Thursday, September 01, 2016

MX5 Beta V5.0.1.1200 Officially Released!

By maxthon

Dear all,


Thanks for helping MX5 improve all the time.

We add guest mode in this version, proxy and core switcher are also coming back.

Users can choose what data to be synced as well.

So today, we bring you the latest version Beta2 and welcome all of you to have a try!


Here are the changelogs:


New functions added in this updated version:

+ Support customization for proxy and core switch button

+ Support external tool

+ Add guest mode

+ Support customization on UEIP data feedback in setting-Privacy & Content

+ Support customization on auto-sync setting

+ Add popup window interception prompt

+ Add new language (Spanish, French and Portuguese)

+ Support dragging URL in a webpage to shortcut bar and make it favorite

+ Shortcut bar-add “add to this folder” for a folder in shortcut bar

+ Shortcut bar support dragging to manage and organize entries

+ Shortcut bar-support “delete” to recycle bin

+ Add upload traffic calculation in Infobox-menu


Functions optimized in this updated version:

- Animation effect optimization in address bar

- User interface optimization

- Cancel popup window for name change from “favorite bar” to “shortcut bar”

- Passkeeper _ logic optimization for auto-fill

- Passkeeper_ UI optimization for excessive information during auto-fill

- Infobox _ optimization for searched result and matched entries

- Faster data import

- Optimized multi collection types function in webpage


Bug fixed:

* Fixed some crashes

* Split mode _ enter personal center, exit and activate split more, cannot drag tabs in left screen to right one

* Quick save images _ fix failure when save Baidu and local pictures

* Passkeeper _ saving failure for account and password in popup window

* Password generator _ random failure in some websites

* Passkeeper _ fix searching logic problem

* Data import _ it’s very slow to import guest data to MX5

* Passkeeper _ Passkeeper page freezes when import data

* Language _ Editing tools’ name in snipping tool displayed in Chinese

* Password generator _ Position adjustment for some websites

* Quick access in 4.4 versions not showing after using MX5

* Download _ fix download problem in Retro mode

* Setting _ Entertainment and HAHA display in International version and extended page

* Solved display issue for super large pictures

* Personal center _ needs restart to update Nickname after editing

* Font rendering _ fail to render customized fonts in Tencent websites, comment area

* Address bar _ switch search engine by alias, changes default search engine

* Previous and forward pages lost after restoring some specific recently closed tabs

* Right click plus wheel changes mouse gesture color to default one

* Address bar _ Tool bar compress address bar space in windowed mode

* Snap _ fail to snap region

* New tab _ only shows search box and navigation bar

* Google picture _ cannot upload by dragging picture from desktop to webpage

* Fix focusing issue in win7 system

* Fix Youdao Translation extension issue

* Tab bar _ new tab button disappear randomly

* Extension _ unable to use “turn off the light” extension

* Read mode _ display issue for some content and pictures in certain websites

* Read mode _ next page in reverse order

* Lock tab _ cannot lock or unlock a tab when open a new tab

* Sign in _ cannot sign in when set password with IE proxy

* Shortcut _ F2F3 functional defect

* Ad blocker _ Ad blocker icon shows in tool bar even without enabling

* Solved window disappearing issue in second screen under win7 system

* Cannot open local file

* Infobox popup issue

* Remember arranged order for notes and favorites in folders

* Repeated instruction in private and session modes

* Import data from MX3 in reverse order


Install Information

Install Version
Download link: C:\Users\Edison\AppData\Local\Temp\8LDO4

MD5: B943D0E9AEC51032D0F2F6C665741672


Portable Version
Download link: C:\Users\Edison\AppData\Local\Temp\[5UQ[



Happy browsing!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Time to Upgrade the Browser to Information Assistant

By maxthon

San Francisco, California, August 1, 2016Maxthon, a developer of next-generation web browsing tools, today announced that it has launched a beta version of its new MX5, the one-stop information assistant that serves as a platform to provide valuable services and content to users. With unique features like personal online information center, intelligent password keeping and sophisticated email management, the new MX5 gives users a faster, safer and more personal browsing experience than any product on the market today.

