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[Techradar.Pro] Why startups need an emerging markets distribution strategy

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Why startups need an emerging markets distribution strategy

INDUSTRY VOICE Organizations must localize apps and tech to succeed

All too often, startups try to execute on go to market strategies strictly focused on finding traction in the United States or EU and then hoping that success in these markets translates into direct success globally. While some companies do achieve success in both developed and developing markets this is the exception: not the rule.
For every Facebook and Twitter to hit the market, thousands of startups hang their ‘open for business’ shingle in N. America and hear nothing but crickets. Effectively, startups following that strategy are making success in the hardest markets a prerequisite for rolling out into more accessible markets. Following the “if you make it here, you can make it anywhere” mantra isolates the company from the majority of its user base, which ever more everyday resides globally.

Analyst Mary Meeker’s most recent “State of the Internet: 2014″ report points out that 9 out of 10 internet properties are made in the United States but 79% of their users are outside the U.S. That data point says it all.

Global markets matter

Start-ups need to bake this into their go to market strategy from day one. And conditions have never been more favorable for small startups to do so for 3 reasons:

  • Cost of localization
  • Global rise of social media usage
  • Easier access to major distribution channels

Most immediately, the cost to localize an app or web product has dropped at least tenfold in the past four years. Companies like CrowdIn and freelance markets like Elance now mean you can access quality translators and add a new language for an app for less than $1000.

International social media

Social media penetration –particularly Twitter – is saturated enough to make viral discovery and distribution a reality when it wasn’t four years ago. Meaning, you can build your brand without having to navigate less accessible in-country advertising scenes. And finally, forging partnerships with consumer cellular telcos and OEMs for device preloading are more accessible than in North America and Europe.
Simply put, it’s easier to get a meeting with Brazil’s ‘Oi’ (formerly Telemar) than Verizon. If you can’t staff to do direct deals with carriers and OEMs, companies like App Attach can give you direct access to carriers and OEMs through their closed app market.

This approach works. Examples are out there. Quixey, which has built a ground-breaking way of marrying deep search around apps and app data, saw the opportunity of prioritizing expansion at a pretty early point developmentally, partnering with one of Singapore’s main info-communication companies, StarHub. Zomato – a restaurant discovery platform, owns its space in 12 and counting countries. This list is growing by the minute. To put it another way, if you’re launched a startup and aren’t happy with your growth in the US market, stop waiting for the hockey stick and go global.
Karl Mattson, VP of International at Maxthon

[MaximumPC] Maxthon Browser Lets You Fast Forward Through Forced Advertisements

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

New version of Maxthon focuses on video performance

Are you looking to try out a new browser? The latest release of Maxthon comes with a few tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to fast forward through any part of any video, even advertisements that you might be forced to watch. Maxthon makes this possible through what it calls Ad Skipper technology, which uses a combination of smart pre-fetching and a new approach to managing the browser runtime environment.

“The growth of video streaming sites that are easily accessible on desktop and mobile is fueling the current wave of internet usage. Maxthon is focused on delivering superior features that address the changing habits of our users to ultimately enhance their online experience. Ad Skipper for Maxthon PC is our latest contribution to that effort,” said Jeff Chen, founder and CEO of Maxthon.

The new version of Maxthon is also supposed to do a better job with CPU and RAM management, especially compared to other browsers when watching video. It offers broad video codec support — H.264, VP8, OggTheora, and WebM — has a sharing option, and a boss key option in case Bill Lumbergh happens to wander by.

If you want to give Maxthon a spin, you can download it here.



Maxthon Releases Windows PC Browser Designed To Make Watching Videos Faster

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Try the New Maxthon Ad-Skipper Today, Click Here! 

Browser maker Maxthon has released a browser for Windows PC that is designed for watching videos and includes features like the “AdSkipper,” which lets users fast forward through advertisements without slowing their video downloads.

