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Maxthon Extends International Facebook Presence: Maxthon Fan Pages

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Maxthon has awesome fans allover the world who started to disseminate news about Maxthon through instantiating Maxthon Facebook fan pages in their local languages. Do you speak any of the following languages? Russian, Taiwanese, Czech, Dutch, French or Polish…Go ahead and like our fans’ Facebook pages – there are more to come – keep in touch!

Czech Republic
The Netherlands
Spain Maxthon Mobile Espagna

Taiwanese Maxthon Facebook Fan PageGo to Maxthon’s Official Facebook Page

Why Maxthon is gr8: First Winner of a Nabi Tablet-PC

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Here’s the creative contribution of the first winner of our Nabi tablet contest – congratulations!

The contest is still going, so hurry if you want to participate in this week’s give-away of a Nabil tablet-pc!

To enter, simply tell us what you think makes Maxthon great via anything you can provide a link to – this could be a blog post, video, graphic, slideshow or more! We’re looking for creative, original and quality entries from Maxthon fans allover the world.

To submit your entry, either
-> post your publicly accessible link on the wall of the official Maxthon Facebook page
-> tweet @maxthon using hashtag #gr8maxthon with your publicly accessible link
-> send us an email


Ready to Win a Nabi Tablet-PC?

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Ready for a chance to receive a tablet with cool features, excellent design and one of the coolest Internet browsers?

Starting February 1, Maxthon will give away a Nabi tablet a week to the Maxthon fan who provides the most creative and fun link to e.g. a blog post, video, graphic or more about why Maxthon is great!

The contest will start on February 1, 2012. To enter, simply tell us what you think makes Maxthon great  via anything you can provide a link to – this could be a blog post, video, graphic, slideshow or more! We’re looking for creative, original and quality entries from Maxthon fans allover the world.

To submit your entry, either
-> post your publicly accessible link on the wall of the official Maxthon Facebook page
-> tweet @maxthon using hashtag #gr8maxthon with your publicly accessible link


7" Nabi Tablet - Kid-Safe Browsing

7" Nabi Tablet - With Kid-Safe Maxthon Browser


The Tablet Era: Additional Thoughts on the Present Revolution

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Having written about the rise of tablet computing, it is worth revisiting this subject for a number of reasons. First, tablets are not some fad, a soon-to-die phenomenon where consumers will quickly embrace (and then abandon) yet another piece of hardware. Secondly, tablets continue to rapidly transform everything from media to gaming to casual surfing of the web. And thirdly, tablets elevate the necessity of having the right Internet browser.

This point is a crucial one because, without a fast, reliable and secure means of getting online, a tablet is nothing more than an attractive piece of hardware. The equipment itself may win praise from critics; but unless there is innovative software and other relevant features, the hardware is simply a shiny object, a prop from some neglected science fiction story about “the future,” which will never materialize the way we hope or imagine. And yet, the tablet is a reality because there is excellent software for people to use.

Maxthon Mobile is one such example of the software responsible for successfully accessng the web. For example: we understand – no, we celebrate – this revolution in computing, the rise of tablets and the proliferation of new sources of information, since these changes complement the very purpose of the Internet. In other words, a great tablet deserves a great browser. Hence the rise of Maxthon Mobile, the most effective and convenience way to get online.

Back to School: The Maxthon Difference

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Back to school is an annual ritual, something students and parents – and teachers – await with a combination of excitement, fun, curiosity and anxiety. Concerning the latter, the nervousness that accompanies going to a new school or making the transition from high school to college, this feeling – the simultaneous joy and caution that comes with a return to the classroom – is a natural reaction to change. Compound that change with the rapid developments in computing and the Internet in general — and back to school is a major event. In fact, the contrast between today’s student’s and those from just a few years ago, as it relates to accessing the web, is something to behold: far from being a distraction or a prohibited environment, the Internet is the ultimate repository of information, breaking news, scientific data, academic opinion, published material and global conversation. For students and teachers, harnessing this resource (or making effective use of specific sites) is a priority. Which brings us back to the one way we all get online: with an effective browser.