“The traditional browser is dying,” said Chen. “Web browsers have, for the most part, been defined as just simple presentation tools. But we’re saying, hey wait, a browser can be much more than that. It’s really a platform that can give people services and content to make lives better and more enjoyable. In other words, the browser will shift more from its minimalist form to a richer information center. ”

Maxthon’s vision is represented by the new MX5. The MX5 not only solves users’ pain points, but provides them with a rich ecosystem to manage their online life as well as unprecedented ways to manage content, personal info, security and email. It includes three unique features, each fully integrated and that exist as part of the browser:  Infobox, Passkeeper and UUMail.

Why do we Need to Upgrade the Browser to an Information Assistant?

Information security:  We rely on our browsers to access various web pages and locations and to have a complete online experience. So, securing our browser is the first step we need to take to assure our online protection. The recent, and well-publicized, password leaks once again showed the urgency to keep users’ passwords and emails secure. That’s why Maxthon’s MX5 provides important features such as Passkeeper and UUMail.

Information overload:  It’s no longer enough for a browser to simply present web content. For users to have a better browsing experience, today’s browser must be an efficient tool to process information. That’s why the MX5 introduces Infobox.

Infobox – Say Goodbye to the Old Bookmark System

“Maxthon put a lot of thought into developing Infobox,” said Chen. “We saw a lot of pain points and wanted to do something—to reduce users’ difficulties in browsing the web, make note-taking more convenient and eliminate cross-platform sync-up issues. Infobox isn’t just a collection function, it’s a service for the whole platform.”

Infobox is, in essence, a personal online information center—one that integrates bookmarking, note-taking and management, and personal cloud storage. Typical web browsers only allow a user to save website address, not the content. But Infobox lets users easily manage and save information from websites, including content, photos, screenshots and even users’ notes as a permanent bookmark “card,” with just one click. The information a user saved in Infobox will not be changed even if the content provider shuts down.

Infobox also makes note-taking easy with its Easy Note feature that includes many editing functions and allows users to take notes at anytime, anywhere. Other features include support for cross-platform data synchronization, offline visiting and free 1 GB of new uploads monthly.

Passkeeper – the Intelligent Password Management Solution—and it’s Free

Remembering multiple passwords is a hassle. That’s why many users keep the same password for different occasions and products. But that’s not secure. Once others know a user’s password, they can access everything. While there are some password management products in the market to unify users’ multiple passwords, Passkeeper does more than simply that.

Passkeeper greatly improves the function of password keeping in the MX5 information assistant. It helps users by automatically generating, saving and filing password in the cloud for easier and more secure log-in. With Passkeeper, users can check each account login detail to avoid remote, unauthorized login. What’s more, Passkeeper can sync up and function across all device types.

For the utmost security and privacy, Passkeeper provides triple encryption and multi-channel security using the AES25 algorithm which strengthens the local database encryption and provides safer transmission to the cloud via https.

UUMail – Helps You Protect Real Email Addresses and Get Rid of Spam

Today, most people have multiple email accounts—one for work and business, another for private use, others for certain websites or services. The 2014 Email Research Report found the typical user had 3.9 emails. Having multiple emails, though, has its own problems:  they’re difficult to manage, generate lots of spam and are unsecure and vulnerable to hackers. UUMail was developed to solve these problems and help users manage their mailboxes efficiently.

UUMail is a virtual email inbox. It’s not a real mailbox, but rather a management tool for multiple mailboxes. UUMail allows one mailbox to control all of the user’s mailboxes, helping users manage emails in a safer, more personalized and pithy way. UUMail users can create numerous shadow email ids that connect to their personal email box. Without revealing one’s personal email id, UUMail protects the privacy of the email ids and keep users safe from spam and other unwanted information.

UUMail users have the option to personalize their email address. A typical UUMail address comes with a customized account name of the user’s choice, a domain name of the user’s choice followed by For example, we could generate a UUMail address for MX5 as:  Go to to learn more.



