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Please take a moment to fill out our Maxthon Q2 User Satisfaction Survey!

Friday, April 11th, 2014


It is that time! I am performing the 2nd Quarter User Satisfaction Survey! This survey will be somewhat similar to the previous survey but with a few adjustments. This will help the Maxthon team track the areas we’ve improved in and the areas we need to focus on.

Your input was incredibly helpful to our engineers and we would be grateful if you take the time to fill out this survey once again. Any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated.

To fill our the survey, please click here!

This survey will be open until June 30.

Thank you!

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows V4.4.0.1600 Beta is Released!

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Hello Maxthon Friends

We invite you to try the new Maxthon beta V4.4.0.1600!

This beta fixes plenty of bugs, making the version increasingly stable
as well as providing you a much smoother browsing experience.

For detailed changes of this version, please check out the change log below.
Thank you for supporting Maxthon web browser!


Installer version:
MD5: 708c52513dcd9a7115eeb3e527616808
Portable version:
MD5: 2c09ccffc43cf55bc7669cdba542d4ea [2014-04-10]
Fixed bugs:

[Main Frame]
* Fail to display site icons in the address bar in certain cases
* Display anomaly of Tab bar appears under certain circumstances
* The ability to check data and information such as Favorites even after locking Maxthon
* The ‘Edit blocking rules’ dialog box displays incorrectly sometimes

[Webkit Core]
* Anomaly occurs when using Drag&Drop to some specific texts
* The layout of right click menu is anomalous

* Download could lead to the failure
of core process to exit

Please note: This release is a trial version instead of a final release. Thus, it may have bugs or other potential problems.

To better and more efficiently solve the problems you meet during this beta, any suggestions or
bug reports, we do hope you go to ‘Product Support‘ forum area and report/describe any issues that may occur. We will read each thread and provide a follow-up. 

Thanks very much for your cooperation!

VentureBeat: Maxthon promises you can play awesome console-like games on its browser — and with no downloads (exclusive)

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Maxthon wants you to play console-quality online games on its browser — without requiring you to download anything.

The company, which makes the superfast Maxthon browser, hopes to become the favorite web browser of gamers by enabling them to play online games without the hassle of downloading gigabytes of data first. It is doing so by teaming up with C2Fun, the maker of the C2Ray game engine. Developers can easily adapt games made with the C2Ray engine to run in the Maxthon browser.

If it takes off, then Beijing-based Maxthon could differentiate itself from rival browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox. With more than a billion downloads and more than 140 million monthly active users, Maxthon has already set itself apart as an alternative built for the cloud and reliability. With good memory management, it doesn’t crash as much as other browsers, regardless of how many pages you have open.

“We have embarked upon a game strategy that will change the way people play their games on the Internet,” said Karl Mattson, the general manager of Maxthon International, told GamesBeat in an exclusive interview. “Users can come and play interesting, complicated online games without having to download a giant file. You get a console experience through a web browser.”

Mattson said that the Maxthon cloud browser has carved out a niche among gamers because it enables them to sign into as many as five separate accounts simultaneously. That enables them to play different games at the same time. It is also more reliable since memory-management technology was built into the browser from the start. If you’ve ever had a browser crash on you during a game or a multiwindow session, you’ll come to appreciate memory management. This is basic plumbing for the Internet.

Gamers interested in testing this new technology can go to and try out Maxthon’s first title, Original Blood — a free-to-play 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game where werewolves and vampires battle against humans. It’s the first of a number that will be available on the Maxthon web browser over time. Maxthon’s service will include country-specific game portals with a range of casual and hardcore games. Maxthon wants to take the feedback from Original Blood and use it to improve overall performance.

“In our own testing, it’s pretty slick,” Mattson said. “We want to see what gamers think. This is the first part of our gaming strategy that will roll out this year.”

Maxthon chose to team up with C2Fun because the C2Ray engine was made to run online games on web browsers without giant plug-ins or downloads. It offers a “native code” 3D experience. C2Ray was made for an always-on, seamless Web, making it easy to run online games on multiple platforms and operating systems. It fits well with Maxthon’s approach to making a high-performance web browser.

The deal with C2Fun makes sense, but it won’t be easy to lure developers to the game engine. Rivals such as Unity, Crytek, and Unreal have huge numbers of developers by comparison.

“We’re offering a true multiplatform, console-like experience for online gamers,” Mattson said. “We did an exhaustive comparison of Unity and C2Ray and found differences. Unity is more limited compared to C2Ray, which is broadly accessible to game developers.”