While Maxthon’s expansion strategy is heavily mobile-based (for example, last year it inked a significant deal with MediaTek that will preload its mobile browser onto more than 100 million smartphones this year), it has continued to make products for PC users as well. These include its first browser for Linux, which was released in March, and new Windows PC desktop browser.

The company says that two-thirds of its users (its browsers reach 100 million unique devices per month) watch at least one video per day, a number close to findings by a Pew Research study that says 78% of adults watch or download videos online. Maxthon’s new video-optimized browser is targeted to them and, of course, may also increase their engagement with the company’s products.

In addition to its ad-skipping feature, Maxthon also claims that its video browser has a more efficient approach to memory management and CPU usage, which means that videos play faster and have fewer stops or lags. Videos can also be pulled out of the browser screen and the whimsical (but potentially useful) “boss key” means that hitting “CTRL +” during playback will overlay a “very boring, work-like-looking spreadsheet”over the video you are watching.

Karl Mattson, Maxthon’s vice president, says that the company originally rolled out its video-optimized browser earlier this year in China, where the ad-skipper feature proved especially popular because the “video to ad ratio for video viewing on the web in China is out of control. We’re talking one minute of advertising for one and half minutes of content.”

From a user perspective, people watching videos using Maxthon’s browser “will immediately notice faster buffering (regardless of connection speed); few to no stall-starts as the http://get tries to catch up with the playback; stability over time (e.g. you can watch a full-length movie on something less than high speed–10 mbps or greater with no stall-starts) and, perhaps most interesting, video fast-forward,” says Mattson.

The browser’s features work best on flash video, with different HTML 5 formats in the works, says Mattson. So it will get the best results with Netflix and Hulu, while YouTube performance depends on your user agent setting on the browser.

Maxthon also plans to release video-optimized features for browsers on all its other platforms, starting with Android, then Mac OS, iOS, Windows Phone, and Linux.

Superfast Maxthon Web Browser for Android and PC

Monday, June 9th, 2014
Seamless web browsing is no longer just a concept.
Maxthon Browser is a eye catching web-browser. His looks and feel is awesome.

Comparing other browser he consume less ram and cache. Maxthon is Fast, loaded with many features and more attractive.
Maxthon browsing experiance is greater than others in any platform. Maxthon great feature is cloud syncing ,you can sync all of data,bookmarks,history between your Home PC, Work PC and your Android Mobile.
Maxthon can load webpage fastly than any other browser. Google Chrome, Firefox .Opera Mini and many other top browser are slow comparing him.

Maxthon Cloud Web Browser For Windows

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows uses a unique, innovative dual-core design that uses both Webkit and Trident. Fast and efficient, our dual-core design displays all web pages quickly and reliably. With its first-place HTML 5 support and ‘out of the box’ features you can‘t get anywhere else, Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows frees people to share and send files among different devices and platforms, easily.


Why I Liked Maxthon Browser.


Maxthon Most Important Feature is his super fast speed.Maxthon loads webpages very fast.

Maxthon Support HTML5 and more and more.Maxthon comes with all the basic browser requirements. It has inbuilt extensions that makes your browsing experience much better.

i. Ad Blocker : The Ad Hunter extension of Maxthon not only blocks pop up ads, but when you subscribe to it’s rules, it also blocks the ads on webpages. You can even block specific ads by click. You would find Ad Hunter at the bottom of Maxthon web browser. You can customize Ad Hunter by editing it’s blocking rules.

ii. Screenshot : You have to install extension or add-on to take a screenshot from any other web browser. This requires to give very sensitive permissions to that extension, plus that extension consumes some extra RAM, but Maxthon have this screenshot ability inbuilt in it. You can snap region or whole page. There are awesome tools to modify the screen image. Helpful for Bloggers, and also to general Internet users.

iii. Translator: Maxthon gives you the option (Go to advanced options) to select your translation tool, that is Google or Youdao. You can translate the selected text or entire page.