Anna Zhang


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Maxthon Browser MX5 Beta V5.0.1.500 Officially Released!

By maxthon

Hello Maxers,

Thanks for helping Maxthon improve all the time.

Today, we have Maxthon official version available for you to try out and welcome all of you to have a try!


Here are the changelogs :


New functions added in this updated version:

+Support to import mx4.x quick access local data

+Add proxy setting on sign in page

+Remember auto sign-in status on sign in page

+Add more language options: bg-bg fa-ir nb-no pt-pt vec-it

+Infobox: tool bar-menu-list view added

+Infobox: add right click on URL to open/copy website function


Functions optimized in this updated version:

-Changed the download link in QR sign in page

-Improved some over-length languages in night mode setting page

-Visual optimization for Infobox


Bug fixed:

*Several occasional crashes

*Upload pictures on Facebook

*Tab bar: lock tab

*Status bar: split screen button disappears

*Tab: close tabs continuously, abnormity appears

*Sign in: use special format email sign in, prompt email format error

*Fixed some minority languages problem

*Passkeeper: fix URL for 126 website

*Passkeeper: some display abnormity in password generator

*Passkeeper: in compatible mode, no saved indication pop up

*Passkeeper: some bugs on languages

*Video pop-up: close tab after popping up video, video been closed as well

*Settings: some misdirection on locations

*Infobox: optimized “pin to shortcut bar” function

*Infobox: unreadable code in URL

*Infobox: ALT+A to open shortcut folder showing error

*Sign in with mobile number, error appears with mobile information after logging out


Install Information


Install Version

Download link: C:\Users\Edison\AppData\Local\Temp\8LDO4



Portable Version

Download link: C:\Users\Edison\AppData\Local\Temp\[5UQ[

MD5: 8AD52B5FE513850AEABB5E64F55575C5

Monday, August 01, 2016

Maxthon Browser MX5 Beta V5.0.1.100 Officially Released!

By maxthon

Hello Maxers,

Firstly, thanks everyone’s feedback during Alpha testing. We fixed a lot of bugs and made many optimization with your help.

Therefore, today, we bring you the Beta version to let you have a try!

Beta versions are still test versions, if you find bugs or have some suggestion, welcome to create topics in “MX5 Beta Version Discussion” area in forum.

Let’s make MX5 become better!


+ Improvements:

Improve UI of main interface

Improve UI of installation and uninstallation interface

Add support for pasting pictures into articles in Infobox.

Optimize URL style of Infobox

Optimize custom webpage font

Support multiple language

Add proxy turn on/off button near address bar

Support off-line message

Add manual import for local user data

Support right click menu for address bar, when only display main URL in address bar

No limit for the number of tools display in tool bar (Thanks ody’s feedback)

Add right click manu for the index of Infobox

Add preview for the “Add to Infobox” function in right click manu

Add “Hide Shortcut bar icons” option in “Advanced” in “settings”

Add “Import data” function in Infobox and Passkeeper

Improve the speed of auto–sync data from MX4 into MX5, when users first log in MX5.


- Bug fixes

Fix some crashes

Data Import_Reverse order issue for importing data in Infobox (Thanks ody’s feedback)

Lock Tab_Display extra close button on locked tab, after refresh

Status Bar_CPU Usage disabled option can’t work well

Passkeeper_Optimize UI and fix some bugs

New Tab Page_Typed keywords still display in search bar, after search

New Tab Page_Cursor Focus display issues

Quick Access_Address bar can’t remember searched history typed in quick search bar

Quick Access_No display default search engine in address bar

Address Bar_Search engine is hidden by the URL display of address bar

Address Bar_Default texts overlap, when select some contents in address bar

ABP_Some videos can’t play, when ABP is enabled

Settings_Can’t delete extensions in “Functions & Addons”

Settings_No “settings saved” notification, when changed options of Microphone and Camera (Thanks WarDeN’s feedback)