Maxthon understands this necessity – the importance of accessing the web with speed, security and convenience – and we consider this group, the students and teachers who are the lifeblood of change, worthy of the utmost respect. Rather than treat the academia as an afterthought, or as means to simply generate sales without consideration to the specific needs of students and staff, we believe educators deserve a browser that is both intuitive and efficient. Think, for a moment, of the many ways the right browser can help these people: from research to note taking to saving relevant pages to easily retrieving this data, Maxthon delivers results.

With so many students bringing their laptops or tablets or other mobile devices to class, and then using these tools to write papers or cite online sources, there can be no sacrifice in quality or reliability; there must be a smart way to bring the benefits of the Internet to these individuals. Maxthon does just that — it creates a superior browsing experience.

Thus we conclude our first class of the new school year. The grade: A+.

The Tablet Revolution

Monday, July 25th, 2011

The great transformations within technology are social phenomena; they transcend business cycles or profit margins, and alter the way people behave. Tablets are the perfect example of this point: they have changed – and continue to change – everything from news to gaming to education to communication itself. While many industries look to tablets to save publishing or upend established companies, the bigger event is already here — tablets are everywhere! This result is a notable achievement, as it proves that excellent products are often the result of dedication, even singleminded passion, not focus groups or market studies. With the rise of tablets, we also know that there is a market – quite a big one – for sleekly designed, lightweight electronic accessories that allow people to surf the web, read books, watch movies, send files and further empower users worldwide. Which brings me to accessing the Internet.

A tablet is only as good as the tools it contains, starting with the software necessary to get online with great speed and ease. Hence the rise of Maxthon Mobile. Again, without sounding too self-promotional let me remind people that Maxthon Mobile makes an Android tablet a joy to behold. I write these words from experience, with the full knowledge that tablets are both fun and incredibly useful. Let the tablet revolution continue!

The Open Road: Mobility Is Everything

Monday, July 25th, 2011

One of the joys of summer travel is the opportunity to experience the fun of a road trip. This classic American ritual is a way to enjoy the freedom of driving to an unknown destination. The roadside attractions, the iconic landmarks, the comfort food, the cultural folkways, the people — all of these things define the excitement of driving a car across the United States, or through the South or alongside the meandering arteries of the Midwest or across the Rockies or into the Pacific Northwest. Memorializing this journey is easier than ever, with millions of people using their cell phones (and their cell phone cameras) to capture the essence of this vacation: snapshots of breathtaking beauty as well as everyday images of life in small towns and big cities. But the success of this trip – rather, the ability to easily access information about these places while on the go – depends on surfing the web without any problems. More to the point, the best way to start this drive is with the right mobile browser.

As a fan of Maxthon Mobile, I know that I have a reliable – and innovative – browser that matches my lifestyle. Which is to say, I can quickly download content about points of interest I want to see. My cell phone is sleek, but all that industrial design is worthless without a quality browser. Now I have both: a phone I enjoy, complemented by a browser I need. A perfect combination. Standby for reports from this Great American Road Trip.

Maxthon Mobile and Performance: A Vital Union

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Curious to know the secret of effective mobile communication? Put aside notions about industrial design and clever marketing, though those things matter, and focus on the one issue that is essential: performance. Without effective performance – without the ability to successfully navigate the web without sacrificing precious memory or compromising speed – everything else, all the proverbial bells and whistles that win praise from critics and consumers, is irrelevant. Why? Because a cell phone, even the most beautifully manufactured smart phone, is nothing more than a product without promise.

Maxthon Mobile changes this situation by transforming Android phones into powerful tools for information, entertainment, sharing stories, contacting friends and handling the daily responsibilities of work and fun. And no, this message is not an attempt to excessively cheerlead; but it is an effort to educate people about the easiest way they can immediately improve accessing the Internet through a mobile device — for FREE!

The bottom line is simple: the next big thing – think a heavily promoted product, replete with tons of buzz and a media accolades – is just a piece of plastic, with a shiny metal bezel, unless it has a great browser. Maxthon Mobile is the latter, the result of countless testing (and more testing) and feedback from users worldwide.