iv. Notes : This is also one important feature. I often need to note down interesting and important things on Internet. Sometimes we have to note down things immediately, like An idea, a thing to remember. Notes is the essential feature in this respect.

v. Resource Sniffer Downloads: If you download files regularly, you may like the browser’s Resource Sniffer as it may make that process more convenient. A list of files available on the page is displayed in the Resource Sniffer when it is opened. Next to a listing of all files are filters for video, audio and image files, which can be selected and downloaded with just two clicks.

vi. Night Mode: If you prefer colors that are less bright to the eye (at night) use Maxthon’s Night Mode for that. It basically changes the style of all web pages that you visit to darker tones. And if you do not like the brown-golden design, you can customize it to your liking.

vii. Dual Engines -Switch Between Webkit and Trident :Maxthon ships with two rendering engines. First Webkit which builds the core of Google Chrome and Safari, and then Trident which is Internet Explorer’s rendering engine. Maxthon users can switch between the two, for instance to access pages that IE displays correctly, but the Webkit browser does not. A lightning symbol in the address bar indicates that Webkit is being used.

viii. A password manager, dubbed “Magic Fill”. It doesn’t just remember your passwords like other browsers do, it allows you to save and manage “identities” much the same as password managers like LastPass.

ix. Split Screen:The split screen mode as the name suggest allows Maxthon to display two webpages in a single tab and this can be very useful when transferring date from online forms or else. To access the split-screen mode simply press the F10 key ( pressing it again will disable this feature)

x. Video pop out or save: The browser provides the option for you to pop out or save any video for viewing later. This includes YouTube video.

xi. Reader Mode: Once you switched to this mode a simple reader appears on the screen showing the content of the page. Now with this mode you can read webpage contents clearly without ads or unusual scipt. At first start you get some information popups to quickly get to know what you can find under Settings and Auto-switch.

xii. Other : Mute Control, Themes, Data Information Mouse Gestures:
Here are some additional feature of Maxthon Web Browser. You can turn off the volume from the bottom bar of Maxthon browser. This browser has some pre-installed themes, so you can change and select the theme of your choice. The bottom bar of Maxthon provides the information of data transfer rate, that is download and upload speed. Maxthon also provides the information of CPU usage, available physical and virtual memory, local IP and public IP address.Support Mouse Gesture,set mouse gesture and trigger your command

Maxthon Browser has inbuilt feature that website do not track your location.

Download fastest web browser for android.Maxthon Free Web Browser for Window PC

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android is the first multi-tab browser with Maxthon’s innovative Cloud Services, including: Cloud Tabs, Cloud Push, Cloud Download and bookmarks/favorites syncing. With its cool design and out of the box features like Super Gestures, Reader Mode, App Center and more, this browser delivers a fresh and original browsing experience.

Features and benefits:
- (NEW) Quick Access – Puts your favorite sites on speed dial.
- (NEW) NewsBites – Puts your favorite media on speed dial.
- Advanced Gesture feature allows you to create your own touch screen commands to surf with your fingertips.
- ‘My Cloud Tabs’ – Lets you pick up where you left off, by automatically syncing your tabs to different devices for a seamless browsing experience.
- Cloud Push – Supports sending texts, images, websites/links and tabs to any device with a Maxthon account.
- Cloud Download – Supports downloading and uploading files of all types to your free, secure cloud space.
- Sharing – Super-easy and intuitive ways to share mobile contents through Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and other social media channels.
- Favorites syncing – Your bookmarks/favorites travel with you anywhere you go.
- Private browsing – Browse the web without saving any browser history.
- Reader Mode – Makes it easy to view articles by adjusting font sizes, formatting and removing ads.
- Tab browsing – Powerful tab management that puts your mobile screen to maximum use.
- Add-ons – Small but useful add-ons to take your browsing experience to new heights
- Powerful personalization – Avatars and more in your browser.
- Text re-flow/auto-wrap – Texts automatically re-flow in browser, adjusting to your device screen.
- Flash video support
Add-ons to make your web browser more fun and productive:
- Advanced Gesture
- Screenshot Assistant
- Bookmark Backup

Maxthon web browser is one of the highest rated browsers for Android today. Rated higher than some of the other browsers on the market, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini, IE (Internet Explorer), Dolphin, UC Web & Boat. Download Maxthon today and you’ll be convinced it is the best web browser you’ve ever used.