Tab Bar_Can’t continuing close tabs

Snap_Can’t use snap function in Retro Mode

Shortcuts_Open the note in wrong place, when click a note

Infobox_“Remove from shortcut” option should not appear in the right click menu, when right click notes

Infobox_Pictures appear in wrong place, after insert pictures successfully

Infobox_Open the URL wrongly in tab, when select an URL in text area and select “Go to XXX” in right click menu

Infobox_Can’t drag folders from “All folders” into Shortcut

Extension_Open wrong page, when click “extension manager” on side bar

Shortcut Key_Can’t lock browser in Full-screen Mode


Install Information

Install Version

Download link:

MD5: D0336ED6D6AD7AD66176788CF6377F07


Portable Version

Download link:

MD5: A3EBD89D64732B2BA20322FAE801855E

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Security and Privacy are Top Priorities at Maxthon

By Jeff Chen

This week Exatel published a report saying that Maxthon collects sensitive user information and sends the URLs to the Maxthon server. We take the allegations from the Exatel report very seriously and have fully investigated this matter.

User Experience Improvement Program (UEIP)

Maxthon implements a User Experience Improvement Program (UEIP), a standard industry practice to improve the user experience. Users are supposed to have full control when it comes to opting in or out of the UEIP. If a user opts out, the UEIP is not supposed to collect information. However, upon investigating the situation based on the Exatel report, we located a bug in our 2007 code library. We have immediately fixed this bug. We thank the Exatel team for helping us identify the problem.

We’d like to note that the user information the UEIP program collects follows industry standard practice, and we share this practice with our users in the Maxthon UEIP policy. As pointed out in the Exatel report, the software information Maxthon collects is designed to improve the user experience by better configuring the software our users run in the system. Thanks to the UEIP program, we are able to analyze and solve configuration issues across all kinds of software. We will update our UEIP policy and provide even more transparency to our users.

Sending URLs to the Maxthon server

Exatel also reported that Maxthon sends URLs back to its server. Just as all URL security checks work, Maxthon’s cloud security scanner module (cloud secure) checks the safety of the websites our users visit. By implementing this URL security check, Maxthon sends URLs to its server to check if the website is safe or not. As a result of these security checks, we have prevented our users from visiting millions of fake and malicious websites since 2005. In our latest version, we will add an option for users to turn off the scanner.

url security check

Our Promise to Users

We at Maxthon take users’ privacy and information security seriously. We keep our users’ information secure and private. Maxthon has been in business for over 10 years and there has NEVER been a privacy leak to any third party. We are a truly international company with servers located in the U.S., EU, and Asia. We take endless efforts to improve our product to protect users’ security and privacy.

We are about to release our next-generation browser, the MX5, with enhanced features to protect user’s data and privacy.

  1. MX5 requires registration so that MX5 users are protected by a secure username and password.
  2. MX5’s Passkeeper feature provides triple encryption and multi-channel security using the AES25 algorithm. This algorithm strengthens the local database encryption and provides safer transmission to the cloud via https.
  3. MX5’s UUmail is a virtual email box that helps protect users real email addresses and get rid of spam emails.Please check for the latest information.

Jeff Chen (CEO of Maxthon)

11:00pm EST, July 14, 2016

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Maxthon Browser MX5 Beta V4.9.3.1000 Officially Released!

By maxthon

Hello Maxers,

Today, we bring you official version to let you have a try.

The main improvements and bug fixes have been listed in the changelog below.

Any comments or feedback will be highly appreciated!

Thanks for your continuous support!


Key improvements


- Bug fixes:

When switch to a new webpage, Resource Sniffer’s previous history did not clear automatically.

Compatibility problem on some websites.

In Default Application Setting Page, Maxthon’s name display error.


Install Information


Install version

MD5: 119707525c441bb0fb9038a6c4dbcff2


Portable version

MD5: b342e1c27478840557d80ce2cce1c1d5

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Maxthon Browser MX5 Beta V4.9.2.1000 Officially Released!

