser technology

Getting cryptocurrency rewards by normal usage

No centralized server, no privacy leaks

Integrating multiple decentralized applications

Integrating LivesOne three main interface, payment, mining and transaction

Three interface:

LivesOne supplies different interfaces to help solve the problem users might meet. Payment interface solves the pain point in payment like trust, security and high cost and it is easy to integrate also. Mining interface solves the operation problems especially the retention and user life circle. Transaction interface reduces the difficulty of integration with different platform API and one time KYC verification only.

B.LivesOne Global Fund

Supporting the SMEs around the world

Apply by using any of the three main interface


The users in LivesOne Ecological system are not users in traditional meaning, they are partners and important participant in the whole system.

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