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android v4.2.6.2000 Officially is Released!

Friday, June 6th, 2014


Maxthon Cloud Browser for Android v4.2.6.2000



[New Features]
- Supported sharing pages to WeChat

- Updated Copy/Paste feature
- Optimized sharing experience
- Fixed Gesture’s failure after reboot
- Other bugs fixes



Click HERE

Engadget: Maxthon browser to be preloaded in at least 100 million smartphones

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Maxthon browser to be preloaded in at least 100 million smartphones thanks to MediaTek partnership

By Nicole Lee

Though Maxthon launched its Android browser three years ago, it might not be the go-to app most users have when they get their brand new smartphone. That might change soon however, thanks to a recently announced partnership between the software company and RollTech, the value-added services arm of  MediaTek, one of the world’s largest mobile chipset suppliers. As a result of the collaboration, the Maxthon mobile browser will be pre-installed in more than 100 million MediaTek-based smartphones in 2014. Though we don’t know yet just which devices will have the software on board, a partially released list does include manufacturers like LG, ZTE and Lenovo. It appears that the phones will likely be targeted at emerging markets, with a focus on those in Brazil, Russia, China, India and Indonesia. Combine that with features like cloud syncing and LAN file transfer, and Maxthon might just gain marketshare over that other popular Android browsers.


TechCrunch: Maxthon Inks Deal With Mobile Chip Maker MediaTek That Will Preload Its Browser Onto 100M Mobile Devices In 2014

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Maxthon Inks Deal With Mobile Chip Maker MediaTek That Will Preload Its Browser Onto 100M Mobile Devices In 2014

By Catherine Shu

Web browser maker Maxthon has announced a partnership with Rolltech, the value-added services arm of MediaTek, the third largest global supplier of chipsets used in Android smartphones. The deal means that in 2014 Maxthon’s mobile browser will be preloaded onto upwards of 100 million smartphones and tablets made by manufacturers such as LGE, ZTE, TCL/Alcatel, Gionee, Phillips, Techain, Konka, Lenovo Mobile, CKT and LavaMobile.

“It’s a very broad and diverse list of OEMs, so when you look at where these devices will end up, that is what is most exciting to us,” says Karl Mattson, vice president of Maxthon’s International Division. “We’re talking about Russia, China, most of Latin America, as well as some very interesting markets in Indonesia and Thailand.”

Based in Taiwan, MediaTek has rapidly grabbed market share away from other smartphone app processor makers such as Qualcomm and Samsung by providing manufacturers with the chips, instructions and software that they need to quickly and cheaply bring devices to market. Rolltech, MediaTek’s software licensing arm, helps OEMs customize and preload software and services onto mobile devices, allowing them to add value to smartphones and tablets without further eroding into their already slim margins.

Preloading its browser onto devices sold in emerging markets is a crucial part of Maxthon’s growth strategy and the deal with MediaTek will significantly enlarge the Beijing-based company’s user base, which is currently 120 million people per month in more than 150 countries. Maxthon hopes to gain scale against competitors such as UCWeb, Opera and Firefox by grabbing a strong foothold in markets that currently have low Internet penetration, meaning that most users haven’t yet developed brand loyalty to specific mobile browsers.

“The significance of our MediaTek relationship is twofold. One is that it obviously represents many new potential customers. But it is also very significant for us strategically in that it gives us heavy, heavy distribution in the markets we know we want to grow in. In the longer term, we know these markets will be where the next billion [Internet users] come from,” says Mattson.