To promote the game browser, Maxthon is teaming up with a game enthusiast on a promo.JamesBl0nde from MMOHuts will play a walkthrough of the Original Blood game on MXPlay today at 11 a.m. Pacific. On the Twitch livestreaming service, James will offer a behind the scenes look at creating MMOHuts’ signature First Look videos for online games.

Mattson said that the browser has become the favorite of pro gamers who play web-based games in professional tournaments. It also offers a split-screen feature on the desktop. Maxthon says it can render web pages on Windows, Android, and iOS faster than any other web browser. Maxthon is now expanding in the U.S. market.

Jeff Chen, a student in Singapore, created the browser in 2003 out of frustration. He was tired of the poor performance of the big browsers and found an abandoned project dubbed MyIE. He decided to craft his own browser, dubbed MyIE2. He formed the company in 2004 and kept adding features. In 2005, Chen renamed the company Maxthon, and the browser became the first one with tabs. Then it added sandboxed tabs in 2007 for added security. In 2008, Maxthon offered cloud-based services for syncing bookmarks and history.

With memory management, Maxthon allows you to pick up where you left off, no matter what you were working on, with any of your Internet-enabled devices. In 2010, Maxthon came out on Android, and it has reached more than 500 million downloads to date on that platform. In 2011, the browser came out on Android tablets. Maxthon is also getting chip makers such as Intel and Advanced Micro Devices to support its software in their hardware. The company received one round of funding from Charles River Capital and WI Harper.

Beyond providing the browser games, Maxthon is also pushing a strategy for HTML5 games, or those built with the lingua franca of the Web. Maxthon provides HTML5 support in Android, allowing for high-quality video support and Web GL enhancements. Other new features include the ability to run 2D games at 60 frames per second on devices that can support such graphics. It can also run WebGL 3D graphics.



Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows V4.4.0.1200 Beta is released!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Hello Maxthon friends,

Today, Maxthon launches its V4.4.0.1200 Beta for Windows. This release is mainly for bug fixes as well as enhancing the core stabilities.
Please check out the change log below.


Installer version:
MD5: 50cef6596cb9b5a75cd8e4e40ada970f
Portable version:
MD5: 6159893fa5f7c3ea27c8a3c0899db3ce

Change log [2014-04-1]
Fixed bugs:
[Main Frame]
* UI display anomaly in certain caese
* Fail to choose key words in the search box drop-down list with keyboard down arrow


Please note: This release is a trial version instead of a final release. Thus, it may have bugs or other potential problems.

If you experience any issues, please drop us a line on our forum by clicking here.

Meowthon Web Browser, the First Web Browser for Cats and Kittens alike!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Love Always,


Maxthon Dominates’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards in Three Categories

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

For the Second Year in a Row, Maxthon Cloud Browser Takes Top Honors in Desktop, Android and iPad Categories

SAN FRANCISCO, March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Maxthon, a global software company that develops state-of-the-art web browsers, announced today that it placed first in’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards in three categories: Best Small Market Desktop Browser, Best Android Browser and Best iPad Browser. These first place honors come on the heels of the inaugural release of Maxthon for Linux.

Competing against some of the industry’s major browsers including Chrome and Firefox, Maxthon once again took home the “Best Android Browser” award this year with an impressive 93 percent of the vote. Maxthon is also the reigning champion for its two other category wins with 86 percent of the vote for “Best iPad Browser” and 97 percent of the vote for the “Best Small Market Desktop Browser,” which Maxthon has won for the last four years.

“Maxthon’s continued success in’s Readers’ Choice Awards shows that users want more out of their browsers and are willing to search outside the default options to find what they’re looking for,” said Karl Mattson, VP of Maxthon’s International Division. “With even larger margins of victory this year, we’re thrilled to be meeting and exceeding the needs of our users and providing them with a seamless browsing experience on all platforms.”

As Maxthon continues to expand onto new platforms and into new markets, its focus remains on delivering cutting-edge innovations that meet the demands of a changing Internet landscape. The company recently announced the inaugural release of Maxthon for Linux and also expanded its partnership with leading search and web services provider, Yandex, to offer Maxthon web browsers to desktop and mobile users in Russia. A full list of Maxthon’s offerings is available at

The reader-driven awards program began on the site’s technology channel in 2008 and has expanded to highlight the best products, features and services across a wide variety of topics. Across the web, in peer reviews, fan blogs and in comparisons with other web browsers, Maxthon consistently generates praise from users around the world.

