Feature Focus: Maxthon Passport

Feature Focus: Maxthon Passport


Did you know that Maxthon offers a free service that allows you save, send, sync, and store a whole bunch of stuff in your own private, secure cloud? It’s called Maxthon Passport and is available to anyone who uses a Maxthon web browser.

Here are two cool things you can do with a free Maxthon Passport account:

  • Seamless Browsing — Maxthon web browsers and the Passport account work together allowing you to easily move from one device running Maxthon (like your iPad) to another (like your work PC). It lets you ‘pick up where you left off.’
  • Syncing and Sharing Files — With a Passport account, you’re free to store any kind of downloadable file into your own secure private cloud. Once you’ve sent a file to your cloud, you can push it to any of your devices running Maxthon. Or share it with a friend via SMS or email.


Convinced?   Click here to get your free Maxthon Passport today!



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    1. Did you get an answer to your question about the storage capacity of the private cloud? I’d like to know also. And, I wonder why they don’t show it prominently on the “Cloud and Passport” page.

      Thanks if you reply.

      1. Thank you for your attention and we are glad that you like Maxthon browser. If you have any suggestion or problem when using, please feel free to contact our engineers via help@maxthon.net
        Besides, if you have interested in Maxthon鈥檚 other product, welcome you to join our official forum by http://forum.maxthon.com , where there will be many Maxer and Maxthon staffs sharing and communicating with each other!
        Have a nice day!

  1. I have configured my Maxthon browser with fast links, extensions, etc; but I can not surf if I am not logged and when i connect to my passport account all my configurations disappears.
    Why?. Fix it please!

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