Maxthon designs its Chromium-based browser so it can be easily localized to suit the Web usage habits of its various target markets. For example, MMORPG games are especially popular in Thailand, while Brazilians use a wider variety of social media networks than people in other countries. Maxthon’s cloud-based browser means that users with accounts can access their content across different platforms, adding further incentive for them to stick with Maxthon when moving between their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

“One thing that we just launched is a really robust smartphone experience in the browser that allows us to aggregate content, services and video in a very specific market-by-market way that will allow users to do things like off-line reading and viewing, and keep that customized experience with them even when using other devices,” says Mattson.


VentureBeat: Alternative browser maker Maxthon cuts a deal to break into smartphones

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Alternative browser maker Maxthon cuts a deal to break into smartphones

By Dean Takahashi

Watch out browser makers. Maxton is coming to smartphones and tablets through an alliance with Taiwan’s MediaTek.

Jeff Chen, the founder and chief executive of alternative browser maker Maxthon, was tired of slow and crash-prone browsers. So he built a fast and reliable one called Maxthon. Now his company has more than 100 million monthly users for its browser. And today, the company is announcing it has figured out a way to reach as many as 100 million more users on smartphones and tablets in 2014. It will do so through an alliance with mobile chip maker MediaTek, which will design the Maxthon browser into its products.

That could help turn Maxthon into a more credible competitor to the big browsers: Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Mozilla’s Firefox. Maxthon, which is based in San Francisco and Hong Kong, has partnered with MediaTek’s value-added services arm, RollTech. MediaTek, based in Taiwan, is the third-largest supplier of chips for Android smartphones and tablets. The companies say that the alliance means that Maxthon’s web browsers will be preloaded into 100 million smartphones in 2014. Of course, Maxthon will have its work cut out getting users to use its browser instead of others.

I recently sat down with Chen and Karl Mattson, general manager of Maxthon International, for an interview.

“Our chunk of the browser market is both large and small,” said Mattson. “We are in the top five. It’s a big business. But we are smaller than IE or Chrome. Still, for us that means we have a big opportunity. We can be a lot more nimble. We can pursue things faster. And fix things faster.”

Maxthon hopes to distinguish itself from other through better performance. That’s where its roots were.
“We got a lot of inspiration from gamers, and I played a lot of games myself,” said Chen, a big fan of the Galaga arcade game when he was a kid. As a college student in Singapore, he turned that interest in games into a career in programming.

“I started using the internet a lot in 2003. Internet Explorer was so horrible to use,” he said. He created a community around his browser, which he first called MyIE. It was sort of like open source, as community members contributed to the effort. But Chen himself wrote all the final code. In 2004, he got more than 3 million users. He founded the company, Maxthon, got some funding, and continued to expand it worldwide. It innovated with new features such as tabs, sandboxed tabs for added security, and cloud-based services for syncing bookmarks and history. With memory management, Maxthon allows you to pick up where you left off, no matter what you were working on, with any of your Internet-enabled devices.

Because of its focus on speed, Maxthon switched from the Trident browser engine in 2008 because Microsoft was slow to fix it. Chen adopted the Webkit engine that Apple used to create Safari. The company also focused on making Maxthon ideal for gamers by allowing them to sign into five accounts at the same time. Chen also focused on reliable memory management so that the browser would be less prone to crash.

“RollTech’s mission is to work with OEMs and device manufacturers to help deliver the best possible combination of smart devices and services to the markets they serve,” says Huiling Liu, CEO and founder of RollTech. “We’re pleased to add Maxthon’s high performance web browsers to our efforts. “ Maxthon will be pre-loaded in a number of smart phones and tablets sold through original device manufacturers. A partial list includes LGE, ZTE,TCL/Alcatel, Gionee, Phillips, Techain, Konka, LenovoMobile, CKT, and LavaMobile.