By maxthon

Hello Maxers,

Today, we bring you official version V4.9.2.1000 to let you have a try.

The key changes and bug fixes have been listed in the changelog below.

Any comments or feedback will be highly appreciated!

Thanks for your continuous support!


Key Changes


+ Add


+ Add font setting support

+ Add search bar support

+ Add third-party download support

+ Add solid skin

+ Add save as .mht support

+ Add global mute support

+ Upgrade flash plug-in

+ Optimize start-up time


- Bug fixed:


Cannot obtain location information.

Some known crashes.

Cancel operation and draw, and then use snap region tool, the screenshot will move with cursor.

In Resource sniffer, order by the size of files, then something disappear in default resource sniffer window.

In Proxy, display of proxy icon in the right of address bar is different with the setting in proxy setting page.

Cannot organize white and black list in custom proxy of HTTP and others.

After cancel mute mode, go to “setting” – “tool’ – the mute status still highlight.

In SkyNote, keep opening font window, meanwhile, browser will crash or black screen.

In FTP login page, right click menu of input box display error.

The time of judging is unsuitable.

SkyNote cannot remember color change.

Some websites cannot display HTTPS certificate.

In Language, Cannot change to Portuguese.

In some language, cannot display printing page’s preview.

Sometimes, favorite status is error.

Enter Reader mode, sliding cursor will cause automatic pages turning.

No title in Reader mode.

Repeated fill form recording in FTP.

After tab mute, change skin, and then the mute icon will disappear.

New a tab in full screen model, only double operation can exit full screen mode.

In win7/win10 system, there is a extra sidebar in video full screen.

Possibly saving encrypted password lead to cannot log in website.

Change the shortcut key of “Find in page”, Ctrl+F cannot work in compatible mode.

Not support copy pictures to desktop or folders.

Open a tweet in Twitter and then close it, its title will display error.

At the first time of log in Maxthon account in browser and then close it, browser will crash.

In Extensions, downloading extensions cannot be canceled.

Mouse gesture cannot setup boss key.

After icloud enabled magic fill, the sign in button is grey and cannot work.

Switch to solid skin, some icons error.

In the search box, preview search result will hide the input box.

When download files online, all symbols of “%” in download address and filenames cannot be translated.

After accessed a melicious URLs, all of safe address will display warning.

When “Mute” status was cancelled in status bar, menu – tool –mute status is still existing.

After Ctrl+Left Click to save picture, move cursor, the picture will move with cursor.

New window, the multiple search page will be reloaded as well as page display error.

Files cannot set Maxthon browser as their default open program.

In Full screen, switch tabs error.

Incomplete display of resource sniffer

Not support mx://gpu/

Hide sidebar and open two windows at the same time, then show sidebar again. There will be an extra invalid button in sidebar of present window.

In the present active webpage, enter an URL in address bar to open a website. Then back to previous webpage, tab name display error.

When browser is not in full screen mode, new multiple windows will be created at the same place.

Browser extension should support English display.

Under high DPI, when window was set at minimal size, display error.

Only change the view of one page and then all of opening pages will be displayed in the view as same as the changed page.

Already enabled the ADBlock, but the ABP icon is still displayed in Disabled status.

No longer display pop-up video notification.

Right click address bar and select “Paste and go” is invalid.

Added .win domain name support.

Some websites notice that not support this browser.

Click any link from a saved page,the five-point star will show yellow.

The multisearch panel doesn’t disappear in some cases.

Delete userdata will cause the process “Mxcrashreport” won’t close.

Shut down magic fill and refresh the page, the magic fill will disappear.

The sock5 proxy doesn’t support account verification.

Mouse gesture fail.

Some drop-downs and sliders disappear.

Cannot add favorites.

When tab is in compatible mode, cannot delete information in some extensions of sidebar.

In old version with custom skin, overwrite installation will error.

Cookies are deleted uncompleted.

Direct website function cannot use on present block page.

Login window display and location are error. cannot recognize reader mode.

Auto-refresh cannot remember the refresh time set by manual way.