Download Maxthon for Linux (32 Bit):

Download Maxthon for Linux (64 Bit):

Download Maxthon for Windows:

Download Maxthon for Android:

Download Maxthon for iPhone / iPad:

Download Maxthon for Windows Phone:

About Maxthon

Maxthon is an innovative software company that develops superior web browsers that continue to set new standards for speed, security, simplicity and cloud features. It is available on the Windows, Android, iOS and Mac platforms. With offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Maxthon reaches a global community of users that tops more than 120,000,000 people each month in more than 150 countries. Click here for more information about Maxthon.


Burson-Marsteller for Maxthon
Lowell Eschen
(+1) 212-614-4081

SOURCE Maxthon

Read more:

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows V4.4.0.900 Beta is Released!

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows V4.4.0.900 Beta is now available to download!
The main purpose of this beta release is to fix some bugs, such as crashes in the previous version.

Please let us know your thoughts on this version.

Take care and enjoy Maxthon.


Installer version:
MD5: ee6a082c034e6586142981d7c4926e79
Portable version:
MD5: e1586baee3902dff455ed22cfb6ab823

Maximum PC: Maxthon Browser Extends Reach into Linux Territory

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Now Linux users can run Maxthon, too

Over the years, the Maxthon browser (formerly known as MyIE2 way back in the day) has spread its reach beyond Windows and into different platforms, including the Mac and three mobile OSes: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Wondering where the love for Linux is at? You don’t need to wonder anymore, because you can now download 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Maxthon for Linux.

The Linux version retains Maxthon’s popular features, such as Magic Fill (AES 256-level encrypted password and user account prompt), mouse gestures, easy tab management, ‘Restore Last’ button, extensions, and more.

“The addition of Linux takes our core value proposition – high performance, independent, multi-platform browsing – one step further,” said Karl Mattson, VP of Maxthon’s International Division. “Desktop computing is evolving beyond the one-OS-to-rule-them-all dynamic and as that develops, Maxthon will be right there offering high performance alternative web browsers on the platforms that matter.”

If you want to give it a spin, you can download Maxthon for Linux (as well as other platforms) from here.


Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android v4.2.1.2000 Official Release

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android v4.2.1.2000 is here!


[New Features]

  • Scan any QR code by clicking on a button in the address bar
  • Back up your Quick Access and NewsBites to secure your favorite websites during updates


  • Fixed the problem of your history page being displayed each time your browser is launched
  • Fixed the screen flicker during file downloads
  • Eliminated multiple causes of browser crashes

Softpedia: Maxthon Cloud Browser Officially Released on Linux, Features Google Extension Support

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

The Maxthon Cloud Browser, a famous Internet browser for the Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android platforms, has just received a Linux version.

Maxthon, believe it or not, has been around for a very long time. It was previously known as MyIE2 and it was using the Internet explorer engine. It was mostly used in Asia, but it also had a small following in Europe and in the United States.

The Maxthon developers realized that the Trident engine that is also used in Internet explorer would not get them very far. They had to adopt the WebKit engine as well in order to get more traction on other platforms. WebKit was used, until a short while ago, by Chromium and Google Chrome. The Safaribrowser on Mac OS X is still making use of it.

Maxthon Ltd., the company that makes the Maxthon Cloud Browser, has announced that the first stable version of the browser on the Linux platform is finally here and users are invited to test it.

The Linux community has been asking Maxthon for a version on theopen source platform for quite some time, and a Beta was made available a while ago. Now, a stable release is out and it will most likely be a pleasant surprise for users.

When you first open the Internet browser you will notice a striking resemblance with Google Chrome, but that is mostly due to the WebKit engine. The resemblance is significant, but the browser is different enough so you won’t notice it for long.

Users can also create a Maxthon passport, which is actually a cloud account, like the one used by Google Chrome. As a side note and a rather interesting fact, Maxthon implemented the possibility to save your bookmarks, cookies, and other preferences in the cloud long before Google Chrome developers had the idea.

One of the most interesting things about Maxthon Cloud Browser is the fact that it’s compatible with Google Web Store. Users can download and use most of the extensions and apps from the store, which provides a huge support base for the Chinese-made browser.

The developer provided a number of different download formats for the browser, including the source package, which can be used to compile your own version. We tested the application in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, which is not even out yet, and it works like a charm.

More details about the Maxthon Cloud Browser can be found in the official announcementDownload Maxthon Cloud Browser right now from Softpedia.