AllThingsD: Maxthon Partners With Android Chipmaker to Preload Mobile Browser in Emerging Markets

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Maxthon Partners With Android Chipmaker to Preload Mobile Browser in Emerging Markets

By Eric Johnson

Maxthon announced today that, via a new partnership with RollTech, the mobile version of its alternative Web browser will be preloaded onto more than 100 million smartphones in 2014. RollTech is a subsidiary of MediaTek, the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer that claims to be the third-largest global supplier of chipsets for Android devices. Maxthon hopes to build inroads with customers in emerging markets where Internet penetration is currently low but improving thanks to the increasing affordability of mobile devices.


NextBigWhat: The Best Browser You Have Never Heard Of Is Looking At India

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

The Best Browser You Have Never Heard Of Is Looking At India

By Jayadevan P K

“We are the best browser you have never heard of,” jokes Karl Mattson, the Vice President & Assistant CEO of Maxthon, a China based browser company. But in the coming days, you will be hearing a lot more about the company’s cloud browser as it turns up its focus on India and other markets. The cloud based browser built by Jeff Chen, has had more than 25 mn installations spread between Android, iOS, Windows & Mac in India.

“Three years ago, the #2 market for Maxthon outside of China was Russia. Then we launched our Android products and our new version of Maxthon for Windows. Within a year, our #2 market was India,” said Mattson in an interview. Edited Excerpts.

What kind of growth are you seeing in India?

The growth is coming almost equally from Android and desktop usage. What’s really astounding is that it is all based on word of mouth. We are growing like crazy in Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. In lot of our Asian markets, a big driver of usage is casual gaming and social networking. When we get to North America & the EU, average users are a bit older and shopping drives usage. In India, content is a huge driver followed by social networking. We are making more and more investments in this market. We believe in customizing experiences in different markets and growth is largely organic so far.

Have you done any customization for India?

We have done a little bit of customization for Android with the start page. But we are excited about new additions we are about to roll out in September. The Android browser will have a Flipboard like customized content experience as part of the browsing experience. Mobile browser usage is heavily tipped towards content consumption and we are going to roll out those features in India sometime in the middle of September.

How many users do you have in India?

We have had upwards of 25 mn installations spread between Android, iOS, Windows & Mac. On any given day, the number of daily unique users, is between 5-10 mn. That may seem like a small number but when you look at the browser market, most companies quote aggregate downloads, which is not a really indication of actual popularity. We are definitely top 4 in India at this point at least on Android. We are behind Chrome, IE, Mozilla and Opera in India. We are a smaller company but what is exciting is the growth we are experiencing through word of mouth. You will be hearing a lot more about us in the next month or so.

Does that involve large marketing spend like WeChat and others in India? Or is there a different approach?

It is very different. From the beginning, our approach has been to run the business and product by international standards. A good product is a good product globally. We are not in a position like Tencent or WeChat, that are created and driven by a particular culture. You can turn that around and say the same thing about Microsoft which makes products in Redmont and uses its marketing muscle to sell in other markets. Our approach has been different. We are focused on what our customers in the market have been telling us either through direct communication or through more proactive approaches. In our Russian market, for example, lot of websites are optimized for Internet Explorer. What that means is that you often need to use Internet explorer for things like the ‘shopping cart’ to work. That’s driven by the browser’s rendering engine (in this case Trident, the rendering engine by Microsoft). We also knew that we can create a much faster experience with Webkit, the open source rendering engine. Our response to those needs was to launch a browser that had both rendering engines and then add some intelligence to identify if the website is Trident optimized or Webkit optimized and make sure it works. We have done similar things in the US & China.

NextBigWhat Take

The setup is little file that downloads quickly over broadband internet connection. We tried the browser and found it to be snappy. It imported bookmarks without asking, but that’s a problem only if you are too touchy about permissions. If you ask me, it is just convenient.

It’s got all the regular features like tabbed browsing and private browsing. We love the fact that the browser is highly customizable.

Maxthon’s nifty little dock lets you pin itself onto the desktop so you can access all your web shortcuts with one click without launching the browser. If you are looking for a browser that syncs across your devices and gives you a lot of control, we recommend you try this out.