After highlight custom UA, version number will error.

After close tab, change the setup to recent pages, tab cannot be activated.

+ and – symbol cannot be used to resize pictures.

Cannot type f in compatible mode.

Dragging hyperlink, which in SkyNote, into browser will open two tabs.

Background’s tab pages cannot be added in favorite.

Drop-downs of address bar do not disappear in some conditions.

Cookie of small window could chaos.

In compatible mode, mouse middle click open link error.

In compatible mode, not support translating selected words in webpage.

Keywords of search link cannot be transcoded.

In history, deleting records in order of time will error.

Sometimes, an extra # symbol appears in setting page.

Selecting address text and dragging it will lead to event error.

After magic fill in Gmail, the password will display in encrypted format.

After statistic, SkyNote windows UI error.

Part RSS cannot be analyzed.

In address bar, the default search engine display error.

In compatible mode, sometimes dragging link will crash.

In compatible mode, block download does not be closed.


Install Information


Installer version:

MD5: c5af19f8303b37ab9288bee8d68efd1f


Portable version:

MD5: 872cdf70e08281757b70c02c4d0b3ea5

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Maxthon Browser MX5 Beta V4.9.1.1000 Officially Released!

By maxthon

Hello Maxers,

Today, we bring you official version V4.9.1.1000 to let you have a try.

The key changes and bug fixes have been listed in the changelog below.

Any comments or feedback will be highly appreciated!

Thanks for your continuous support!


Key Changes




-Improved browser launch speed significantly

-Update core version to Chrome39

-Optimized the safety of internal page

-Optimized the issue of lagging

-Optimized switching to retro mode

-Improved preview and print function of printer

-Improved the zoom effect of touch screen

-Update spell check dictionary automatically

-Support tabs mute

-Enhanced reader mode

-Enhanced the support of developer tools

-Remember the page zoom individually

-Optimized smooth scrolling


Install Information


Installer version:

MD5: 2491fa3a506f717227006a5306536ab5


Portable version:


Monday, June 29, 2015

Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows V4.4.6.1000 Officially Released!

By Maxthon Web Browsers

Hello Maxthons,

Today, we have Maxthon official version  available for you to try out.

This version main bug fixes and features optimization are listed in the changelog below.

Please test it and let us know what you think about it.

Thanks for your continuous support!


Install version

MD5: 1bbbae302cc90e6a63f89f5fcdaa5ae9 (dated 2015-06-26)
Portable version
MD5: 0952f93b62d61ff4b8cfeb3cb0b8e5e9  (dated 2015-06-26)

Changelog for [2015-06-26]

Only do search when typing in addressbar
Unable to presearch chinese content in certain circumstances
Not displaying safe link icon in presearch
Presearch previous content in multiple search after editing (backsape, enter) it in address bar
Improved data backup
Optimized magic fill precision in Routers and other intranets
Fixed a leak issue of magic fill in
Upgraded magic fill to fit in more websites
Happy browsing!
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Feature Focus: Magic Fill

By Maxthon Web Browsers

Do you own and work on multiple devices? Are you tired of typing in your passwords again and again? Are you concerned about safety of your  information?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ll be happy to hear that Maxthon has a solution for you: Magic Fill!

Magic Fill allows you to securely save and sync your logins, passwords, and other form-filling information across several different devices using a free Maxthon Passport account. Our triple threat security system protects your information by encrypting it so nobody can access it without your personal Maxthon Passport login info.


In just a few steps you can have a efficient, smooth and worry-free browsing experience:

  1. Sign into your Maxthon Passport account.
  2. Tap Yes when Maxthon prompts you to save your login and password.
  3. Manage your Magic Fill entries in Settings (the three bars in the upper right hand corner):  Settings > Magic Fill.
  4. You can save information or save nothing and leave no footprint while using this tool.
  5. You may also edit your Magic Fill entries if a password or a login changes.
  6. All your changes will instantly be saved across all devices connected to your Maxthon Passport while using the Maxthon Web Browser.

Happy browsing!